Should astrology be introduced as a subject in schools

In this article I am discussing some points if astrology should be introduced as a subject in school. It is one of the interesting subjects for students, but can also create adverse effects. The students may get distracted and not study other subjects. So, it can be treated as an optional subject or as an extra-curricular activity.

Some students are interested in astrology and want to become astrologers in the future. Astrology is the study of planets, sun, moon and stars and their impact on human lives. The astrologers can make predictions based upon the birth chart of an individual. The astrologers view the planetary positions of an individual and make interpretations. So, should the schools introduce this subject?

Reasons why astrology should be introduced as a school subject

Astrology is a fascinating subject for many students. They love to study a subject that involves deep thinking and analysis. They are fascinated because they can even predict the future of the people. Some students want to become astrologers in the future and hence they can study the subject from their childhood. The students are bored to study regular subjects such as mathematics, science, social science or languages. Perhaps they can study a subject that they can explore some superpower on this earth. They love to study how the planets and the other elements on earth are creating an impact on human beings. They study about some interesting elements such as planets, sun, star, moon etc. so will be thrilled to study how the sun can create an impact on human beings and how it rules the other planets on earth. They will get excited to study a subject that involves the discovery and thinking about something that is not visible. Students will be eager to come to school to study this subject and learn the art of analysis and interpretation of charts.

Why astrology should not be introduced as a school subject

The students can get overwhelmed about the subject and hence not concentrate on other subjects. Some students begin reading the charts of the family members and friends and start interpreting in their own way. They become concerned about somebody's future. Hence, they do not concentrate on their present subjects. Subjects such as science, social studies, language, mathematics are essential for students. They should develop at least basic skills in these subjects. Some of the parents do not believe in astrology and hence if it is introduced a regular subject, the parents may object to it. Some people do believe that astrology is a bundle of superstition and hence the parents may not support the decision. Ultimately it is a subject that is based upon assumptions although it includes calculations and study of planetary positions.


Astrology cannot be introduced as a regular subject in school because the other subjects such as science, social science, language, mathematics are more significant. This subject should not be introduced in 10th grade because these students should study other more important subjects like mathematics, science or social science. This subject cannot be introduced in primary classes also. It can be introduced for the students of 7th grade, 8th grade or 9th grade.

Astrology should be introduced as an optional subject, but teachers should not provide any marks for this subject. It can be considered as an extra-curricular activity like drawing, craft, music etc.


Author: Swati Sharma20 Aug 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Very nice article by the Author.
The idea of keeping astrology as an optional subject in school seems to be quite appropriate as it is considered important not only for personal life but also for society and nation.
Astrology was written by Maharishi Parasara , which is one of the most important part of our life. Whether a person is educated or non educated but they have a strong believe in astrology.If the knowledge of astrology is a given to those children who are interested in it, then it will be useful in their future and no other person will cheat them in the name of astrology. There are many career option also available in astrology so it would provide more opportunities as well.

Guest Author: Sajal31 May 2021

By the way, there are already more than 400 registered astrology degree colleges within India itself and 65% of these colleges are based in the south of India. The sole purpose of these colleges is to provide authentic education on astrology and provide degree which will be considered as a qualification. Nowadays there are multiple online companies that hire these astrologers based on their qualification and experience.

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