Should parents argue with school authorities or Principals

In this debate, I am discussing some points about parents and school authorities. When the teachers or principals commit a mistake, should the parents of the child argue with the school authorities? While the school authorities should also realize their mistake, does it tarnish the image of teachers, principals and school authorities?

Every human being commits errors or flaws sometimes and should apologize for their mistakes. So, even teachers or principals can commit errors and hurt the sentiments of children and parents. The child sometimes becomes disinterested in learning or participating in any activities. If the teachers or principals are not behaving with the student in a proper manner and are not respecting the students of the school, then should the parents undertake disciplinary action? Some teachers or principals flog the students badly so that the students cry in pain. They punish the students rigorously instructing them to stand outside with their raised hands, kneeling down etc. Some teachers are not keenly interested to teach the students. Sometimes, the principals or teachers are not willing to clear the doubts of the students. So, how should the parents deal with these matters?

Why parents argue with the school authorities

Whenever a child commits any mistake, the teachers or principals reprimand the students. Parents should strictly deal with the teachers or principals if they commit a serious offense. Many teachers or principals do not admit that they have committed the offense. Some teachers badly hit the child with a cane for frivolous reasons such as talking or disturbing the class, not completing assignments or even not able to answer any question etc They should effectively handle the problems of the students , but instead they are harming the child. If the child has not completed his assignments, then they should interact with the child so that they can understand their problems. They should instead help the child to complete assignments. If a child is creating noise in class, then they should effectively communicate with the child so that the child realizes his mistake. Some teachers start hitting the child because they cannot effectively deal with the child. The parents should become stringent when the school authorities are not able to uplift the child, but are harming them. The school authorities should realize their roles and responsibilities towards students. The parents pay fees expecting that the school benefits the child. But, if the school authorities are dealing unscrupulously with the child, then the parents should enter into the principals cabin and discuss the issues firmly. Even parents and students should be treated with respect because they are the members of the school.

Why the parents should not argue with the school authorities

Even today the teachers or principals are considered respectable in the society. The students should always obey the teachers and should behave politely with them. Parents should always be polite towards the school authorities because they are educating your child. They are inculcating discipline and are helping them to develop motor skills. They are teaching many difficult concepts to your child and are empowering your child with knowledge. Sometimes, they may commit some mistakes due to immense work pressure. If a parents argues with the teacher or principal, then the other parents also follow them. Consequently over frivolous issues, the parents start arguing with the teachers or principals and hence the teachers lose their respect. Parents should teach their children to respect any elderly person. The parents should also follow the norms and regulations to teach the true meaning of discipline. Some parents argue with the teacher or principal for assigning home-work to the child. But they forget that they are trying to discipline the child and helping them to practice the chapters taught in school. If the parents constantly argue with the teachers, then the students also may start arguing with the teacher. The teachers and the principals should always be respected because they are helping your child to become successful in the future. If a teacher commits a mistake and the child complains about the teacher at home, then parents should teach the child to forgive the teacher. If the teacher is persistently committing the same mistake, then the parents should approach the teacher. Parents should teach their children the concept of forgiveness because it can transform the life of an individual.


If a teacher or a principal is committing smaller mistakes, then they should politely rectify them. If a teacher is committing offenses or blunders, then they should meet the management staff of the school and seek help to resolve the problems.


Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan21 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Very suggestive article written by the author.
All are a human being. Mistakes can be done by anyone whether teacher or parents. Right from beginning, the teacher has been a respectable post in our society. So, it is said," No knowledge without guru".
Nowadays, the situation is different. The teacher is going to be professional. They are doing a job for earning money. The teacher is found committing many mistakes in our society. So, sometimes parents are seen arguing with the teacher. But, I think the teacher and parents both have a mutual understanding in the education system. If a teacher commits a mistake then they should realize their mistake. They should never show supremacy over the child and parents. It is their responsibility to control the situation peacefully. On the other hand, parents should keep control over self so that their child could get a better education. If parents would argue with the teacher then the student will forget to respect teachers. Student's moral will go down towards the teacher. So, it is the parent's responsibility to teach moral value to their children.

Author: K Mohan03 Sep 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Good article posted by the author. After reading the same, my thoughts went back to some years when I used to pick up arguments with the teachers and principal for being indifferent to students and not giving equal observation. My daughter and son were the rankers from the LKG itself. When my daughter was in the seventh class, she was declared the third rank and the marks difference was just three between the first and the third. Having got doubt, we sought the answer sheets of my daughter and checked the same in the Principal's room. Actually, four marks were not taken into total at all. Having got peeved over this I argued with the teacher and the principal who asked me to take it lightly. It is the question of prestige for my daughter who never got lesser rank and thus it was announced in the assembly prayer that my daughter stands first and she would be awarded citation and marks. So when such things happen, we, the parents, need to set right the things so that the teachers and the principal would behave well.

Author: Reena Upadhya04 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

If a person is a teacher or principal does not mean that he or she is God and can commit no mistake. Yes, they indeed deserve respect. They are inculcating discipline in students and making them ready to face the outside world. Daily they are teaching students something new and expanding their horizons. Thus, the school authorities need to be respected. So, does the student. Every human being deserves the respect. If a teacher deserves respect then so does the student. It is said that if parents yell or complain or take action against teachers then it is disrespectful behavior towards teachers. If yelling was disrespectful then how come teachers yelled at students? If complaining was disrespectful then how come parents are called to the schools and often complained about the behavior of their kids? If taking action is disrespectful then how come school authorities can take strict actions which are sometimes inhumane towards students? If yelling, complaining or taking actions are disrespectful then none of the parties should indulge in them.

When teachers or principals do it, it is considered to be disciplinary action from their side. When parents or students do the same then it is considered to be immoral and disrespectful. This kind of inequality should not be tolerated. Whether it is teachers, students, school authorities or parents, all need to be treated with equal respect. If someone is in some high position or if someone is elderly does not mean that they need to be respected, and others do not deserve respect. As far as taking disciplinary actions is considered, physically beating or torturing students is in no way going to bring any change in them. This kind of behavior should be discouraged. Proper counselling is necessary to know why the kids behave the way they behave and what can be done to increase their focus on their studies.

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