Are parents pressurized due to online education

In this debate, I am narrating the pressures the students and parents are experiencing due to online education. The teachers and principals expect that the students should remain motivated despite the schools remaining closed. They should understand the present situation and arrange for school cirriculum.

The schools are closed even today because the cases of coronavirus are not declining. So, the schools are not re-opening probably for two to three months. Parents are not willing to send their children to school because a vaccine is not introduced yet. This year since June, the students are studying online. The students cannot study so effectively because they cannot seek proper guidance from the teachers. In the classroom, the students sit on the benches and quietly listen to the lectures. But, the students feel distracted at home because they are easily attracted to online videos, television, playthings etc. Videoconferencing is conducted for the students of a secondary class. The teachers of primary class send recorded videos to the students. The parents should guide the students and monitor the activities of the children. In India, most schools are not able to conduct video conferencing sessions for students. Most of the parents are experiencing dilemmas in the process of online education because they are pressurized by the principal and teachers in school. The school authorities should understand the problems of the students and parents.

Some of the problems experienced by parents in the course of online education

The teachers can only send recorded videos to children, but cannot supervise the activities of the child. So, the parents should constantly monitor if their children are completing the classwork assigned to them. They should access the classwork sent by the teachers online and assist their children to complete the work. Most of the parents are busy with their daily chores and routine. The fathers of the students usually go to their workplaces. Many mothers are also doing their job and hence they should go outdoors every day. These children are supervised by their grandparents. Yet, many parents are engaged with their home-based jobs. So, they should perform their daily tasks and also perform household chores. So, they experience difficulties to allocate time for the studies of their children. Even if the mothers are home-makers, they are always busy. Some mothers should manage a large family at home and hence are committed to their in-laws also. Such parents should manage the studies of their children. But the teachers or principals expect that the child should complete assignments on time. The middle-level students or secondary level students are matured enough to understand the responsibility. But the primary students are not mature enough to understand their responsibilities and hence the parents should constantly supervise them till they complete their assignments. In the classroom, the students learnt many concepts because the teachers insisted the students to read the notes inscribed in the fair book. So, the students could learn the concepts in the classroom because they could practice the lesson in class. The students could clarify their doubts if they did not understand any concept in class. But, the parents should clarify the doubts of their kids and help them to memorize the notes that they inscribed. Sometimes, the guests visit the house and hence the parents are not able to monitor the activities of their children. The teachers or principals message them privately that the child has not completed his/her assignment. So the parents can feel irritated if the school authorities are not able to understand their problems. Parents require support from the school authorities. After all, they should perform several tasks a day because their kids are not attending schools. Some of the principals state that they should maintain the reputation of their school and hence the skills of the students should not get deteriorated in the process. Are the student's employees of the institution who should contribute to success? Students are learners who can build skills Some school principals even send messages of complaints about the students to their parents. They state that the student is not writing neatly in fair books or is not completing notes on a particular date.

Should principals become stringent during online education ?

The school authorities should be reasonably strict with the students and parents. The students should realize that they should maintain their discipline as a student and not get indulged in other activities. They should not become negligible because they should not lose their sense of discipline when the school starts. Today, many children are living too comfortably because they are not bound to any rules or regulations. So, the principals should monitor the activities of the children. But, they should understand the present situation and extend the time for the students to complete assignments.


Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan06 Oct 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Very nice article written by the author. The education system has indeed been completely disturbed due to this pandemic. Parents and students are experiencing a lot of pressure because of online classes. During an online class, parents have to monitor their children whether they are studying or not. Despite having a busy schedule, the mother may have to sit with the child. Students are not able to concentrate on classes due to lack of environment. In addition, many technical problems also occur during classes. And on the other hand, the teacher expects the assignments should be completed on time.

Author: K Mohan24 Oct 2020 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Surely the parents are heavily pressurized by online education for one reason or the other. Separate gadgets had to be purchased for the exclusive use of the child online which caused additional expense to many parents. The adjustment between the wife and husband as to the timing of their online work and online classes are not syncing. Many parents are doing the night out jobs to help the child get into learning mode. Since most of the schools are hiring tutors in place of regular teachers, the bonding between the students and teachers are missing which makes a child feel lost.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao24 Oct 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A student sitting in his bedroom may not feel that he has to learn. This is because of his mindset. When they go to school, the entire atmosphere is different and the teachers will be observing them and they have a fear that the teacher may punish if he is not alert. Now that situation is not there and the students may not be concentrating. So the responsibility of making them study has been shifted to the parents. So parents are getting pressurized more. They have to take care of all their needs and also should see that they follow the lessons regularly. Financially also parents are getting pressurized. But in the interest of the health of their children, they are not allowing the schools to reopen. We have to see how long this situation will continue.

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