How should the teachers conduct online examination

In this article, I am explaining the examination that the teachers should conduct online to the students. Today, they cannot conduct examination in a classroom and supervise the students. But, they can access the students in a unique way.

Many students are conducting monthly tests online to access the student's proficiency. Teachers usually send worksheets to students online and the students are appearing for the examination at home. Although the school principals and teachers insist the students not to copy from the textbooks or fair books, many students do not listen to the principal or teacher. But, they cannot supervise the students and hence the examination system should be modified by the schools. If the child does not know the answer, then he directly opens the fair book or textbook. Some teachers retain the fair books of the students during an examination. But the textbooks are retained by the students. So, the parents help their children to copy from the textbook.

Introducing a different examination system for the students

Open-examination system

The schools can conduct an open-examination system for students to access their intelligence. Many universities are conducting open-examination system to access their ability to think independently. The students are allowed to open their fair books, textbooks or even journals but the questions are tricky. So, the students rigorously read the lesson and search for the answers in the textbook. They also think critically and write an answer in their own words. Teachers usually assign essays to the students to develop critical-thinking skills. If the students are studying a chapter in science ' Living and non-living things', the teachers can ask them in the following manner.
Name the living things and non-living things around you. Why do you think they are known as living or non-living things?

Finding answers from the textbooks

The students usually read-only from the fair books and do not even open the textbooks. Teachers can ask some questions from the textbook. The students should rigorously read the lesson to find the answers. In this way, they can learn some important concepts of the chapter and find the answers. So, they can develop better reading habits and explore a lot.

Assign projects to the students

The teachers can assign projects to students and the students can send videos. For eg. The primary school students study about plants in science. So, a student can pluck a plant from their garden and explain the parts of the plants. The students can choose a topic and draw a wonderful picture. After drawing a picture, they can explain the picture in their own words. The teachers can encourage activity-based learning during this period. The hobbies of every student are different. Some students love to read and some students love to do some activities. If a child is interested in moulding, then they can send videos to the school group. So, the child should collect information about different aspects such as materials used to make clay or the uses of clay in industries etc. In this way, the teachers should help students to develop the skills of exploring.

Access the reading skills

The students should develop the skills of reading and hence the teachers can insist the students to send recorded audios of a chapter. If a child is not able to read properly, then he/she cannot understand the concepts properly.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao11 Oct 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Yes. Conducting an examination online is a difficult process. Every student has to have a desktop or a laptop. How many students will have this facility in their houses? Lessons are heard on mobile or tab. But answering on a mobile or tab is not as comfortable as doing it on a desktop or laptop. The oral examination is the best way online. The teacher can ask the question and the student can tell the answer orally. But this also can't be done 100%. So I feel the qualifying examination should be conducted offline or open-book system is also a good way of doing it.

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