6 reasons why an internship is important for the professional growth of students

Do you know why internships are important for students before starting their career? Do you know how internships help students enhance their professional career? Read this article to know why internships are important for professional career development.

Internships provide real-life experience and exposure and help gain leadership skills while working in a company before starting a professional career. Internship boosts the confidence of the candidate and gets him ready for the future life in the field of his choice. It stimulates the teamwork and responsibility, develops adaptability during the pressure situations and sparks the problem-solving skills in a candidate. The internship provides a great learning curve to interns and makes them ready for a professional career. From STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to Bachelor of Arts, internships are available almost in every subject and stream. Here are the 7 attributes that will help us understand the important internship:

Internship helps in Career Development

Internships are a specific task-based service that an intern provides to business organisation to gain working knowledge and experience that would be helpful in career development. Internships are a solid foundation for a candidate to begin your career and provide an opportunity to apply your concepts studied in the classroom into the real-life work environment and exchange them with the business organisation which help increase the value of an intern as a valuable professional in the organisation. Knowledge of workplace develops experience and helps an intern expand the professional skills for better career opportunities and development in future life ahead.

Internships develop character growth

Moral etiquettes are important to value an intern and his professional skills in an organisation. Internships not only supply candidates with professional experience, but it also promotes characteristics like self-motivation, integrity and honesty while working in an organisation. Professional skills are a vital part of the career growth but etiquettes help you get noticed in a short period while sharing knowledge with senior members.

Being humble and indispensable plugs the career pursuit and expands individual qualities. Professional capability is fine but the character growth is a major attribute in the workplace. Internships are a perfect platform for students to learn character building in an organisation and upgrade their professional career.

Opens doors for opportunity

Internship equips students with knowledge and skills and prepares them for the workplace. It is the foundation of career growth and sets the basic steps to enhance the professional skills needed in a business organisation. Most organisations seek college graduates with internship experience before they hire them for a full-time job in a company.

According to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 72.2% of graduates with internship experience got jobs in the organisation. So, internships open doors of opportunity to those students with prior internship experience in a corporation.

Develops teamwork spirit in a workplace

Internships are a great learning platform and help understand the teamwork in an enterprise. Teamwork for any specific task improves the quality of that work and gets complete in a short period. Teamwork in an organisation helps understand the situation better and prompts to set-up an appropriate approach to finishing the task collectively. So, Teamwork is a vital collaboration in a business corporation that connects diverse ideologies to form a robust and competitive force in a company.

Communication skills

Communication skills are an indispensable part of professional growth. Without communication skills, advancing a career is difficult for a candidate. It is one of the critical skills that recruiters look for in the resume. It is a great learning skill one would learn during internships and expand career to the next level. Without communication skills, success is a distant dream. Internships provide a platform for an intern to improve oneself for better communication skills and secure a better position in an organisation.

Time management

The last but not the least important thing that an intern learns during the internship is time management. A student may have missed many of his lectures in school or a college but it is the time to manage time. Complete assignments well in time. Make sure you keep deadlines and deliver projects without any delay. This is what one learns during internships and understands the value of time and time management.


Internships provide an opportunity to interns to gain all-important skills that companies mostly need to hire in a candidate. Internships elevate students with real-life exposure to the corporate world and broaden skills to brighten a professional career. It also enhances problem-solving skills and develops professional aptitude while working as an intern in a company. The internship is a great learning opportunity for college graduates to lay a solid foundation to brighten their career and secure a stable position in the professional field.

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Author: Umesh19 Nov 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Doing an academic course and getting degree is one thing but at the same time using that knowledge in a project or real life situation is what is required to be learnt sooner or later by the students. For making a career in any industry, practical knowledge is finally what matters. Internship helps in that matter as it provides a buffer between the academics and the future career. Though some universities and institutions have realised this thing and now have started to add certain practical elements in the academic course by collaborating with the industries and companies. IIT and some other institutes have tried to start modifying their syllabus to that extent so that students get a feel of work which eventually they will be going to do in future when they get a job in some industry. The best course of action would be an internship where the student gets a chance to work with the experienced persons in an industry who will guide him throughout the course as it will be a participation in a real life project where the student will be collaborating with the seniors in that industry. Such internship programs can definitely benefit the students.

Author: K Mohan24 Apr 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Mere educational qualification is not enough as one must go for the internship in the respective fields so that the practical knowledge of any work can be known beforehand. For example, when my son was doing his internship, he was sent to the chemical and pharma companies and also food processing units so that he got the first-hand information of practical knowledge as to what must be done when he actually joins the company. It may not be a paid session but is certainly a knowledge enriching requirement.

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