Essay on a child's first-hand experience with online teaching

In this essay, I am narrating my experience with online teaching. Today, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, many schools are conducting online classes. I feel happy to study online, but sometimes I miss my teachers and my classmates as well.

Every year my school reopens on the 1st of June. But this year, due to the spread of coronavirus, my school remains closed. But yet, the teachers are conducting online classes for us. Every morning, they instruct us to complete certain activities within the specified period on the messenger app. They also conduct videoconferencing sessions twice a week. I have uploaded the video software on my system and I can attend the online class.

New experience with online teaching

This year, I am independently doing my class activities. I feel liberal as the teachers are not supervising us constantly. In the classroom, some of our teachers strictly instruct us to perform certain activities. Although they are inculcating discipline in us, we do not feel independent. Every year, we should sit down on the bench for six hours a day. But this year, I comfortably sit on the study-bench and do my activities. If I feel bored, I can get up and loiter around my room. The teachers do not instruct me to sit down in my place. I can complete my class assignments at my own pace. This year, although I do not constantly interact with the teachers, I am learning my own ways to study. If I do not understand any concept, I open the textbook and read the chapter. Then, I gradually learn the concept of any subject.

How teachers conduct online sessions for us

My teacher invites us for video conferencing thrice a week and twice a day. We are taught two different subjects on this day. Early in the morning at 9.a.m, I log in to my account and use the option 'Join meeting'. Then I see my teacher online standing beside the smartboard in a small screen. Then, I also view my other classmates who are seated on their chair. Our class teacher opens the register in the classroom and takes our attendance. Then, I can view my classmates who raise their hands. Then she explains us the respective chapter from the book. After explaining the lesson, she provides notes of the chapter to us. Then, we copy the notes from the large smartboard. So, at 10.a.m. we complete our online session and then we take a break for some time.

After conducting online classes, the teacher assigns us some work. She tells us to solve the questions or exercises prescribed after the respective chapters. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday our teachers do not conduct online lessons but instruct us to complete some assignments. They usually provide worksheets to us and instruct us to complete within a specified time. Sometimes, they even assign drawing or colouring activity for us. We use the camera option on the messenger and take a photocopy of our classwork. Then we send a message to our teachers stating that we completed the activity. Then our teachers access our work on the messenger and send us comments. If we complete the work successfully without committing any errors, then she puts a star mark.

What is not enjoyable about online classes

I sit down comfortably on my chair and can place my books on the table. My study room is beautiful with many wardrobes and cabinets. I can place all my books in my cabinet and take them whenever I want. I can loiter on the large soft carpet in my study room whenever I feel bored and look out of the window. Outside the window, I see the birds flying in the sky and sometimes the monkeys jumping from tree to tree. I also meet my mother and interact with her for some time.

But yet, the actual classroom experience is unique. Every day at 8.30 a.m. I was standing in the assembly and praying with the other students. After the prayers, we sang some spiritual songs and entered the classroom. After every period, we stood in our places and wished teachers 'Good morning' or 'Good Afternoon'. Then, they wished us back and instructed us to sit down in our places. Every month, they conducted some contests and we participated in the contests. During the period of the interval, we ran and galloped in our corridor. During the lunch break, we sat down along with our friends under the tree and ate our lunch. Every Wednesday, we went to the Karate hall and performed rigorous exercises. Every Friday, we ran to the playground and played some games during the last period. Our P.E. teacher instructed us to perform some exercises sometimes. We always chatted with our friends and made noise in the class when our teacher left the class. When she would again enter the class, we all sit down silently in our places. We always loudly read questions and answers after completing each chapter. Our teacher sometimes plays different games in the class with us such as 'stand and sit'. Sometimes during the free time, some of the classmates stood on the platform and sang some songs.

So, although I can enjoy the comfort at home, I feel lonely too.

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Standard: IIIrd Standard.


Author: navjeet kaur11 Jul 2020 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

I think it is the growing need because everything is turning online and amidst the global pandemic it has become necessary. Students are being provided with proper education while staying at home through online teaching. So it is really important to understand the value of online teaching.

Author: Vandana13 Jul 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Appreciation to the young student who wrote this. It is a very well narrated experience, so nicely etched out that while reading it I could visualize the scenes in my mind. There is the morning assembly, the classroom experience, the weekly Karate class, the free breaks, and, above all, the camaraderie with classmates. The comparison between those scenes and the lack of them in an online education system is very well brought out, even poignant and a little sad. The last statement brought a lump to my throat.

This young author already seems to be a budding writer and my best wishes for her future academics and beyond.

Author: Umesh18 Jul 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

The young writer has nicely depicted the feelings of a student in online classes. It is an enjoyable reading. There are many differences now that students would find between the physical classes and online classes. We all are basically gregarious by nature and want to talk and share with our friends anything that is making us happy or anything that is perturbing us. So frankly speaking we would not be surviving without the company. Psychologists have already mentioned about the effects of sitting in isolation condition for a long time. Open-air strolls and meeting with people is an essential activity which only rejuvenates our tired minds from time to time. It is an essential ingredient in our lives. How can we remain happy if we sit in a corner of the house reading and writing only? Sooner or later students are going to miss all those good times and would seek for that and if the pandemic situation does not improve many of them might become or have tendencies towards mental imbalances. Here parents role is very crucial as they have to give the company to the children much more than they were given earlier.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan18 Jul 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

I appreciate the young writer who tried to share the feeling of online classes very nicely. It is very true that there is a big difference between online classes and physical classes. It is said that "man is a social animal". We human being exist in society till birth to death. So, we can't spend more time in isolation. Children, especially, have been more affected due to this pandemic. It is a very difficult task for them to learn online. The regular school atmosphere was totally different. We lack facial expression during online classes. Children have no fear about their homework and teacher. They are doing their work their own way. One thing which is most important for children's development is the physical activity which they are missing. So, many children are not taking an interest in online classes. They are feeling bored with seeing the computer screen. But in such a bad situation, we have no other way.

Author: Swati Sharma20 Jul 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Your article is very much appreciated. Online classes were created to complete the courses during the lockdown. Schools claim that children will not lose their habit of studying due to online classes. Children also learned a new way of using technology from online classes. There are problems also, such as network problems in the middle of the class which troubles children.

But looking at the present situation there is no other way.

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