How playgroup activities are enjoyable

In this article, I am narrating my joyful experiences of playgroup. I was just a toddler then who spent time playing, walking around and looking out of the window. My teacher taught me many wonderful games and I learnt to play these games with my friends. I played with many lovely toys and even watched a beautiful movie. These days were so wonderful that I always recall them in my leisure time and would like to share them to let you know how playgroup activities can be enjoyable.

When I was two years old, I was only grumbling at home and always insisting my parents go outdoors. So my parents decided to send me to a playgroup nearby so that I can enjoy and spend time constructively. One fine morning, I visited a playgroup nearby along with my parents. As I entered the premises, I saw a beautiful garden with lovely flowers and green lawn. A little girl was playing in the garden with a ball. In the corner, I saw a large sandy area filled with playthings and a swing constructed near the wall. Then, we knocked at the door and a woman wearing jeans and a long shirt opened the door. She welcomed us with a warm smile. Then, I saw a large beautiful room filled with toys and playthings. In the room, I saw a large soft carpet on the floor. When I saw a large smart-board, I promptly walked and picked some chalks kept near the board. Then, I began scribbling on the large board with vigour. My mother insisted me to sit down, but the playgroup teacher told me to continue scribbling on the board. She also insisted my mother not to prevent me from scribbling. Then, my parents and teacher talked to each other for some time. My parents were pleased with the conducive atmosphere of the school and the teacher was so polite and calm.

How I enjoyed my day in playgroup

When I was in my playgroup, I was always blissful because teachers never imposed any rules or regulations. They were extremely loving and caring and I frequently sat on their laps. Before joining the playgroup, I could only speak some common words such as mummy, daddy, table, chair, paper etc. But, when I joined playgroup I learnt to frame sentences and even speak continuously for five minutes. My teacher gently held my hand and taught to play some games such as building blocks, moulding dough etc. Holding my hand gently, she also taught me to construct a house, garden, train, etc using coloured blocks. I was always eager to go to school but cried when my mother called me. I got engrossed when I played games such as dough, building blocks, nesting eggs, and some other toys. I entered the classroom and then sat on the little chair along with the other pupils. A large round table was laid in the large hall. Our teacher joined the session with a smile on her face, and chanted the prayer 'Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu'. We closed our eyes and recited the prayers. Our teacher then sang the song 'Wake up Wake up' and made some hand gestures. So, we followed her and similarly made some gestures. This song is lovely and still, it rings in my ears 'Wake up, wake up, its a lovely day, Oh! Please get up and come and play.' Then, she opened her iPhone and played some songs for us. I can vividly remember some of the songs such as the phonic song 'A is for apple, a a an apple, B is for a ball, b b- ball etc. I can recall the lovely song ' Fly away, little butterfly. I heard these lovely songs and also looked everywhere around and I could see the beautiful paintings on the wall. After hearing these lovely songs, I entered into the soft gym and played slide. Then, our care-taker opened our Tiffin box and then we ate our lunch. Then we played tricycle outside and sometimes also played with the tires kept near the garden. With a bamboo stick, I chased the tires running around everywhere merrily. Every day, our teacher conducted different sessions for us. Sometimes, she gave us play dough to mold different shapes such as star, sun, moon, trees, flowers, etc. Sometimes, she made a squishy bag from the dough and told us to carve different letters and shapes on the plastic bag filled with dough. So, we enjoyed carving letters and shapes on this soft-textured bag. When our senior teacher visited our school, she showed a movie on a large LCD screen. I clearly remember that the curtains were closed and an LCD board was placed in the room. Then, a board was attached to the iPad and they displayed a movie Hungry Caterpillar. It is a story of a tiny caterpillar that becomes a beautiful butterfly after eating healthy food. The movie was enjoyable, and I narrated this story to many people.


Today, I am studying in primary class and I must complete assignments daily. If I do not complete assignments on time, my teacher writes a remark on the calendar. We should strictly obey the instructions of teachers and principals. So, the days I spent in my playgroup was blissful and I always recall the golden moments of my life.


Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan20 Oct 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Toddlers have an innocent mind. Kids of this age group child only want to have fun. They feel happy when they get a lot of toys. Nowadays, most of the families are nuclear where nobody is present to play with the child. In such a situation playgroups would help a lot in child development. Playgroup is that place where children not only feel blissful but learn many things.

Author: Swati Sharma08 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A very nice article is given by the author. Playgroups have contributed greatly to building the basis for the overall personality of children. It develops social and educational skills in young children. This helps prepares the children to get admission to the desired school. These schools make children more disciplined and punctual. Children between the ages of 2 and 3 are sent to playschool so they helped to introduce children to the idea of going to formal schools.

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