Plant kingdom and parts of a plant

In this article, I am mentioning some important points of plant and its parts. The plant contains some parts such as leaves, stem, root, fruits, flowers etc. So, you will study some of the important functions of the parts of the plant.

We breathe fresh air from the plants and they release oxygen into the atmosphere. This plant consists of various parts such as root, stem, leaves, fruits, and flowers. Every part of the plant has its own function. So, let us study the functions of every part of the plant. The seed grows into a plant which consists of different parts.

Different parts of the plant and its function


Root is an important part of the plant because it holds the plant firmly. It is a part of a plant that grows underground. So, the main function of the root is to absorb dissolved minerals and water into the soil and transport them to the other parts of the plant. It is also known as storage of reserve food to the body. The different types of roots are fibrous root and taproot. Taproot is also known as a single root that grows from a seed after the process of germination. Examples of taproots are carrot, pea, radish, and turnip. The fibrous root has a bushy appearance and they consist of many tiny roots. Example of the taproot is sugarcane, grass, rice, onion etc. The shoot is the part of the plant that grows above the ground.


It holds the parts of the plant such as leaves, flowers and fruits firmly to the ground. The stem is known as the axis of the vascular plant. It supports the leaves, fruits and flowers of the plant. The stems are used to perform four main functions. It transports the liquid from the roots to the shoots to the phloem to the xylem. It also stores nutrients and produces new cell tissues. The stems have hard and woody stems known as the trunk. The trees usually have thick and woody stems known as trunk and some trees have a soft and green stem. Some trees such as banana tree also have weak and soft stems. Some plants have very weak steams known as creepers.


Leaves are green-colored growing on the stem. They contain a pigment known as chlorophyll and hence are green-coloured. They prepare food for the plant in the presence of water air and sunlight. The process of preparation of food is known as photosynthesis. They breathe the carbon-dioxide released by human beings and release oxygen while preparing food for the plants. The leaves are made of three parts namely the leaf veins, leaf blade and side veins. Some plants such as spinach, cabbage, coriander store food and we eat these leaves as vegetables.


The flowers help in reproduction of fruits and seeds. We use flowers for different purposes such as decorating homes, making perfumes, and making honey from the nectar of the flowers. Some fruits like litchi, mango, apple, orange, etc have seeds inside them. These seeds when spilt on the ground, is exposed to air, water and sunlight grows into a plant. It first becomes a small-plant and then later grows into a fully-developed plant. The process of a new seed from a plant is called germination.


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