Importance of co-scholastic activities for children

In this debate, I want to discuss the importance of co-scholastic activities in schools. These activities are essential for overall development, but the school authorities should also focus upon motivating the students. The students should not feel overwhelmed due to these activities, but should build skills that are essential in day-to-day life.

Today, many schools focus upon extra-curricular activities to improve the overall personality of an individual and to promote their self-esteem. Some schools conduct music sessions, swimming classes, karate, judo, etc. Usually, in every private school, they teach games such as basketball, volleyball, dance, etc. The students can play such games if they desire. But, the school authorities force the students to perform these activities. So, does compulsion lead to self-development of an individual?

Importance of co-scholastic activities for children

A student becomes bookish if the schools focus upon academics only. The students do not inculcate other skills and hence do not become practical in life. When, the students learn to play games such as volleyball, football, basketball, they learn the techniques of throwing and catching the ball. Hence, they improve coordination and gross motor skills. When they are engaged in activities such as craft, drawing, painting, etc. they develop fine motor skills. Dancing also improves the gross motor activities of students. The students should be able to choose their favourite activities and the school authorities should not enforce these activities upon them. But, the school authorities should be holistic rather than being aggressive. The students should prove their proficiency in their activities. If a student is not able to judge his skills or interests, then the teachers should play a special role by judging their skills.

Points to be considered before when they are enforcing co-scholastic activities

Some school authorities force the students to participate in many activities and hence the students become anxious. They want to boost their esteem and invite delegates or VIPs for a special function and hence they force the students of the school to participate in certain activities. Some school principals or teachers instruct the students to wait after school hours. Sometimes, the principals or teachers even do not bother if the students can perform them. They force the students to join activities such as dance, music, or certain games. If the students are not performing well, then they even behave stringently towards them. The school authorities or teachers are unaware of the health condition of students. Some students are physically weaker and cannot perform vigorous workouts. Some students even may faint sometimes due to these rigorous workouts or may experience problems such as sprains. The teachers or principals may force the student to perform any activity, but the student may not be skilled to perform it. On the contrary, the student may perform other activities in a better way. But the student may be unnecessarily ridiculed by his classmates or teachers for not properly performing any activity. So, the students feel inferior as he is not able to perform an activity.


The school authorities should work for the welfare of students and should not boosting their self-esteem. They should motivate the students and try to uplift them. If they win the hearts of students, then they are respected by students and parents. They should introduce extra-circular activities to move the students away from their comfort zones.


Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan23 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Very nice article written by the author.
Children need mental development as well as physical development. For physical development, co-scholastic activities are necessary. These activities not only help in physical development but build skill also in children.
Co-scholastic activities include karate, swimming, basketball, volleyball, dance, music and so on. The teacher could know the children's area of interest through these activities. Oftentimes, children make their career in an interesting field due to co-scholastic activities.

Author: Reena Upadhya07 May 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

No, compulsion does not lead to the self-development of a student in any way. I remember when I was in primary school, there was a sports competition held every year for 3-4 days in our school. During that period, competitions such as running races, kho kho, volleyball, throwing a shot put and many more such sports were held. We were strictly asked to participate in at least 3 such competitions. Some of us were not even interested to participate at all. We had to choose 3 because we were scared of teachers. We would participate unwillingly. It was obvious that we would not win and also, we just wanted it to finish at the earliest because our hearts were not in it. This rule might have been levied upon us to encourage our participation but since it was forced on us, intention never got fulfilled. Instead, if they had taught us why participation was more important than winning and why we had to show some interest in sports events, we would have done it with enthusiasm.

Co-scholastic activities should be introduced in every school right from kindergarten. Young kids should be exposed to such activities. Let them pick what they like because they will only learn it and excel in it if they are willing to participate in it. Whether it is music, dancing, drawing or sports, let them be the choosers. Instead of forcing students, teachers should support and encourage their participation in activities which amuse them. These activities help students to develop their skills in various areas. Also, when they will find something that interests them, their focus will increase. This will indirectly enable them to excel in their studies. Every student has some skill. Co-curricular activities encourage students to identify and develop their talent in their specialized skills. Thus, co-curricular activities are a must but parents and teachers should never force students to participate in them but instead should encourage their participation. They should be taught that participation is more important than winning.

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