How to change your caste legally in India?

Willing to change your caste? Are you searching for the information to change your caste from your father's caste to your mother's caste? Read this page to know the procedure and possible available solutions for you.

Caste system is India is one of the biggest curses in Indian society which still exists silently. Caste system in Hindus divides them into four categories:

  1. Brahmins
  2. Kshatriyas
  3. Vaishyas
  4. Shudras

The importance is also given to these categories according to their hierarchy level, wherein Brahmins are considered to be of superior- most caste and Shudras are considered to be of lower ranking. In ancient times, it was believed that Brahmins have originated from Brahma's head, Kshatriyas have originated from Brahma's arms, Vaishyas have originated from Brahma's thighs and Shudras have originated from Brahma's feet. This is the reason for the creation of this hierarchy level.

No doubt, our Indian constitution prohibits us to discriminate against any person due to his/ her caste; but this system still exists in our brains inaudibly. Even in the 21st century, a person belonging to the upper caste never allows his/ her child to marry the person belonging to the lower caste. If the other person belongs to the Shudra caste (like SC, ST, and BC), then it is a life-and-death matter.

My personal opinion is that even the caste-based reservation system should be removed from India. Let every citizen feel equal. This caste-based reservation system is not less than any injustice with society. Why make anybody feel that they will get extra benefits because to belong to SC/ ST/ OBC? Equality in minds can be achieved only when there will be equality in the law and in the rules.

Can I change my caste legally

I think any person shows his/her willingness to change his/her caste mainly because of marriage issues. As mentioned earlier, people are not ready to allow their wards to get married to the person belonging to SC/ ST/ OBC. But this is of no importance in our constitution. In legal terms, nobody can put a pause on your relationship because of caste differences. This rule applies not only in relationships, rather in every area. Nobody can stop you legally from doing any task just because of your caste. Thus, it is not legally allowed to change your caste.

Another question which can arise in a person's mind is- How to change my caste from my father's caste to my mother's caste? It is quite possible that your paternal family belongs to caste 'A' and your maternal family belongs to caste 'B'. In our Indian society, choosing the caste of the paternal family is a trend and this has been going on for centuries. Please note that the Supreme Court has not mentioned anywhere that a child can take his father's caste only, and he cannot adopt his mother's caste. However, it has also been categorically pointed out that this selection depends upon the circumstances in which the child was brought up.

A makeshift solution available is that if a person changes his religion from Hinduism to any other religion, and then (after sometime) changes his religion again to Hinduism, then he can pick out the caste of his choice.

Disclaimer: The information provided above is not a legal opinion. It is a general opinion shared with my readers. Please use your best judgment before taking any decision.

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