Leading Branded Colleges of Anna University in Chennai-20

This is the last article in the series of articles on leading branded colleges of Chennai, affiliated to the Anna University. In this article, we will discuss the salient features of two engineering colleges, the RRase College of Engineering and the P.B. College of Engineering&Technology.


This is the last article in the series of leading branded colleges of Chennai. To recap, the colleges have been chosen on the basis of their efforts to stay relevant and at least achieve a fairly good record of placement. Besides this yardstick, the term "brand" would also include some importance given to research facilities and putting in place a good faculty team. While seeking feedback from the industry with reference to these parameters, it became even more evident that there were several colleges that will not make it to this series of articles, as they are yet to establish themselves and are seen as struggling to stay relevant.

The feedback from the parents was also obtained, through social contacts. While the feedback may or may not reveal any broad pattern of the effectiveness of any college or group of colleges, it was nevertheless relevant in substantiating the claims or opinions from the industry experts. There has been a big churning in terms of a rat race to attract the best quality students. Those who do not belong to wealthy families but are academically brilliant settle for the lesser-known colleges, but use all the available resources and network with the students of the better colleges and still come out successful. In the group placement activities, they get selected for companies like Infosys Technologies and TCS. In this manner, Anna University has provided a big level playing field for students of all communities to study together and also acquire an engineering degree in the process of learning spread over four years.

In the last article in this series, Leading Branded Colleges of anchor text, we had discussed the salient features of the Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering&Technology and the Dr.K. Vasudevan College of Engineering and Technology.

In this article, we will discuss a) The path of off-campus placement of Anna University graduates b) What is special about the RRase College of Engineering and Technology and c) What is special about the P.B. College of Engineering and Technology.

The path of off-campus placement of Anna University graduates

What happens when a student, unfortunately, has just one arrear paper in the fourth semester, for some reason, but is otherwise quite intelligent and has obtained an aggregate of 70% in the overall grading system? As per the industry norms, he or she is not eligible for any campus placement and cannot even take the written test that is administered to complete the first stage of the filtering of the best candidates. Very few organizations have some relaxations in this regard.

My discussions with several placement officers and HR Managers of the industrial organizations in Chennai and Coimbatore revealed several interesting features. The most enterprising and forward-looking candidates took up some internship in one of the auto majors in Chennai, and then wisely landed jobs in the auto component sector in some reputed organizations in either Chennai or Pune, with two years of experience at very low salaries. They would grab any opportunity to work on the shop floor and learn all the tricks of the trade. They would then switch over to the auto-component companies of the TVS group, for example. Here, the academic background becomes secondary when the spark in the candidate is revealed through his experience on the shop floor. The Anna Univesity ecosystem has one of the best learning opportunities among the various technical universities of different States. This is one reason why the engineers from Anna University are able to find some job or the other. This also explains why engineering has now once again become quite a popular career choice of hundreds of thousands of students who had passed out of the plus two examinations this academic year,2020. Though most colleges have resumed online classes, admissions are still going on under the Management Quota. It is expected that the placement efforts, at least in the selected forty colleges of Chennai, discussed in this series of articles, will improve year on year.

What is special about the RRase College of Engineering and Technology

This is one college that has managed the perfect competition to attract the best quality students. It has been reported that this college admits students with over 70% of marks in the aggregate. Since this college is situated in the Tambaram area, it reportedly caters to the students of the numerous villages that dot the entire stretch from Tambaram to Kanchipuram, as this has now become a big Highway, with the Oragadam belt giving a big boost to industrial development.

This college offers the usual courses and the B.E. (Mechanical) course is reported to be good in terms of quality. The college has been set up by a former director of research at Anna University, Guindy's main campus and this has enabled the college to offer quite a bit of scope of research for its faculty members. The website has several details, but the emphasis, for example, on wind energy, is quite good. There is a team of researchers with proven expertise in "energy, life cycle assessment, geotechnical and structural design" according to the website. This is a statement of intent. The placement records, verified through industry sources, are improving year on year. At least, the intent to do their best in a given set of circumstances and cater to the needs of the rural students of the area, deserve special attention.

It is for these reasons that the RRase College of Engineering has emerged as a good and upcoming branded college of Anna University in Chennai.

Contact Information:-

RRase College of Engineering
Padapppai 601301
Phone:- 044-27174753
Website::- www.rrase.com

What is special about the P.B. College of Engineering and Technology

This college is situated in the industrial hub of Sriperambadur, approximately 42 kilometers from the heart of Chennai. The then DMK Government developed this area as an industrial hub and several companies have set up their manufacturing plants in the area. The real estate development is too good. There are hundreds of buses that ply to Sriperambadur and this includes the city buses as well.

The college offers the usual courses, but it also offers the B.E (Automobile Engineering) course and the B.E. (Aeronautical Engineering) courses are quite popular, according to the parents who were interviewed for the purposes of this article. There is bound to be a big boom in the sales of automobiles everywhere in the world, in the post-COVID situation. Even in our country, people have started buying new cars. There is always a good demand for automobile engineers, who would steer the production and design capabilities of any auto major. Those who are interested in this course may refer to B.E. Automobile Engineering.

The placement record of this college is quite good and the website provides all details. The college is reportedly making efforts to improve the quality of its offerings, year on year. It is for these reasons that P.B. College of Engineering has emerged as an upcoming branded college of the Anna University in Chennai. It should be noted that colleges such as this are improving every single day and are here to stay. They will have several hurdles on the way but develop they will and this is exactly what makes the vital difference to the branding of the colleges.

Contact Information:-

P.B. College of Engineering
Chennai-Bangalore Highway
Sriperambadur Taluk
Chennai 602117
Phones:- 9600113031, 9940026861
Email:- admissions@pbce.co.in
Website:- www.pbce.in


This completes the series of branded engineering colleges of Anna University in Chennai. There have been quite a few that were not discussed at all. They are quite good quality colleges, but such colleges have now gone under the control of the numerous deemed Universities of Chennai, and are no more under the control of Anna University. Of course, a few of the colleges that still come under the Anna University umbrella, have not been discussed, as they do not exactly fit in the overall scheme of things as branded colleges, for the purposes of this series. The two colleges discussed in this article, hold some promise to become better colleges in the years ahead.


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