Tamil Nadu Agricultural University PG online admissions 2020-2021

Are you seeking admissions to PG programs in Agriculture? Do you wish to pursue M.Sc in Agriculture or M.Tech in Agricultural Engineering? PG Admissions are open at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University(TNAU) for the academic year 2020. Check this article for details like PG courses offered at TNAU, Eligibility criteria, TNAU PG Online application form filling guidelines, etc.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University(TNAU), one of the premier agricultural universities in India is inviting applications for admissions to PG degree programmes in Agriculture. Eligible graduates who are passionate to learn Agriculture courses can utilize this opportunity and apply for TNAU PG admissions 2020. Candidates who are applying for PG admissions at TNAU can join the subjects of their choice depending upon their merit score and the vacancies of seats in the PG courses offered by the TNAU main campus at Coimbatore and its constituent colleges in Madurai, Killikulam, Trichy, Periyakulam, Kumulur and Mettupalayam.

TNAU-PG courses

School of Postgraduate Studies, TNAU is offering postgraduate degree programs in nearly 35 disciplines. The duration of the PG programs is 2-years( 4 semesters). TNAU follows a Choice Based Credit Semester(CBCS) system with thesis research as an integral part of all the PG courses. Here is a list of PG courses offered at the TNAU main campus and its constituent colleges.

Faculty of Agriculture- M.Sc (Agriculture)
Faculty of Horticulture- M.Sc (Horticulture)
  • Vegetable Science
  • Fruit Science
  • Plantation, Spices, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops
  • Floriculture and Landscape Architecture

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering- M.Tech(Agricultural Engineering)
Faculty of Forestry- M.Sc. (Forestry)
  • Silviculture and Agroforestry
  • Forest Biology and Tree Improvement
  • Forest Products and Utilization

Faculty of Community Science- M.Sc.( Community Science)
  • Food Science and Nutrition

Eligibility conditions

  1. Only candidates who have completed their UG degree in State Agricultural Universities (SAUs)/Colleges affiliated to SAUs/Central Agricultural Universities (CAUs)/ICAR Deemed Universities/Central Universities with Agriculture Faculty listed by ICAR/ any other institutes accredited by NAEAB (ICAR) are eligible to apply for TNAU PG admissions.
  2. Candidates should have undergone course credit system in a Bachelor's Degree Programme with a minimum OGPA of 3.00 out of 4.00 or 6.60 out of 10.00. For SC/ST candidates, minimum OGPA of 6.50 out of 10.00 is required.

Eligible educational qualifications

Candidates who wish to apply for admissions to any PG courses in TNAU should have completed a 4-year graduate programmes as mentioned below

M.Sc (Agriculture)
  • Agricultural Economics: B.Sc.(Ag.)/ B.Sc.(Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.Tech. (Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Sericulture)/ B.Sc.(Home.Sc.)/ B.Tech. (AIT) / B.S. (ABM)
  • Microbiology: B.Sc.(Ag.)/ B.Sc.(Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.Tech. (Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Sericulture)/ B.Sc.(Home.Sc.)/ B.Tech. (AIT) / B.S. (ABM)
  • Plant Physiology: B.Sc.(Ag.)/ B.Sc.(Hort.)/ B.Tech.(Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Forestry) / B.Sc.(Sericulture) /B.Tech.(Ag. Biotech) / B.Tech.(Biotech.)
  • Agricultural Extension and Communication: B.Sc.(Ag.)/ B.Sc.(Hort.)/B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.Sc.(Sericulture) /B.S. (ABM)
  • Genetics & Plant Breeding: B.Sc. (Ag.) / B.Sc.(Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Forestry) / B.Tech.(Ag. Biotech )/ B.Tech.(Biotech.)
  • Entomology: B.Sc.(Ag.)/B.Sc.(Hort.) / B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.Sc.(Sericulture)
  • Agronomy: B.Sc.(Ag.)
  • Nematology: B.Sc.(Ag.)/B.Sc.(Hort.)/B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.Sc.(Sericulture)
  • Biotechnology: B.Sc.(Ag.)/B.Sc.(Hort.)/B.Tech.(Hort.) / B.Sc.(Forestry)/B.Sc.(Sericulture) B.Tech.(Ag.Biotech.) / B.Tech.(Biotech.)/B.Tech.(Bioinformatics) / B.Sc.(Ag.) Biotechnology
  • Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry: B.Sc.(Ag.) /B.Sc.(Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.Sc.(Sericulture)
  • Seed Science and Technology: B.Sc.(Ag.)/B.Sc.(Hort.)/ B.Tech.(Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Forestry) /B.Tech.(Ag.Biotech) / B.Tech.(Biotech.)
  • Bioinformatics: B.Sc.(Ag.)/B.Sc.(Hort.)/B.Tech.(Hort.) / B.Sc.(Forestry)/B.Sc.(Sericulture) B.Tech.(Ag.Biotech.) / B.Tech.(Biotech.)/B.Tech.(Bioinformatics) / B.Sc.(Ag.) Biotechnology/ B.Tech. (AIT)
  • Plant Pathology: B.Sc. (Ag.) /B.Sc.(Hort.) /B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.Sc.(Sericulture)
  • Geoinformatics: B.Sc.(Ag.)/B.Sc.(Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.Tech.(Agrl. Engg.)/B.Tech. (AIT)/ B.Tech.(EEE)/B.Tech.(Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Sericulture)/ B.Tech.(Ag.Biotech.) / B.Tech.(Biotech.)/ B.Tech. (Bioinformatics) / BS (ABM)
  • Nano Science & Technology: B.Sc.(Ag.)/ B.Sc(Hort.)/ B.Sc.(Forestry)/B.Tech.(Hort.) /B.Tech (EEE) / B.Sc.(Sericulture) /B.Tech. (Agrl. Engg.)/B.Tech.(FPE) /B.Tech.(Bioinformatics.) /B.Tech.(Ag.Biotech) / B.Tech.(Biotech.)
  • Agrometeorology: B.Sc.(Ag)/ B.Sc.(Hort.)/B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.Tech. (AIT) /B.Tech (EEE)
  • Agricultural Statistics: Any 4 years degree in Agricultural Science or Technology program
  • Environmental Science: B.Sc.(Ag.)/ B.Sc.(Hort.) / B.Tech.(Hort) /B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.E.(Ag.)/ B.Tech.(Ag.Engg.)/ B.Sc. (Sericulture)/ B.Tech.(Ag.Biotech.) / B.Tech.(Biotech.) / B.Tech.(EEE)
  • M.Sc. Sericulture: B.Sc.(Sericulture)
  • MBA in Agri. Business Management: B.Sc.(Ag.)/ B.Sc.(Hort.)/ B.Tech. (Hort.) / B.Sc.(Forestry)/ B.E.(Ag.)/ B.Tech. (Agrl. Engg.)/B.Sc. (Home Science)/ B.Tech.(AIT) / B.Tech.(EEE)/B.Tech (FPE)/ B.Tech(Bioinformatics) / B.Sc. (Sericulture) /B.S. (ABM) / B.Tech.(Ag. Biotech.)/ B.Tech.(Biotech.)

M.Sc (Horticulture)
  • Vegetable Science: B.Sc. (Hort.)/B.Tech.(Hort.) / B.Sc. (Agri)
  • Fruit Science: B.Sc. (Hort.)/B.Tech.(Hort.) / B.Sc. (Agri)
  • Plantation, Spices, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops: B.Sc. (Hort.)/B.Tech.(Hort.) / B.Sc. (Agri)
  • Floriculture and Landscape Architecture: B.Sc. (Hort.)/B.Tech.(Hort.) / B.Sc. (Agri)

M.Tech(Agricultural Engineering)
  • Processing and Food Engineering: B.Tech.(Ag.Engg.)/B.Tech.(FPE) / B.E.(Ag.)
  • Farm Machinery and Power Engineering: B.Tech.(Ag.Engg.)/B.E.(Ag.)
  • Soil and Water Conservation Engineering: B.Tech. (Ag.Engg.)/ B.E.(Ag.)/B.Tech.(EEE)
  • Renewable Energy Engineering: B.Tech.(Ag.Engg.)/ B.Tech.(EEE)/ B.E.(Ag)

M.Sc. (Forestry)
  • Silviculture and Agroforestry: B.Sc. (Forestry)
  • Forest Biology and Tree Improvement: B.Sc. (Forestry)
  • Forest Products and Utilization: B.Sc. (Forestry)

M.Sc.( Community Science)

How to apply

Application form for PG admissions at TNAU should be filled and submitted through online mode only. The application form fee per subject is Rs. 1550/- /-(Processing fee: Rs.1500 + application fee: Rs.50) for SC/ST and Rs. 1600/-(Processing fee: Rs.1500 + application fee: Rs.100) for other category students. A candidate can apply for only 2 subjects. Separate form fee has to be remitted for each subject.

Application form is available at the official website of TNAU.

Before filling the application, candidates are requested to read the brochure carefully.

Brochure link: https://admissionsatpgschool.tnau.ac.in/downloads/5fcf68c445e3d449857149_PG_Information_Brochure_2020_21_(1).pdf

At first, candidates need to register themselves by providing their details along with a valid email id and mobile number in a registration form. Remember, the email id entered at the time of registration will be used for all correspondences until the admission process is completed. Change in email id will not be permitted under any circumstances.

After successful registration and verification of email, candidates have to fill the application form with correct details, upload the scanned copies of necessary documents and pay the application form fee through the online payment gateway. The application form will be rejected if the candidate fails to upload any document. Here is a list of documents(scanned copy) to be uploaded while submitting the online application form
  1. Passport size photo
  2. Scanned copy of signature
  3. Community certificate
  4. Provisional / degree certificate obtained in the qualifying degree
  5. Mark list / transcript card
  6. Proof of Date of Birth
  7. Differently-abled certificate (if any)

Selection process

TNAU admits candidates to the PG degree programs based on the performance of the candidates in an online entrance exam conducted by the university. Candidates have to appear for the entrance exam on their own expenses at the date & time intimated by the university The exam will contain multiple-choice questions from the respective subjects. Candidates who have applied for 2 subjects should attend the exam for both the subjects continuously. The exam will be conducted for a total of 100 marks.

Exam pattern
  • General Agriculture: 15 marks
  • Aptitude: 10 marks
  • Specific subject: 75 marks

Note, the entrance test will be conducted with remote video proctoring. Candidates who indulge in any mode of malpractices will be expelled.

As mentioned earlier, TNAU admissions will happen as per merit scores. Candidates who are selected for admission will be intimated through SMS or Email. The University will also publish the list of selected candidates for PG admissions on their official website. TNAU follows the reservation norms of the Government during the admission process. Candidates will be allotted to any one of the TNAU College Campuses where the specified PG courses are taught based on the merit and preference of the students.

Once the course and college are allotted, candidates will have to pay the prescribed fees on or before the date specified by the Dean, School of Post Graduate Studies. Admission will be canceled, if a candidate fails to pay the fee and the resultant vacancies will be filled up from the waitlist. Candidates who have paid the fees should register for their courses on the date specified. Those who fail to register will have to forfeit their admission.

Also, the selected candidates must produce all the following original certificates at the time of admission.
  1. Provisional / Degree certificate of Bachelor's program
  2. Transfer / Migration certificate
  3. Mark list/transcript card of Bachelor's degree
  4. Conduct certificates from the Head of the Institution and the Professors of the Institution where the candidate last studied.
  5. Original community certificate for verification and an attested copy of original community certificate for record
  6. A copy of online fee payment receipt.

Note: The University will not return the original certificates surrendered at the time of admission to the candidates till the completion of the course or discontinuation. Hence, TNAU requests the candidates to take sufficient xerox copies or scanned copies of all their original certificates before submitting them to the university.

Important dates

Last date to submit the online application form: 31.12.2020 (12:00 midnight)
Online Scrutiny of applications: 01.01.2021 to 07.01.2021
Notification for online entrance test: 08.01.2021
Tentative date of TNAU PG admission entrance exam: 12.01.2021
Notification of admission selection list: 21.01.2021
Admission and fees payment: 28.01.2021 & 29.01.2021
Date of commencement of classes for the 1st semester: 02.02.2021

Contact details

All enquiries regarding TNAU PG admission process should be made only through e-mail at pgadmission@tnau.ac.in

Address: School of Post Graduate Studies,
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore 641 003
Phone: 0422-6611261
Website: http://www.tnau.ac.in/

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