Some Super-foods that will increase the brain power of your children.

Every mother wants her child to be intelligent and sharp minded and to excel in studies. If you also want to do the same for your child, then you can start it from a young age. You can add a few things to your baby's diet to make him strong-minded and intelligent.


Nowadays some parents feed a lot of junk food to the children of tomorrow, due to which the children do not get natural greens and their physical development is slow, along with mental development is not as much as it should be at this age. Apart from this, even those children who eat household food, they also have so many tantrums that it becomes very difficult for parents to nourish them. Children should be given a diet that makes their mind sharp, so they are required to eat a diet of protein, and essential fatty acids in breakfast. By this, the energy level remains in the body and mind, which maintains the ability of the child to think and understand

Here we are telling you about some brain foods that can make the baby's brain sharp by including it in the diet.

Broccoli and avocado

Broccoli is also called super-food for brains. It contains DHA which helps in adding neurons. Apart from this, avocado is also very good for the brain. It has an abundance of unsaturated fat that increases blood flow to the brain. It contains myelin which helps in transmitting information faster.

Fish and egg

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which give a building block to the brain tissue. Omega 3 fatty acids promote the brain's functions and development. Eating fish daily improves the mental capacity of children. In addition to fish, eggs contain, zinc, lutein, and choline. These enhance the ability to concentrate. Choline helps to produce acetylcholine that improves memory.

Whole Grains and Oats

Whole grains give constant energy to the brain, which increases the baby's ability to concentrate. It also contains folate, which allows the brain to function properly. It has been said in the study that the children who eat oats for breakfast have a good memory. Oats contain vitamin E, zinc, and B complex vitamins. It contains a high amount of fibre, which keeps the brain constantly energized.

The Walnuts and almonds

Walnuts, almonds, and peanuts are excellent for the brain. They contain high amounts of Vitamin E which prevents memory loss from weakening. Nuts also contain zinc, which accelerates brain development and memory. Apart from nuts, berries also increase the capacity of the mind. The abundance of vitamin C in berries improves children's memory.


Who does not want their mind to be sharp, understand things quickly and remember for a long time? If you want to increase brain functionality or sharpen your children's mind, then join the diet.

By incorporating a balanced and nutritious diet into the child's diet, along with the rapid development of the child's brain, it increases the performance of the brain, sharpens the brain and the child ican concentrate his brain easily. In today's era, most parents want to sharpen their child's mind and they want their child to learn all things fast in the coming future. For this, he keeps searching for many ways, this article will be useful for all of them.


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