How to improve teacher-parent relationship

In this article, I am explaining the problems between teachers and parents and how to resolve these problems. Earlier, parents and students were too obedient to the teachers, but today, the trends are changed. The parents and students both have a different perspective towards education.

Earlier, most the women were not learned and hence they were extremely obedient towards the teachers. The fathers were usually the breadwinners of the family and spent time outdoors. Today, even women are the breadwinners of the family. Due to strict upbringing in the family, the children of the previous generation were obedient and sincere. But, most of the kids of this generation are pampered and hence they are not so sincere or obedient. Parents who sent their children to missionary or convent schools considered those schools as superior institutions than the other vernacular-medium institutions. So, the parents respected the principals and teachers of those institutions. But, almost every parent sends their child to convent schools or international schools. Most of the parents today, are more educated even than the teachers of the school. They are strongly opinionated and hence do not easily listen to the ideas of the teachers and principals. So, their attitude towards teachers and principals is different now. They do not consider teachers or principals as Lords. But, some principals or teachers still think that they should be treated with the utmost dignity. Many parents and school authorities enter into conflicts with each other that may affect the schooling of the kid.

Reasons why the schools and parents enter into conflicts

The school authorities complain about the child for some issues. The parents of the kids are busy with their daily chores and hence cannot encounter the teachers for such frivolous issues. They expect that the school authorities should resolve these problems without making any fuss. The teachers or the principals get intensified if the parents are not meeting them. If they write any remark in the calendar, then the parents become outrageous and fight with the school authorities. So, both the parties are strongly opinionated and hence they blame each other for their negligence. Sometimes, the child is rusticated from the school due to these reasons. The principals and teachers expect that they should be treated like Kings or Queens because they are teaching their child. But, the parents expect that they should be respected because they are paying fees for their child and are not freely sending their child to school. So, if the parents are not able to maintain a proper relationship with school authorities, then they decide to send their child to another school. They may send their child to another school, but they cannot improve the weaknesses of the child. They cannot motivate the child sending him/to a different school. The atmosphere in another school maybe not conducive to the child again. So, the school authorities and parents should maintain a relationship-quotient for the welfare of the child. Both the parties should collectively contribute towards the betterment of a child.

How can the school authorities and parents build a better relationship with each other

The principals should change their attitude towards teaching and students. They should focus upon their role as a trainer towards children and prepare plans based on assessments to develop the skills of students. They should not become overly conscious about dignity as a teacher or principal. Students or parents will respect them if they work for the welfare of children. Most of the students or parents do not accept the autocratic style of the school authorities. The parents of this generation are smarter and learned and hence they do not accept the opinion stated by the principal or teachers about the child. Many parents already have accessed their children and they understand their children than the school authorities. So, the school authorities should be careful before making any judgment of the child. The parents should also follow the school discipline so that they inculcate it among their children. They should remember some important points about schooling. Teachers or principals are not just employees who slog for their children. They should be respected for the services rendered by them. Parents are not consumers when they send their children to school. Whenever they visit a shop, the shopkeepers treat them like kings or queens to sell their products. But, the school authorities cannot treat them in the same manner. They should behave respectfully towards principals and teachers because they are playing a major role in uplifting their children. They can revolt with the school authorities only if they are committing a serious offence with their children. They should teach their children to follow the school rules because these rules and regulations are meant to discipline the child. If both the parties understand their role and responsibilities as teachers or parents, then they can build a better relationship with each other.


Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan24 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Very nice article written by the author.
It is true that teacher and parents relationship has completely changed. In earlier times, teacher was understood as God. But, today teacher is considered as a professional and people treat them same. Teacher think that they are teaching to their children. So, parents should be oblige for that. On the other hand, Many parents show their dominance over teacher because of paying fee. So,parents and teachers both need to be understand their role and responsibility. Parents should pay respect to teachers as they play important role in development of children.

Author: Swati Sharma29 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A very informative article is given by the author. Parents and teachers both play an important role in a child's development and there should be a strong bond between teacher and parents. Often in the name of parent-teacher meetings between parents and teachers in mainstream schools, the occasional meetings are not only formal but also very artificial and inadequate. The child receives formal education in school on the one hand and the other hand, his parents and his environment give him a different and often relatively deep education. Since childhood, a duality in the minds of children is known - inadvertently, which often lives with them in some form or the other. There are many reasons for this lack of communication or inadequate communication. This article is very helpful to improve the communication and relationship between teachers and parents.

Author: K Mohan02 Apr 2022 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

In the earlier days the parents were not that educated and hence did not even bother to go to the school to inquire about their child. These days the parents are well educated but does not have time to have interaction with the teacher. Many a time when I went for the meetings, I found many parents had written in the diary of the student that they cannot take leave for the meeting and that whatever remarks about the child be written on the diary. This way how the child can be corrected from the mistake. A teacher would surely strive hard to bring the student up to a level of understanding but the parents also have equal responsibility and shying away from it citing office works is no excuse.

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