How to deal with autistic children?

In this article, I have explained about autistic children and the ways the parents should cope with their child. They should know the type of autism, their child is suffering from. Then, they should undertake some steps to improve their behavior and overall weaknesses. The parents should have a positive attitude and should be always caring towards their child.

Autism is a form of developmental disorder characterized by difficulty in verbal or non-verbal communication. The kids suffering from autism cannot easily mingle with other people and are unaware of the happenings around them. The intellectual ability varies from person to person. Some of the kids are overly intelligent, where as some kids possess average intelligence. But some of the other autistic kids may be intellectually disabled also. But they commonly cannot interact with the people around them and are weak in verbal communication.

The characteristics of the autistic children

The parents can identify if their child is autistic after two years. They do not seem to be interested in all the activities. But, they may be profoundly interested in some particular activities. So, they perform the activity for a prolonged period. The autistic children usually exhibit different body reflexes from their childhood. They tend to roll down on the floor and continuously repeat some words. They continuously move to-and-forth when they are talking to some else. As they cannot easily develop emotions about anyone, they do not develop verbal communication earlier. Some autistic children cannot easily understand gestures or body language also. Every autistic child exhibits different strengths. Some of them are math wizard and some are excellent readers. But they are self- engrossed and avoid contact with people. They are happier when they are alone, but may feel disoriented in public. The parents of the autistic child should identify their child and accept the challenge of raising such unique children. They should be aware that their child is unique and should encourage them at every step of life.

Some of the facts about autism that every parent should understand

Autism is classified into three categories namely Autism Spectrum disorder, Asperger syndrome, and persuasive developmental disorder. The parents should understand the type of disorder of their child. The child suffering from Autism Spectrum disorder is usually acutely autistic. Apart from their poor social interaction, they cannot develop relationship with anyone. They are continuously performing the same activity and speaking the same word for a long time. They also exhibit repetitive motor movements. They cannot identify the feeling of the person besides them and cannot understand the social context. They cannot use their creativity to paint a picture or to make a craft piece. So, the parents should just understand the characteristics of their children because they should not unnecessarily pressurize them to perform any such activity. The parents should constantly interact with the child and play some games with the child.

Some of the children suffer from Asperger syndrome known as the milder form of Autism Spectrum Disorder. They possess better cognitive and language skills. Such kids are usually profoundly interested in some activities and may ignore the other activities. So, the parents should constantly monitor the interests of the child. If their child is interested in molding clay, then the child may even become one of the finest molders in future. So, they should constantly encourage the child at every step. The parents should monitor the learning style of the child. The children with Asperger syndrome usually are categorized into three types namely 1. Logical personalities 2. Visual learners 3. Artists. Some of them possess powerful reasoning power. Some of them possess the visual spatial skills and can become successful in various fields such as graphic designing, interior designing, architecture etc. Some of them are born artists. These people possess some special skills and hence they become self-engrossed. When a person becomes self-engrossed, they cannot develop interest in socializing.

The pervasive developmental disorder is when the child develops symptoms onset. The parents may notice sudden changes in behavior. The child who was able to socialize begins to withdraw. So, the parents should find the root cause of the behavior. It may be caused due to environmental changes.

How should parents cope with an autistic child

The parents should always have a positive attitude concerning such children. Usually, the child with Asparagus syndrome or highly-functioning autism possesses some special talents. The parents should identify the talents in their children. If their children are throwing tantrums, then they should remember that their children are not able to cope with the changes. Each time, the child is panicked, they should calm them. The parents should enroll their autistic child for a speech therapy. Along with speech therapy, the parents can even visit child psychologist. Their pr ogress should be constantly monitored and they should be administered with therapies on timely basis. But do not provide any medication to the child. The parents should focus upon training programs or therapies than medications.


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