Amity University Noida PhD online admissions 2020

Are you interested in PhD programs and searching for an option in Delhi NCR? If yes, here is an opportunity offered by Amity University, Noida. Interested candidates can check eligibility and apply for admission in PhD. Read this article to know the eligibility and admission procedure etc.

About Amity University

Amity University is a leading private university and ranked India's no. 1 Not-For-Profit private university. University is recognised by University Grants Commission that offers research in interdisciplinary and various related fields. Currently, applications are being submitted for PhD programmes in various subjects.

PhD Category

Indian National: Indian Nationals can apply for both full-time and part-time PhD.
Full-time PhD: Sponsored candidates (who gets sponsorship like Government / Semi Govt. / Private or other Scholarships/ Fellowships /stipend) and self-financed candidates can take admission in the full-time PhD programme. Candidates with National Scholarship/fellowship are eligible for full-time PhD programme.
Part-time PhD: Above mentioned candidates can also take admission in the part-time programme according to their employment status. Corporate research scholars with a minimum of ten years of experience, Any faculty working outside Amity, Amity University academic or non-academic regular staff, Amity research scholar and JRF/SRF/RF working in projects running in Amity are eligible for part-time PhD only.
Foreign National: They can apply either full-time or part-time based on their employment status.

Subjects and Specialization Available

  1. Agriculture Sciences (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Agriculture) - Program Code: 10564 (Full-time), Program Code: 10565 (Part-time)
    PhD (Horticulture) - Program Code: 10732 (Full-time), Program Code: 10733 (Part-time)
  2. Applied Arts / Fine Arts / Performing Arts / Visual Arts
    PhD (Fashion Design) - Program Code: 10636 (Part-time only)
    PhD (Fashion Management) - Program Code: 10635 (Full-time only)
    PhD (Fine Arts) – Program Code: 101060 (Full-time), Program Code: 101061 (Part-time)
  3. Architecture, Planning & Design (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Architecture & Planning) - Program Code: 10740 (Full-time), Program Code: 10741 (Part-time)
  4. Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences And Journalism / Mass Communication / Media (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Economics) - Program Code: 10708 (Full-time), Program Code: 10709 (Part-time)
    PhD (English) - Program Code: 10327 (Full-time), Program Code: 10328 (Part-time)
    PhD (Governance, Public Policy & Law) - Program Code: 101372 (Full-time), Program Code: 101373 (Part-time)
    PhD (History) - Program Code: 10841 (Full-time), Program Code: 10842 (Part-time)
    PhD (International Relations) - Program Code: 101102 (Full-time), Program Code: 101103 (Part-time)
    PhD (Mass Communication) - Program Code: 10217 (Full-time), Program Code: 10218 (Part-time)
    PhD (Political Science) - Program Code: 10644 (Full-time), Program Code: 10645 (Part-time)
    PhD (Psychology) - Program Code: 10081 (Full-time), Program Code: 10304 (Part-time)
    PhD (Social Work) - Program Code: 10613 (Full-time), Program Code: 10614 (Part-time)
    Ph.D (Sociology)- Program Code: 101106 (Full-time), Program Code: 101113 (Part-time)
  5. Bio-Sciences & Biotechnology (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    Doctor of Philosophy (Genomics) - Program Code: 101421 (Full-time), Program Code: 101422 (Part-time)
    Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Microbiology) - Program Code: 101423 (Full-time), Program Code: 101424 (Part-time)
    PhD (Anthropology) - Program Code: 10605 (Full-time), Program Code: 10606 (Part-time)
    Ph. D. (Bioinformatics) - Program Code: 10673 (Full-time), Program Code: 10674 (Part-time)
    PhD (Biotechnology) - Program Code: 10173 (Full-time), Program Code: 10307 (Part-time)
    PhD (Cellular & Molecular Oncology) - Program Code: 10935 (Full-time), Program Code: 10936 (Part-time)
    PhD (Immunology) - Program Code: 10438 (Full-time), Program Code: 10439 (Part-time)
    PhD (Microbial Biotechnology) - Program Code: 10220 (Full-time), Program Code: 10306 (Part-time)
    PhD (Microbial Technology) - Program Code: 10077 (Full-time), Program Code: 10309 (Part-time)
    PhD (Radiation Biology) - Program Code: 10440 (Full-time), Program Code: 10441 (Part-time)
    PhD (Stem Cell Science & Technology) - Program Code: 10937 (Full-time), Program Code: 10938 (Part-time)
    PhD (Virology) - Program Code: 10436 (Full-time), Program Code: 10437 (Part-time)
  6. Education (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Education) - Program Code: 10321 (Full-time), Program Code : 10322 (Part-time)
    PhD (Physical Education) - Program Code : 10582 (Full-time), Program Code : 10583 (Part-time)
  7. Engineering & Technology (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Aerospace Engineering) - Program Code: 101005 (Full-time), Program Code: 101006 (Part-time)
    PhD (Civil Engineering) - Program Code: 10669 (Full-time), Program Code: 10670 (Part-time)
    PhD (Computer Science and Engineering) - Program Code: 10661 (Full-time), Program Code: 10662 (Part-time)
    PhD (Electrical Engineering) - Program Code: 10667 (Full-time), Program Code: 10668 (Part-time)
    PhD (Electronics and Communication Engineering) - Program Code: 10663 (Full-time), Program Code: 10664 (Part-time)
    PhD (Information Technology) - Program Code: 10535 (Full-time), Program Code: 10536 (Part-time)
    PhD (Mechanical and Automation Engineering) - Program Code: 10665 (Full-time), Program Code: 10666 (Part-time)
    PhD (Nuclear Science and Technology) - Program Code: 10629 (Full-time), Program Code: 10630 (Part-time)
    PhD (Renewable and Alternate Energy) - Program Code: 10481 (Full-time), Program Code: 10482 (Part-time)
    PhD (Solar Energy) - Program Code: 10479 (Full-time), Program Code: 10480 (Part-time)
  8. Health & Allied Sciences (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    Doctor of Philosophy (Nanomedicine) - Program Code: 101433 (Full-time), Program Code: 101434(Part-time)
    Doctor of Philosophy (Occupational Therapy) - Program Code: 101417 (Full-time), Program Code: 101418 (Part-time)
    PhD (Hospital Administration) - Program Code: 10639 (Full-time), Program Code: 10640 (Part-time)
    PhD (Natural Product Chemistry) - Program Code: 10528 (Full-time), Program Code: 10529 (Part-time)
    PhD (Neurosciences) - Program Code: 10623 (Full-time), Program Code: 10624 (Part-time)
    PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences) - Program Code: 10311 (Full-time), Program Code: 10312 (Part-time)
    PhD (Physiology) - Program Code: 101181 (Full-time), Program Code: 101182 (Part-time)
    PhD (Physiotherapy) - Program Code: 10329 (Full-time), Program Code: 10330 (Part-time)
    PhD (Public Health) - Program Code: 10928 (Full-time), Program Code: 10929 (Part-time)
  9. Hospitality & Tourism (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Hospitality) - Program Code: 10323 (Full-time), Program Code: 10324 (Part-time)
    PhD (Travel and Tourism) - Program Code: 10325 (Full-time), Program Code: 10326 (Part-time)
  10. Law (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Law) - Program Code: 10152 (Full-time), Program Code: 10334 (Part-time)
  11. Management Studies (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Built Environment) - Program Code: 10633 (Full-time), Program Code: 10634 (Part-time)
    PhD (Commerce) - Program Code: 10331 (Full-time), Program Code: 10332 (Part-time)
    PhD (Competitive Intelligence) - Program Code: 10631 (Full-time), Program Code: 10632 (Part-time)
    PhD (Finance) - Program Code: 10444 (Full-time), Program Code: 10445 (Part-time)
    PhD (Management) - Program Code: 10205 (Full-time), Program Code: 1033 (Part-time)
  12. Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Climate change & Ecological Studies) - Program Code: 10771 (Full-time), Program Code: 10772 (Part-time)
    PhD (Environmental Sciences) - Program Code: 1032 (Full-time), Program Code: 10319 (Part-time)
    PhD (Geo-Informatics and Remote Sensing) - Program Code: 10603 (Full-time), Program Code: 10604 (Part-time)
    PhD (Natural Resources & Sustainable Development) - Program Code: 10625 (Full-time), Program Code: 10658 (Part-time)
    PhD (Wildlife Sciences) - Program Code: 10657 (Full-time), Program Code: 10628 (Part-time)
  13. Rehabilitation Sciences (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Clinical Psychology) - Program Code: 10883 (Full-time), Program Code: 10884 (Part-time)
    PhD (Special Education) - Program Code: 10773 (Full-time), Program Code: 10774 (Part-time)
  14. Science & Technology (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    PhD (Biosensors) - Program Code: 10491 (Full-time), Program Code: 10492 (Part-time)
    PhD (Chemistry) - Program Code: 10315 (Full-time), Program Code: 10316 (Part-time)
    PhD (Defence & Strategic Studies) - Program Code: 101285 (Full-time), Program Code: 101286 (Part-time)
    PhD (Foods and Nutrition) - Program Code: 10537 (Full-time), Program Code: 10538 (Part-time)
    PhD (Food Technology) - Program Code: 10423 (Full-time), Program Code: 10424 (Part-time)
    PhD (Forensic Sciences) - Program Code: 10080 (Full-time), Program Code: 10305 (Part-time)
    PhD (Materials and Devices) - Program Code: 10485(Full-time), Program Code: 10486 (Part-time)
    PhD (Mathematics) - Program Code: 10317 (Full-time), Program Code: 10318 (Part-time)
    PhD (Molecular Science & Engineering) - Program Code: 10933 (Full-time), Program Code: 10934 (Part-time)
    PhD (Nanoscience and Nanotechnology) - Program Code: 10206 (Full-time), Program Code: 1027 (Part-time)
    PhD (Physics) - Program Code: 10313 (Full-time), Program Code: 10314 (Part-time)
    PhD (Polymer Science) - Program Code: 10489 (Full-time), Program Code: 10490 (Part-time)
    PhD (Statistics) - Program Code: 10627 (Full-time), Program Code: 10628 (Part-time)

Note: Programme code is mandatory to be filled in the application form.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

To get admission in the PhD programmes at Amity University, whether full-time or part-time, the candidates must possess fulfil following eligibility criteria:
  • The candidate must have minimum qualification for admission to a PhD Program i.e. a two years Master or M.Phil Degree from any recognized Indian or Foreign University in the relevant field with at least 55% marks or equivalent grade.
  • For PhD in Engineering and Technology, an applicant must have a degree in M.Tech / ME/MS with minimum CGPA of 6.0 on a 10 point scale or equivalent or 60% marks. Besides, he/she must possess an excellent academic record and should have an aggregate 60% in Xth, XIIth and B.Tech/BE.
  • For PhD in Law, the applicant must hold LLM / M.Phil in Law with at least 55% marks or equivalent grade.
  • Applicants with a qualification of Chartered Accountancy (CA) from ICAI or Company Secretary (CS) of ICSI are also eligible to apply in the relevant PhD programme. They must have a minimum of 55% marks or equivalent grade in requisite qualification.
  • Foreign/ NRI applicants having a masters' degree from a foreign university with an equivalence certificate of AIU can apply for relevant PhD programme.

Admission Procedure

  • Amity University calls application for PhD admission twice a year, for January and July sessions. For July session applications are open now.
  • To apply for a Course the candidates have to possess a requisite percentage of marks/grade point average in the relevant qualifying examination with relevant subjects and specialization.
  • A candidate seeking admission in part-time PhD will have to submit their employment verification details at the time of online form filling. At the time of joining a NOC will also be required to submit.
  • The application will be accepted through online mode only. Required document and application fee will have to be submitted.

How to fill Online Application Form?

  1. It is suggested that the candidate must read all the instructions carefully before filling the online application form.
  2. Visit the website of Amity University and get registered yourself then Click on Apply Now.
  3. Documents required to be submitting during online form filling:
    • Scanned Passport size photograph in jpg, gif, png, jpeg, bmp formats only. The dimensions of the photograph should be 3.5 x 4.5cm width.
    • Scanned Class X mark sheet in jpg, gif, png, jpeg, bmp formats only.
    • Scanned Post-Graduation marks sheet till final semester/year in jpg, gif, png, jpeg, bmp formats only.
    • Preliminary research idea (Not more than 1000 words)
    • Employment Verification Certificate required in case of Part-time PhD. (Format available at the Website)
    • A valid personal e-mail ID.
    • Application fees of Rs. 1100/- is to be paid along with online application through Debit or Credit card.
    Upon submission of the online application form, an 'Application Form Number' and 'Password' will be generated and will be sent on registered email ID. Note these details safely for future reference. Candidates are suggested to keep a printed copy of the submitted online Application Form.

Closing Date: 15.7.2020

Written Test & Interview Details

Duration: 90 minutes
Total Marks: 100 marks
No. Of Questions: 100
Type of Questions: Objective type
Exam Pattern: There will be 2 sections consisting of 50 questions and 50 marks each.
  • Section 1 –General including General Awareness, English Language, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Analysis, Data Analysis and Interpretation.
  • Section 2- Subject Specific. It shall be divided into two parts – 25 questions shall be from the PhD Program subject & 25 questions from the PhD Program subject / allied subject.
The written test will be followed by an interview by the Faculty Research Committee (FRC).

Exemption from Written Test

All India National Level Competitive Examination qualified candidates like UGC-NET, UGC-CSIR NET, ICAR-NET (ASRB), GPAT, ICMR, GATE, DST – INSPIRE will be exempted from the PhD written test who have cleared exams within the last 2 years from the date of applying for PhD at Amity University. They will have to submit proof of the NET qualification.

How to Check Status of Application

To check the status of the application, log in to the account created on the website ( by using your form number and password generated at the time of applying online. Here, you can check whether your Form has been received or not, the status of form and whether you are short-listed for the selection procedure. You can also download the admit card. After selection, you can check selection status also. After two days of candidate selection, a downloadable admission letter will be uploaded on the admission microsite.

PhD Programs Fee Structure

The fees structure for PhD programmes is as follows:
For Indian National candidate:
Registration Fee: Rs. 10,000/-
Security Deposit: Rs. 10,000/-
Course Fee:
  1. Full-Time Course-Rs. 50,000/- (Per Semester)
  2. Part-Time Course-Rs. 33,500/- (Per Semester)

For International Candidates:
Registration Fee: Rs. 10,000/-
Security Deposit: Rs. 10,000/-
Course Fee:
  1. Full-Time Course-Rs. 75,000/- (Per Semester)
  2. Part-Time Course-Rs. 50,000/- (Per Semester)

Note: The candidates enrolled in any of the PhD programmes will have to pay the fee for a minimum of 3 years in case of full-time course and a minimum of 4.5 years in case of part-time PhD.
Provision for fee concession to staff members and scholarship holders are also available.

Contact Details

Amity University, Noida Campus
Sector-125, Noida - 201313 (U.P.)
Helpline Numbers: 0120-2445252/4713600

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