Should I Study MS or MBA in the USA?

Read this article to learn whether to study MS or MBA in the USA for a better career.

Today, graduate programs are more like a must-have in the world. This is also the case in the US, where it's an opportunity to get advanced knowledge on a subject. Even more, it allows you to get access to better prospects in your career.

However, with all the good that comes with it, choosing one can be quite challenging. There are various graduate programs from Masters of Science to Master of Philosophy to Master of Business Administration. However, two options continue to top the list of most sought-after within the US.

These are the MS and MBA options.

While it sounds straightforward, choosing the best option from both isn't always easy. So, are you wondering, if should I study MS or MBA in the USA?

In this article, we'll tell you all you need to know. And meanwhile, I would recommend an American essay writing service for college - So, you can bet we know what we're saying.

Now, dive in!

What Is an MS Program?

An MS program is a Master's of Science program. It's a full-time program that typically runs for two years. It then awards a successful applicant a degree for studies in science and mathematical fields. However, keep in mind that various subjects that fall within the arts, accounting, and humanities department get studied within the USA's MS program.

This program typically involves a research component. As such, intending students should keep in mind that they'll need to write a thesis. Examples of course options for an MS program include:

- Master of Science in Accounting
- Master of Science in Creative Arts & Design
- Master of Science in Data Analytics
- Master of Science in Computer Science

What Is an MBA Program?

An MBA program is a Master of Business Administration program. It's a graduate program that covers studies in business administration and management. It provides various specialized options in Accounting, Financial Management, Corporate Management, Business Management, and Economics.
The program teaches students the various theories related to business management and how to apply these principles. In truth, this program has its origin in the USA. It can run as a full-time program. In some other cases, it can also run as a part-time program.

This course can range from one to two years. Usually, this depends on the subject of the program. Examples of course options for an MBA program include:

- MBA in Management
- MBA in Hunan Resources
- MBA in Marketing

Top Universities for the Programs in the USA

While various universities offer both the MS and MBA program, we can tell you're looking for the best. As such, we've curated the top universities for both programs within the US. In no order, here you go.


- Stanford University
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- Harvard University
- University of Chicago
- Columbia University
- Yale University
- Cornell University
- Princeton University
- California Institute of Technology


- Stanford University
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- Harvard University
- The University of Chicago
- Columbia University
- Northwestern University
- University of Pennsylvania
- Princeton University
- California Institute of Technology

Differences Between an MS and an MBA Program

One thing is clear, while an MS and an MBA program are both graduate studies, they remain different. Well, in case that isn't clear, here are some specific distinctions that should clear your confusion.


One thing that differentiates both programs is their focus. Generally, the MS program focuses on science courses and the acquisition of technical knowledge. For instance, it covers fields like mathematics, science, engineering, and medicine, among others.
On the other hand, the MBA program focuses on management and business skills. As such, its subject offerings revolve around this area.


Another thing that differentiates both programs is the duration required for you to complete the program. Typically, most MS programs require you on full time for two years. However, with the MBA program, there's more flexibility with the duration.

The MBA program can range from one year to two years. In some cases, it can even exceed it. This will depend on the subject matter you decide to pursue.


The next thing that enables you to distinguish between both options is the work experience that is preferred. In most cases, you don't need any work experience to pursue an MS program. Your first degree is adequate to provide an opportunity to proceed.

However, in cases of an MBA program, work experience remains preferred. In fact, you'll need between two to five years of experience to pose a better chance.

Benefits of an MS Program

Now that you're clear on their distinction, the next is what they bring to the table. No doubt, having a master's degree is a great choice. It allows you to remain competitive in your preferred industry.
In fact, by 2022, 18% of jobs will require you to have a master's degree. So, you see, it's almost unavoidable. But, what are the benefits of an MS program?

Specialized Knowledge

An MS degree allows you to become an expert in a particular field. This is thanks to the advanced knowledge that it provides in the area. It provides specialization, one which will set you apart from the rest.

Career Advancement

One thing that an MS program provides you with is faster career growth. It allows you to transition seamlessly to higher and senior positions within a firm. Even more, you can always apply for senior roles elsewhere. This is because most firms recognize what you bring to the table and would love it.

Increased Earning Potentials

Another perk of getting your MS degree is an increase in your earning potential. Getting your master's degree on your resume shows you an expert with more skill and capacity. In turn, you can demand more pay. In fact, reports show that you can get as much as a 35% increase in your earning potential through a master's program.

Benefits of an MBA Program

Getting an MBA program comes with its benefits. They include:

Access to Business Networks

With an MBA program, you get access to an extensive and comprehensive business network. Keep in mind that this network will significantly influence your management experience. Even more, you get a thorough understanding of your business environment.

Higher Earnings

Getting an MBA allows you to increase your pay considerably, just as with an MS program. However, with an MBA degree, you get access to higher pay potential. This is thanks to the available fields of practice when you have an MBA.

Access to High Managerial Positions

One thing that an MBA degree allows you to access is top managerial positions. Today, at least half of MBA graduates are members of various boards and senior managers. So, if that's your goal, an MBA will do the trick.

In Conclusion: MS vs. MBA

So far, you're now convinced about the perks that both options bring to the table. You also understand what differentiates both options. However, you aren't sure what you should opt for.
Well, in the USA, if you've got less than two years of work experience, it would be best to opt for the MS program. However, with more experience and a bigger budget for your graduate program, an MBA seems fair.

Regardless, remember that the MS program provides a more comprehensive course design. Even more, it provides more career prospects within the US. So, consider this whole picking.

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Author: Umesh26 Nov 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

This is one good analysis between pursuing of MS versus MBA in US. As I recollect, there was a time when MS was the only thing available for the students which could open job opportunity in US or other countries where qualified people were required due to the inherent shortage of work force due to less population. With the introduction of MBA and other business degrees the whole gamut of seeking jobs and getting positions changed drastically and for some time MBA seemed to be the real winner and there was in fact a craze on a global level to acquire this most coveted degree at that time. But everything attractive has a high time and then it gradually comes back to its normal level due to various forces mainly depending on the demand and supply along with market forces which determine the level of remuneration and things like that.

As on today, MS and MBA are sailing in the same boat as opportunities are limited in both the field but they are still the top of the house and people having acquired these degrees from the US university still stand some good chance for getting a lucrative job. The only difference today is that earlier the degree holder was dictating the terms but today organisations are offering the constrained terms and conditions.

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