Sample email letter format to bagging a prestigious IIT internship

Are you ready to submit an application for an IIT internship with an email covering letter? This article provides a sample email format that mentions various aspects on how to send an email communication with Faculty, including the subject line, how to address an IIT Professor, the ending salutation and the main body of the email. A few general tips have been provided as well.

Before you even begin applying for an internship at an IIT, know the major features and types of IIT internship programs that are offered. It always pays to be aware of facts before that first crucial step towards getting something done! The main thing to keep in mind is not to select an internship program that is solely based on your interest and as per your technical and other skills. Think ahead and consider how that particular internship will be fitting in with your future career plan. Getting a certificate of internship from a prestigious IIT is definitely a star on your C.V. but it will be even better if it gives you a great career opportunity.

The first step: the application form

At each of the IIT portals, you will see the application form that you can submit online. This one-page form is quite straight forward. You put in your name and address, the academic year that you have just completed with the marks, the branch in which you are studying and the name of the institute/University. You are required to mention the Department where you will be taking up the internship and the Faculty (his/her name). You have to specify, too, your field of interest, upload a concise resume and the project briefly described. A crucial aspect of this application is the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the institute where you are studying.

At the start of this article, we spoke about career plans. This part is relevant to the Statement of Purpose (SOP) that is often required to be submitted with the application for the internship. You must be able to express with clarity what is it about the internship that excites you and how it fits in with your career aspirations.

The additional step: contacting the Faculty

Other than the formal application form, it is a good idea to also communicate directly via email with the faculty with whom you will be doing the internship program. In this communication, you need to spell out in a decisive manner what it is about the internship that motivates you to take it up.

In the email communication with the IIT faculty, lay emphasis on your accomplishments, including ones that are related to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Thus, the accomplishments could be not only an individual or team project that you completed, but also attending a national or international seminar/workshop and participation in the competitions that are part of every campus fest. You could include a few of the medals, certificates and trophies that you won, ranks that you obtained in major academic-related exams (such as in an Olympiad), and leadership responsibilities that you took up.

Overall what you are pinpointing are your accomplishments and strengths in equal measure.

Sample email format

Subject line: Request for an internship on _________[mention the project topic]

Dear [Dr./Professor][Name of the Faculty],

I am ________ [full name], a ____ [put which year]-year __________ [name the branch/course] student at ______ [name the institute/University].

Dr./Professor ____________ [name of the person who is the referral] recommended taking an internship under your able guidance for ____________ [mention the topic/nature of the project]. Your work on ____________ [mention the Professor's specific work] fascinated me. I have a keen interest in this field and am currently working towards ____________ [mention briefly the details of something you wish to work on], with the goal to ____________ [mention a career goal].

I have headed a team project that successfully developed ____________ [mention briefly the details of the software/design/project] and effectively promoted our ____________ [name the symposium/event of your institute] through print and on social media platforms.

I have experience as a ____________ [name the role] and organized ____________ [name the activity/program/event]. I have attended ____________ [mention any national/international conference/symposium/workshop] and volunteered as an intern at ____________ [name the institute/company]. I am familiar with ____________ [name software/hardware/design and other technical skills] and ____________ [mention non-technical skills].

I wish to get the opportunity to work under your able guidance. Would it be possible to discuss the project further? This is my resume [the words 'my resume' should be linked to your resume doc]. Please let me know if there is any further information that I can provide.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

[Full name and surname]
[UG/PG, Semester/Year]
[Name of the institute/University]

Note: The core text can be tuned as per what details you can put in (you may not have a referral, for example).

Concluding Tips

The sample email format conveys your ability to plan, strategize and take on roles. It also includes details of promoting an event of the institute. Why that, you may wonder. It is because this will convey that you are good at marketing and have promotional skills, something that could be vital in your career ahead when you need to pitch a product or service that you have developed.

Do not use any fancy cursive font and large size lettering. None of the words should be in all caps or bold. Be polite and formal with no short forms, slang words and emoticons. It is not only about getting spelling, grammar and vocabulary right; accuracy in punctuation and capitalization where required are important too. It not only conveys good English skills but also that you are giving as much importance to an email as you would to your C.V. Talking about the C.V. - the resume link should be one that can be opened immediately with no requirement to download some software.

Finally, it is advisable to have an email ID that has your name in it with no numerals or symbols. And absolutely no "Yo!" or other buddy-type forms of address. It is a Faculty member, no less an IIT Professor, that you are addressing.

Wishing you all the best to taking up an internship with renowned IIT Faculty!

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Good content! It is very helpful for students like me who are writing a cover letter for the first time.
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