Career Options in the post-COVID World

Are you looking for the best career options after COVID-19 situation improves? Here is a list of great career opportunities post COVID-19.

The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is difficult to ignore. In fact, five major tech companies in India have laid off more than 4,000 workers in May 2020 alone. Experts are concerned about rising unemployment numbers.

Many are convinced that the very nature of work itself has changed drastically. Businesses are migrating towards online platforms to handle organizing projects, ensuring communication, and even delivering products.

Indeed, the new normal may be a total restructuring of global labour markets. While the disruption is not necessarily permanent, it will challenge certain sectors that usually thrive despite effects on the economy.

career after covid

What are the new career options awaiting graduates in the post-COVID world? Here are five of the most critical ones:

1. Virtual Assistance

The pandemic has encouraged people to engage more online. As in-store visits decline across the globe, businesses are looking to double down on digital marketing and e-commerce.

Virtual assistants will play a very significant role in business migration in the coming years, and the demand for this sector is expected to grow.

Organizations need to understand and implement new tools to stay competitive. Moreover, a career in virtual assistance has a lot to offer for a wide array of specialists, making it a viable choice for young graduates.

2. Web Development

The decline in in-store visits has prompted businesses to migrate online. Along with this, there is an ever-increasing emphasis on search marketing. Brands will need to underscore the need to create better keyword strategies and optimize UX to better resonate with audience trends.

These are effectively pushing demand for web development specialists, creating opportunities for graduates with a solid background in creative IT.

3. Big Data Specialists

It's impossible to overlook the role and impact of big data on modern enterprises. In fact, this disruption has given rise to a new set of specializations catering to the analysis and application of big data.

Along with machine learning and AI, big data will surely draw students towards a whole new vista where big data engineering, data forensics, and business intelligence are becoming even more commonplace across the globe.

Careers with this specialization are becoming readily available. Any Indian student can learn how to become a data scientist by referring to various online courses.

4. Cybersecurity Specialist

This mass migration to the online sphere highlighted benefits for businesses across industries. But in the midst of the optimism it brings, digital transformation also highlights the need to improve organizational security infrastructures and eliminate gaps.

Businesses that plan to migrate need to focus on their place in a new normal. Hacking, phishing, and virus attacks are becoming even more complicated to counter. No business is protected without people who have the right skills.

As the new normal continues to affect entire job markets, the time has certainly come for organizations and individuals to embrace a new culture, one that puts focus on massive digitization.

While things may seem complicated at first, these growing pains will rapidly adapt us to a world where your location doesn't restrict your career.

Article by Tony John
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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha28 Jul 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Though the career options have shrunk due to the pandemic, there are still some exciting jobs in the market which could benefit you substantially. The present article is for all such aspirants interested to update their knowledge in the domain of data, cybersecurity and web development specialists. Virtual Assistance is an interesting component relating to business migration and in this competitive market, to achieve the same makes sense.

While acquiring any certifications for the enrichment of computer-related skills, the aspirants would do well to go through the different tools and judge its benefits in the context of Corona regime. The jobs as indicated above are to stay in the market and taking the pain to understand the different facets of the tools would certainly be helpful in augmenting their skills.

Author: Umesh30 Jul 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

Whenever such calamity happens, history is witness that the industry will revive and come back to not only to its normal stage but many additional features would be seen by the people who aspire for jobs and success in that scenario. The present pandemic has taught us a lesson. It has very clearly exposed our poor 'health infrastructure' and that is one area where there is a tremendous potential for growth. I strongly hope and wish that in the post COVID times healthcare is going to emerge as a big industry much much more vibrant than what it is today. Another great and valuable change which has already come and is perceived by many of us is the changing mode of education. In future, online education is going to stay as a valuable proposition. Another interesting pattern emerging is that the people are becoming habitual of getting things sitting in their houses and this is going to open a big business opportunity for the agencies who can deliver the quality goods at reasonable prices at the doorsteps. We are learning many new lifestyles during this difficult period but once the threat is over we would imbibe them in our routine and most of us would be benefited by those good habits.

Author: Syed Rizwan02 Aug 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

There is also going to be a great demand for people who are skilled in cloud technologies. As more companies try to move into the virtual environment for the backends to run, so will the demand for cloud skilled workforce. Some of the popular cloud technologies which will need people are Amazon web services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. It has been predicted that in the year 2022 the market is expected to have a compounded annual growth rate when compared to 2017. Some of the features that cloud providers offer are data integration, high availability and scalability, secure and advanced cloud platform and a lot of companies are trying to leverage these capabilities. It is also a point to note that all the cloud providers have started offering great features around Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) which is going to be the future.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao05 Aug 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A good article giving various opportunities for the graduates' post-COVID 19. The coming days are more for online business mode only. As people will get accustomed to sitting in the home and getting delivered everything at their doorsteps, we can see a big boost in e-commerce and e-business. There will be a lot of scope for web designers as every organisation has to have a website through which they can operate.
Another opportunity is for delivery boys. Now many people who lost their jobs due to COVID 19 are trying their luck in those areas and we have seen a very good raise in these posts also. The companies are offering good payment with insurance coverage.
However, the persons who ate qualified in various software are fields will continue to get good posts
Many of the parents are not willing to send their children to schools and they are thinking of arranging homeschooling by having a tutor who comes home and trains him. So there will be a good demand for the people who have an interest in teaching and they can try their luck in this field.
There is a chance many foreign companies may come and invest in the Indian market and if that happens there will be good demand for the qualified engineers and scientists also.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan12 Aug 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Many people have lost their job due to COVID -19. But it is sure that when corona gets over then once again the factories will revive. Seeing the present situation, online business will definitely grow. Online job opportunity will grow post-COVID as people will become habituated of getting online service. E-commerce and E- the business would be on the full swing after COVID. There would be more job opportunities available in the field of web design. The online education system would be vast in future. Today, heath is a big issue in front of society. So, there is a lot of chances to grow in the health industry after COVID-19.

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