A brief description about my school library

In this essay, I am narrating about my school library. It is a large hall containing several books that are neatly placed on the shelf. I enjoy reading books in this serene place. So, every Thursday, we visit this calm place and read novels, magazines and newspapers. We also follow some rules of discipline during this period. After reading, I improved my vocabulary and acquired knowledge about various aspects of life.

On the second floor of our school building, a large library hall is situated beside the staff room. It is a large hall placed with several chairs and tables. At the entrance, a large slogan board is placed on the wall that is inscribed with words 'Silence is Gold and Speech is silver'. So the students do not speak when they enter the library hall. On the wooden shelf different types of books are placed. During the library period, we visit this place and enjoy reading books. In the corner of the room, large windows are placed and we can see our school garden from the windows.

How books are issued in the library

I am fond of reading books and my parents paid the membership fees to the library instructor. Every week, I issue my identity card to the instructor and get a novel to read. The books are systematically alphabetically placed on the shelves. These shelves are enclosed with large wooden and glass doors. In these shelves, some famous novels, non-fiction, and textbooks are placed. I love reading the series of 'The famous five' written by the author Enid Blyton. When I say that I want to read 'The Famous Five' the instructors find the book from the 'T' series. I receive a book on every Thursday and return the book on the next Thursday.

Rules of discipline in the library period

Our headmistress has strictly instructed to be quiet in the library room. So, we do not talk to each other during this period. The instructor is strictly supervising us and if we talk during this period, he complains to our class-teacher. Then, our class-teacher punishes the students who do not follow the rules of discipline. Also, we should not loiter around the room during this period. Our feet should rest the floor and we should strictly not place our foot on the chair. But, I enjoy sitting in the room filled with serenity. In the classroom, we are sometimes distracted due to noise. But in the library room, we do not speak anything.

Brief description of the library room

It is a large hall with three large windows on three sides. The portraits of great Indian leaders are placed on the walls such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, etc. Some scenery portraits are also stuck on the wall. Nearly ten large wooden tables are kept in the room along with five chairs for each table. A wonderful portrait of the Great Explorer Columbus who sailed amid of the seas exploring the route to India is also placed on the wall on top of the window. Two ceiling fans are fixed on the top. A large wooden shelf is placed near the entrance of the door. In this section, you can find magazines, manuals, newspapers, guides and some textbooks. Even the non-members can take books from the shelf. The students can read these books and place them on the shelf again. Two ceiling fans are fixed on the top.

Benefits of the library period

In my class, everybody has inculcated the habit of reading today. Earlier, I did not read many books and hence did not know about many aspects of life. But today, I read novels, magazines and newspapers during this period. After reading novels, I improved my compositional skills and vocabulary. I read some wonderful articles about social problems, politics, latest technology etc. When I read the newspaper, I know about the current happenings of the world.

Name: Soham
Std: 1st grade


Author: Swati Sharma03 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A nice article is given by the author about the library. The tradition of libraries in India has existed since ancient times. The libraries of Nalanda, Takshashila Library were famous worldwide. Along with printing, the popularity of libraries in India continued to grow. Books are friends of humans. While they entertain us, they also increase our knowledge. We also get information about civilization from books only. Books only make us aware of ideas from ancient times to present times. The library is a repository of knowledge and a good teacher. Many scholars also have their own libraries, but there is no person who has books of all subjects. Libraries have all kinds of books which are read while sitting there and can also be taken home as per rules.

Author: Sharada05 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Let me add a few tips to improve your vocabulary skills from the library:-
1. Keep a scribbling pad or a notebook beside you before you start reading. In the process of reading jot down new words which you are reading for the first time. After completing the reading, check those words in a dictionary, understand the meaning and frame simple sentences.
2. It is great that students love to see pictures in the storybook than the main story. Watch three to four such pictures and try to frame your own sentences. Get it corrected from your teacher.
3. Observe the picture, come home and try to make a list of things, people, places, animals you had seen in the library.

A few habits that one can learn from a library-
1. The word discipline best suites a library. You can see the arrangement of books on shelves or racks in an order. Follow this same principle in life, adopt such rules for keeping your books, clothes and other playing things in an orderly manner at home.
2. You have seen that silence is golden. Similarly, do not talk while elders are talking. Maintain silence until their conversation is complete.
3. Just as we return the books on time, studying for class tests and exams on time is also an important aspect which you can learn from a library. Timeliness is the key to success for any individual or group of people known as a team.

Author: Umesh15 Nov 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Library is a place to a learner as important as the temple for a religious person. It is a place where the treasure of past ages is buried and we have to simply unearth it by opening the pages of a book. Today people have got facility of seeing things right in their mobile devices while on the go but there was a time when library was the only place to refer or read something which is important in some way for the person who is searching for it. Even today when it comes to authentic and correct information we go to the library only as internet is full of duplicate, misleading, copied, and dubious information. There are so many sources where differing information is cited only to confuse the reader. Books have their authenticity in this regard and still are one of the most reliable and valuable resources.

During my childhood I was a lucky students as my father introduced me to a library in my home town which was full of not only educational but all sorts of books ranging from children's classics to Nobel prize winning literature. There was a huge collection of books in Hindi as well as English. I was benefited much from that treasure house and my reading habits started from there only. I still find that it was a great opportunity in my life that I got that facility in my early life which helped me to evolve myself in my reading journey which indirectly did a lot of good to me and today whatever I am able to write or opine is all due to that library.

Anyway, that was slightly out of the main comment but yes, libraries prepare us in all respect to face the academic challenges when we go for higher education. The reading habits that one develops due to continuously visiting library do the miracle in one's life as he can concentrate and focus in his academic pursuits much more easily than the usual students.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan25 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

The library is the temple of knowledge. A library is such a place where different kind of books are arranged on a shelf neatly. Library is that place where people not only feel peace but acquire knowledge of the various field by reading books. When I was in school that the time library was a favourite place for me. Since the beginning, I have been a book lover. So, I used to the spent free period in the school library. Very few friends were like me. But, there was a rule to sit in library. Everyone was not allowed to enter the library. For that, there was a library card by which you can enter. But, Now a days, its importance is going down as the internet taking their position. People feel easy in searching the internet rather than going to the library. So, I saw many public libraries have already closed due to the absence of the reader.

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