Character sketch of Gandhiji

In this essay, I have explained the qualities of a great leader who fought for our independence. He was known as Mahatma or the great soul because he dedicated his life for the nation and exhibited some special qualities as a leader and as the father of our nation.

Mahatma Gandhiji was one of the greatest leaders during the independence period and is remembered even today. We forget many famous wealthy people who pass away due to illness or accidents. But we still remember the great leader who died more than 70 years ago. He is popularly known as the 'Father of our nation'. He rigorously fought during the freedom movement and greatly contributed to India's independence. Gandhiji along with some other great leaders sought freedom for India through rigorous struggles and freedom movements. He is known throughout the world even today because of his great qualities. Following are some of the qualities of Gandhiji that reveal what a great soul or Mahatma he was.


Although he strongly protested against the Britishers for depriving Indians and imposing restrictions in our progress, yet he did not wage any war with them. When the British insisted that Indians should pay tax for salt, Gandhiji strongly protested against them. We all remember the famous Dandi march, where he went to the Gujarat sea coast along with his followers and made salt of his own. This non-violent protest was known as 'Satyagraha'. He then observed fast for 21 days during the Quit India Movement for grant of 'Swarajya' or 'self-autonomy' for us Indians. Although, he did not use any weapon in this process, he did not surrender to them either. His strong principles of non-violence were his weapons.


He wanted to prove that Indians can be self-reliant and hence he started using the spinning wheel to fabricate clothes. He was self-reliant and self-dignified and hence did not want to use the clothes manufactured by the British textile companies in India. He started spinning and making khadi clothes.


He promoted equality in India encouraging the socially deprived sections of our society. Most of the untouchables in our society were prevented from drawing water from the well. From his childhood, he felt sad when the low caste people were not given fair chance in the society. He convinced his mother that untouchablity is not always practicable. For example, a person who is drowning in the water won't prevent a low-caste person from saving him. So, he said that these people should not be termed as 'untouchables'. He coined the term 'Harijan', meaning children of God.


He always believed in truth and also preached the world about the importance of truth in real life. He recalls an incident in school, when the school inspector was to visit the class, the teacher told them to write down some words. Gandhiji was not able to write the word 'kettle' and the teacher tried to help him by asking him to copy from the other students. Gandhiji was not okay with copying, so he did not listen to the teacher. The teacher then viewing his book called him an ' Idiot', but still he did not relent.


He was a great influential leader who could inspire millions of people across the nation preaching about truth and non-violence. His teachings of truth and non-violence were popular throughout the world.


He was a a professional lawyer who took his education in England to practice in High Court. But, he sacrificed his career during the freedom movement to fight for the nation.

So, he was considered a great soul for his selfless service and dedication to people across the country. He lived a simple and pious life serving the nation.


Author: Umesh19 Jul 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader and motivator of the masses. He with his non-violence techniques did what a big army would not have done. Once I went to a big bookstore in Bangalore and was surprised to see the books and literature on him. There was a huge collection of books written on him by various authors. Still, he is not described fully and that was his potential. Mahatma Gandhi was not only a disciplined person but had many good habits which most of us lack in our character. Unfortunately, some people are seeing the Gandhian philosophy and ideas in today's perspective which is not a correct thing. In History, whatever observation we have to do about a personality is to be done on the very premises and circumstances under which he worked.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan19 Jul 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Mahatma Gandhi is known as the' Father of the Nation' because of his great qualities. No doubt, he was a great leader of India. He struggled whole life for the independence of India. He believed in non-violence, equality, truth and self-reliance. He had many good qualities and that's why a large number of people were his enemies. Even today, many people try to follow the Gandhian philosophy. His greatness would be remembered till the earth exist.

Author: Swati Sharma20 Jul 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Such a nice article. Some call him Bapu and some a priest of non-violence. Even today he is known worldwide as the Father of the Nation. He is remembered for his non-violent conduct and his commitment.
Gandhiji laid the foundation of Satyagraha by following the path of truth. There were many difficult moments in his life but he never left the truth. Presently, there are 53 main routes across India in the name of Mahatma Gandhi.

Author: K Mohan06 Dec 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Actually, we are not educated enough to describe the character of Gandhi and his great achievements. His very living was so simple that even the Britishers were baffled over his attire and even underestimated his character. But the way he used to motivate the mass and turn them to his side was mind blowing and what is more, is the fact that women were more inspired and ready to go hand in hand with him on the freedom movement. The way his non-violence motive brought a huge following, which baffled the world and totally changed the notion that even big things can be achieved without war and violence. And the way he called for the boycott of British products and attires and insisted for Swadeshi goods and products made the Britishers run for cover. The Gandhian philosophy of saying no evil, seeing no evil, hearing no evil are being taught to school students as the stepping stone lesson for being good in the future. Sometimes I wonder as to what would have been the case of India if Gandhi never tried to do his best and we would have been slaves forever, and there was no one to help us. So we are always grateful to him and his way of freedom that got us the present life.

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