8 Ways To Improve Concentration For Exams

Having problems concentrating in your studies? Don't worry, concentration can be improved by some tricks and preservance. Know what you can do to improve your concentration and prepare for your exams in a better way.

If a particular student wants to score good marks in exams, then they should necessarily focus on two important aspects i.e. concentration and attention. A student must master both of these aspects to achieve better marks specifically in the Maths exam.

Mathematics is such a subject that requires a good amount of practice. So, the students should focus on improving their concentration for achieving good marks in Mathematics exams.

Concentration can be compared to a muscle in your body. As a result, you can build concentration just like the muscle.

All that you need is to effectively follow the below mentioned simple tips. This will surely help you to make significant changes in your concentration levels.

Improving concentration for CBSE exams

1. 5 minutes, please

This is the thing that you should say yourself whenever you get out of bed. After that, you should start implementing this specific rule for studies.

The time when you feel that you have studied for a long duration, you need to sit for another 5 minutes. However, don't just pass the time, instead of that, focus on improving your concentration on studies.
In this regard, you should concentrate as hard as your overall session. Also, push yourself always to read extra 12 pages and prepare CBSE notes for examination.

This is an important mental exercise that you should follow where you need to push your brain to concentrate more than normal. You will find that your brain has become more alert and your concentration level is improved.

2. Do not stress

Stress is something that you should completely forget about. This is applicable if you want to improve your concentration level. For this, you should not think about anything. Just shut all the thoughts coming to your mind by closing your eyes.

So, you should be in a state of 'not thinking anything'. Although, it is a very difficult task to not think about anything you should give it a try if you wish to boost your concentration level.

3. Focus

First of all, you should imagine a specific object which can be either a watch, a pen or anything else and then, concentrates hard for about 10 minutes. Also, you should try to imagine it for the subsequent 10 minutes.

Do not divert your thoughts anywhere else. In this aspect, one of the best things that you can do is to detach yourself from everything else and think hard only about the object.

Your concentration shall increase automatically whenever you start focusing on a single object. The initial days can be a bit difficult but once mastered, you can enhance your concentration power.

4. Read

Another best thing that you can do is to specifically read a passage in a book that you do not like. This trick will contribute to enhancing your concentration power. After that, you should always try to recite the thing accurately.

Concentrating on something that you do not like can be compared to a hard set in a gym. So, similar to the muscles, this specific tactic will help to tone your mind.

5. Observation Power

When you visit a certain place or look at a particular thing, you should observe the thing as much as you can. This is even applicable to your kitchen or your bathroom. So, you need to see almost everything.
Adding, you should stop being ignorant and observe things as much as you can. In this regard, by observing the things, you should try to recollect those whenever it is possible.

Now, you should try creating an exact similar image of a scene that you must have observed earlier.

6. Exercise

The term exercise might sound boring and tiring but, it is a proven fact that if you indulge in exercise activities even half an hour every day, it will help to improve your alertness.

Not only that, but it will contribute to increasing your concentration levels. At the time of exercise, blood flow to the brain increases as your mind is completely refreshed during this period.

As a result, this particular activity prepares you effectively for any mental work especially the studies. Fitness is very important for students.

7. Peaceful study environment

If you are preparing for your Class 12 CBSE exams and you are finding extreme difficulty in concentrating especially on Mathematics, then, you should focus on finding a peaceful study environment.

This will surely boost your concentration level and take it to the next level. So, before starting preparation for your exams, you should be well prepared with the best NCERT solutions for class 12 maths and a suitable study environment.

It is always advisable to find a vacant room with soundproof doors and soothing lights. Your focus on studies is enhanced by having soothing lights in your study room. Also, it would be tiring for your eyes. So, you should first look for a suitable room for your study and boost your concentration level.

8. Music

Music is another important tool if you want to improve your concentration levels for the upcoming Class 12 CBSE Maths or other exams. It works by calming you down and thereby, you can focus better on your students.

Many of the students even are making use of this specific tool for relaxation purposes without even knowing about its importance. Music also helps your mind to get on the right track whenever you study.
You can create the playlist of your desired genre. Research studies have indicated that it is classical music that works better in improving your concentration on studies when compared to the other forms of music.
So, you should follow the above-mentioned tips to improve your concentration and thereby score better in exams.

All that you need is to follow these important tips continuously to observe any visible difference in your concentration levels. You will be amazed to see the results.

However, along with following these tips, you should also include the best maths Class 12 NCERT solutions in your preparation to score better marks in the exam.


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