Do strict teachers uplift the students

In this debate, I am discussing if the strict teachers can improve the students weaknesses. Students are scared of some teachers and they try their best to fulfill the expectations of the teachers. But some teachers who are liberal minded can also uplift the child and inculcate confidence within them.

We remember some teachers from our school who were scary and tough. When they entered the classroom, everybody sat down quietly in their respective places. They flogged the students whenever they committed frivolous mistakes such as creating noise in the classroom, not doing homework or assignments, or even when they were not able to follow the instructions in the classroom. We were often scared of such teachers but tried to fulfil their expectations. But do students and parents admire such teachers later on?

Strict teachers can uplift the students

Teachers should teach the students the meaning of 'discipline'. Students who are disciplined are always successful in life. To teach the child, the meaning of discipline the teachers should be aggressive. The child should be willing to accept the rules and regulations laid by the school authorities. When the students become disciplined, then they are willing to perform any task specified to them. One of our teachers always said that 'You will do your homework, complete class assignments on time and obey my orders because you are scared of me'. So, a student can always learn the value of time and work if the teachers are aggressive. In astrology, the planet Saturn is always considered 'a strict teacher'. It is a planet that teaches people the meaning of hardship. People believe that when Saturn is ruling us, we learn some important lessons of life and the necessity to commit hard-work. Everybody does not believe in astrology, but we can understand the reason to become stringent sometimes. You have heard the wise old saying ' Spare the rod and spoil the child'. If you spare the rod when your child behaves badly, then the child cannot realize his mistake. So, if a teacher is too lenient, then the students do not realize their mistakes. The students do not seriously study their subjects if the teacher does not access them frequently. Some students even fail in the examination because the teacher does not monitor their activities. If the teacher is aggressive, then the students try to perform every task perfectly. If they are weaker in any subject or activity, then the students try hard to improve their weakness.

Strict teachers cannot uplift the students

When we recall the days of our school, we remember that we were always scared of such teachers. Sometimes, even during the lunch-break, we could not eat our food peacefully. After lunch-break, our next period was Science, Mathematics, social studies etc and a strict teacher was expected to enter into the classroom. When we woke up, our first thought was about the strict teacher. Many students did not enjoy going to school because teachers behaved strictly. Some teachers are so scary that the students do not perform any task confidently and some students commit errors when their minds are filled with fear. In school, some teachers were so aggressive that they directly instructed the students to answer the question correctly or else they would whack. So, the students were frightened and forgot the answer. If the teachers are too aggressive, then the students do not perform any task enthusiastically. The students are not able to think independently or undertake decisions if the teachers are behaving stringently. Such teachers cannot motivate the students but only teach the students the meaning of compulsion. The students become frustrated and learn to become aggressive towards other people. Teachers who are liberal- minded can provoke enthusiasm and foster the creativity of students. If you have watched the movie 'The Sound of Music', the governess Maria transforms the behaviour of the kids being open-minded and liberal towards them. In the movie ' Taare Zameen Par', the non-conventional teacher Ram Nikhum (Amir Khan) transforms the life of Ishaan, a little dyslexic boy.


A teacher should stably and rationally handle the situations in school. They should become aggressive only if the child is persistently misbehaving and not obeying the school rules. If the child is a slow learner, they should be patient and undertake some rational steps if the child is not able to cope with the prescribed syllabus. If the child does not do homework, then they should enter remarks in the calendar. If the child is not able to complete class assignments, then the teacher should pay attention to the child and rectify the problems.


Author: Umesh26 Nov 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

There was a time when some teachers used to be very strict and though the students were not comfortable with them but later in their lives they praised that teacher much. The fact of the life is that no one wants to live under discipline. Everyone wants a free life like a bird flying in the sky. So, if a student does not like a strict teacher then it is understandable. A teacher also does not want to be tough and shrewd with the students but he knows that with a stick in hand only he can make the students serious towards studies and otherwise they will take things lightly and the whole year will go like that and the result will be big zero. I strongly feel that a teacher should be very strict as that is the only way to keep the students in a correct direction. Today situation is changed. Teachers have become too soft. If the students are not serious in the class then the teacher will advise them to join a coaching centre. So the responsibility of the teacher is in fact transferred to the coaching facility. These are the changes we are seeing today in society and I do not think that any teacher is exercising those old ways of treating students in a rough and tough manner. They are in fact treating the students in a very cordial and friendly way.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan27 Nov 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Gone are the days when teachers used to be very strict by nature. Nowadays, a teacher having a friendly relationship with a student. They never force to the student for any homework, assignment or project. The student also doesn't want to live in bonding. They want to study their way.
One important thing is as today teaching environment has completely changed. In most of the school, the teacher is not allowed to take strict action against student even if they ill behave in school. So, teacher's behave are seen liberal in many incidents. I think only a strict teacher can maintain discipline. Sometimes, it is seen that student study well because of fear. On the other hand, the student doesn't take the study seriously due to the lack of strictness.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha27 Nov 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The temperament of a teacher is always be flexible and while being a teacher he should not be too scary so that the students are so much afraid of theteachers that they cannot learn the lessions confidently. Aggressiveness of the teacher would spoil the learning capability of the student. He should not be too linient either. What is required is to understand the Psycology of the students and the teacher should be adaptable enough to take the role depending upon the situation. If the child is not in a position to pick up the lession because of fearness, this needs to be resolved. Under that situation, the teacher should be affectionate enough. Repeated aversion in completing the home assignments may warrant some drastic action. Hence a teacher should be multidirectional so as to handle the students effectively.
The article should serve as good guide to the practising teachers how they can be a better trainer for the student community.

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