Beneficial tips for students to learn mathematics

This article explains various unique and beneficial tips for students to get better at mathematics. The need is to improve mathematical skills by improving problem-solving ability. Maths study tips listed help students to easily and quickly learn the subject.


Learning mathematics has been a nightmare for many students. Rest of the subjects seem easier when compared to it. The reason is that many subjects do not require problem-solving skill. Understanding is all that is required. However, mathematics is a demanding subject. It is a myth that a student cannot be successful at it. The truth is that anyone can excel and become successful at it. All they have to do is learn the simple tricks and strategies required to solve it. Below-mentioned is such tricks that help a student learn maths quickly and easily.

Why do students hate math?

Many students feel that they are not good at mathematics and will never be able to solve the sums the way their other batch mates do. Some feel that they are not quick at problem-solving. According to them, learning it requires too much time. They prefer subjects which are quick to learn and are easier to revise. Many may find mathematics interesting, but still, they will complain about it because they are not able to get good marks or grade in their exams. The reason for not doing well in exams is because they are committing silly mistakes. One mistake will ruin the whole solution, and the result will appear completely wrong. On the other hand, some students do not like studying mathematics as they complain that it requires too much effort and time to learn it. After a few days of learning when they go for revisions, they are unable to recollect the information. Thus, they feel that they have wasted their so much time in learning problem solving as they are not able to remember all the steps required to solve it.

How to sharpen mathematical skills?

Many students might have competed with their friends on various levels of their favourite video games. They might have noticed the improvement in their performance as days passed by. The same tactic can be applied to learning mathematics. Here, the games will be replaced by mathematic problems. Invite best friends to the house and compete with them to see who is going to solve the mathematical problems correctly and quickly. It is one of the best ways to learn mathematics and become good at it. Setting time will instil competition spirit which will train the subconscious mind to solve the problem at the earliest. Attention span increases and students learn to put in their best in solving mathematical problems.

When is the best time to learn maths?

Every second is the best second to become better at mathematics. It is because maths is everywhere. Every second that is passing by is maths. No one can escape time, and thus, there is no escaping from mathematics. Most of the functions that we perform in day to day life are related to it. Thus, let the young ones who do not want to learn maths know that they are anyway learning it. Let them understand how significant math is and how interesting it is. Help the little kids to identify applications of maths in day to day life. Once they start looking for it and identifying it, they will soon start liking it. Liking is the first step of acceptance, and that means they are ready to learn it.

Maths study tips for students

  • Concentrate while the teacher is teaching in the mathematics class. Of course, many students who do not find it interesting may think of skipping the class. Even if they don't, their minds will wander here and there. They simply do not feel like concentrating as they feel that they will not be able to understand what the teacher is teaching. The key is to concentrate. Every class matters and thus try to understand and learn in the class as much as possible.
  • The sums and concepts covered in class should be studied at home. Sometimes, teachers will give a set of mathematic problems for students which will help them in better understanding of the concept covered in the classroom. Solve those sums and never skip homework. Even if no homework is given, make it a point to revise what was taught in the classroom on daily basis.
  • Solve mathematics with a friend or a batch mate after school hours. It is a nice activity to be carried out with a friend. The way friends teach each other is different from the way the teacher teaches students. Regular practice with a batchmate will help students to learn mathematics quickly without getting bored. Whenever a student faces difficulty in solving mathematics, assistance will serve them good. Also, a friend will motivate and will assist to every day get better at the subject.

How can systematic study help?

It becomes easy to learn mathematics if a student learns the concepts of the subject. Before trying to solve it, first understand the question properly. Then understand the theory or concept behind the solution. Once it has been understood fully, students should solve similar sums and become a pro in solving such kinds of questions. In this way, a systematic study will help them separate the problems which are based on different suppositions. Those students who cannot identify the question properly will try to solve it with the wrong methods. Thus, the right answers cannot be derived. Also, sometimes it happens that students get confused between the methods, formulas. Despite knowing the right way of solving those questions, they will try to solve them in different ways and lose their marks.

Unique ways of improving at mathematics

  • Mathematics is a subject that cannot be learnt without solving the sums. One cannot learn or revise it by reading it. It has to be solved. The concepts and theories have to be learnt. Unless a student understands it and employs the method of solving the problems more and more in life, he/she is never going to get good at the subject. Do not appear in exams by just looking at the problems and solutions. It is no way that a student is going to remember every step. It is possible only when they solve it.
  • Maths is a unique subject. Every problem has more than one solution. Thus, students should not restrain themselves by sticking to the same type of problem-solving. A student should try to solve the same problem in numerous ways. In this way, he/she will improve problem-solving ability. Consequently, irrespective of the type of pressure in the exam hall, they will be able to solve the mathematic problems. It is because if one way of solving the problem skipped their mind, they could use different ways.
  • While practising the problem-based questions of maths or those questions which require complex solutions, it is obvious that students will get stuck at one point or the other. Usually, many students after spending a few minutes when are unable to solve it get boring. Many a time, they stop solving it and go for the next one. They get busy solving the others. It is not the right approach. Students if unable to do it on their own should seek help from a mentor, teacher, parents or friends. There are plenty of apps which help to solve complex math problems. Until they find a solution, they should not move forward. It will improve problem-solving ability.
  • A student has to develop a liking for the subject to focus on it. No matter how difficult and time consuming it is, a student has to understand that it is important to concentrate on it. Thus, students should focus on it and try to identify the concept and the method to solve it. When the concentration increases, students will stop creating mistakes. A student who focuses on the math class has to spend less time solving the problems after school/college hours. Better concentration will help them solve math problems easily and quickly. Also, they will not commit silly mistakes and lose their marks in the exams.
  • There are so many equations and formulas in mathematics. Quicker the students remember them, easier it will be for them to solve the problems. Usually, students take too much time in solving equations or problems because they are not able to recollect the formula that has to be applied to solve it. Every sum requires a formula or equation to get solved, and there is some method to solve it. Sometimes, they use the wrong one and lose all their marks in exams. Thus, every student on an everyday basis should have a look at all these formulas or equations. The more they familiarize themselves with it; the better will be their understanding of the subject.
  • Increased focus of students on the subject is only possible if the study environment is free from all sorts of noises and distractions. Only a distraction-free environment can help students to focus on the subject. Also, do not sit with a stressed-out mind. Many mathematical problems are complex one and to solve them, the environment, as well as mind, should be calm and relaxed. Create a soothing environment and calm down the mind.


Author: Umesh07 Oct 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 15

Mathematics is a very interesting subject but it needs some attention and inclination in order to get expertise in it. Any student who wants to excel in this great subject has to develop a mathematical mind set so that his angle of seeing things is in that frame of reference. Though there are many methods to sharpen the skills in Mathematics but the basic of all these lie in the hard work and focus on mathematical methods and techniques. Doing mathematical puzzles, riddles, quizzes etc can also help in this matter but the actual advantage is achieved only after the basic theorems in mathematics are learned proficiently.

When I say 'mathematical mind', I mean to say that we have to see the things from that perspective only. I have seen some people, especially in scientific research area, who observe every thing from that angle. When they walk 200 steps they would proclaim that an average step is about 70 cm and they have thus walked 140 meters. A cool way of calculating. I met one researcher who told me that his kitchen tap was leaking slightly and a drop of water was falling down every half a second and when he put a small bucket there it was almost full up to brim in the morning and his calculations also showed same thing. He approximately calculated the volume of the bucket and just saw as how many drops make a spoon full and did some calculation and found that in about 8 hours the bucket would be full of water. Simple calculations but would make one's mind and aptitude like that in that particular direction.

Integrating, differentiating, vector etc all are related to real life examples and can be understood using basic mathematical principles and formulas and then it becomes an interesting subject. The distance of a star can be found by measuring the angle at a time difference of 6 months bringing in the diameter of Earth's rotational path around Sun in picture and a simple formula like distance = arc (diameter of rotational path) / angle. This angle is very small and requires sophisticated equipments but the concept can be utilised to find out the distance. Similarly there are so many things which make Mathematics a practical subject rather than a dry subject as perceived by many of us.

Author: K Mohan17 Nov 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Maths is the difficult and most challenging subject for many as most of the problems are associated with equations and symbols which are difficult to memorise. Our daily life is associated with Maths and unknowingly we are solving one after another problem without even having an idea that we are actually practising Maths. I feel that greater attention in class would pave way for easily understanding the equations and the ways to solve the problems and if one gets hold of it, the results would be forthcoming.

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