How to become an coding expert

The 21st century is totally dependent on technology from all sides. Therefore programmers are required in each field. But becoming a good programmer isn't so easy. So this article explains the important ways to become a good coding expert in 2020.

9+ Proven Ways To Become a Good Coding Expert in 2020


We are surrounded by technology from all sides. In which we have to take its support for information to talk to each other and for everything else as well.

Computers have a huge contribution to this technology. And when it comes to computers, programming becomes the most important thing.

Steve Jobs always says that everyone should know how to program a computer because it boosts your thinking ability.

Nowadays programmers are needed in every field. And now the time has come to improve your programming skills. A very good way to improve your career is to learn a program.

But becoming a good programmer is not so easy. Many coders and programmers want to do better than others in their line, want to get ahead, But they do not know how to do this?

So in today's blog, we will tell you some ways by which you can become the best coder in your career line. And in the end, we will also discuss some mistakes which beginner coders often make.

So stay with this blog till the end and read the blog carefully. So let's know how you can improve your programming skills or coding skills.

10 Proven Ways to Become a Good Coding Expert

1. Self Reliance

There are many things to keep in mind before learning to code. For example, which programming language should one learn? Where to start? Many things have to be kept in mind like this.

There are millions of methods that exist on the internet today to learn to code. It is up to you where you want to learn?

During the course of learning, there will be many times when you will have difficulty in coding and you will get frustrated and want to leave it.

But if you continue learning while solving your problem, then you can become a better coder.

2. Language

You have to learn at least one programming or scripting language to become a good coding expert. There are many online platforms from which you can learn coding for free.

Experts always advise that you should focus on only one language at a time. And when one language comes well, then only the other should be learned.

In the case of learning multiple languages simultaneously, we won't be able to learn at least one language also. Which never makes your coding better.

Beginners must learn these 3 languages, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.

3. Read More Codes

Some experts say that you have to be a genius in reading before you become a genius in coding.

If you want to become the best programmer through coding then you have to understand that as much as it is necessary for you to write your code, it is also important to read the code of others.

When you read the code of others, you get to know how other people solve their programming problems? You need to learn from those codes.

The more you learn from others, the better you will do. You should always ask yourself, how would I have written this code? Or what else can I improve in this code? Like this.

4. Clear the Basic Concept

When you want to get into the field of programming language and start learning, there often come problems in coding in the beginning.

Whether it is the problem of solving the errors or the difficulty of understanding the coding. The biggest reason behind this is not understanding the basics properly.

Initially, you always start clearing basics in whatever programming language you learn. Clearing basic concepts is very important in order to become a coding expert.

5. Learn Easy Programming Language

One should always start with the easy programming language. Like C and C++.

Learning an easy programming language, in the beginning, makes you understand the basics of coding.

Which later helps in learning other programming languages ??and it makes it easy to learn anything new.

6. Learn Data Structure and Algorithms

To be the best coder, you must have a good understanding of data structure and algorithms.

There are many online courses for this, by which you can advance your coding skills.

7. Maintain Balance in Theory and Practical

It is often seen that beginners who do well in practical do not pay attention to theory.

And those who pay a lot of attention to the theory and understand it well, in practice they perform badly.

But if you want to be the best in coding then you have to pay equal attention to both theory and practical.

The more you practice, the more your skills will improve, and the sooner you master coding.

There is nothing to cram into coding. Because coding is sometimes of many pages, which is difficult to cram.

Some syntax can be memorized for which it is necessary to have an equal grip on theory and practicality.

As you continue to read the theory, run it on the computer and see if it is running or not, and see where the problem arises?

Now if you face any problem then how to solve it? Our next point is related to this.

8. Join Internet Groupe

Today, there are many forums and groups on the Internet where coders are present and help each other in programming.

When you have problems with coding, you can share your problem there. There are lots of experts who can help you.

Also, share your coding there so that other people get help from it and your practice continues.

9. Do Coding Every Day

If your aim is to become the best coder, then you have to take care that no day goes by when you do not practice coding.

Keep doing a bit of coding every day. Keep challenging yourself and keep your coding skills up to date in order to become a master. The more you practice, the sooner you will become the best.

10. Use Github and Blog

Whatever code you wrote, put it on your blog or GitHub. This is the best way to practice coding.

With this, people will get to know your work and you will get more and more work, which will also improve your coding skills.

So let's talk about some common mistakes that beginners often make and that's why they always remain behind.

Most Common Beginner Programming Mistakes


1. To Be Happy In a Small Achievement

If you want to be the best coder, then first of all you should feel that the amount of knowledge you got is very little, and there is a lot to learn.

Beginners always learn a little and think that we have learned everything and now we will solve any problem in coding.

But this does not happen, the more you learn and practice, the more you will become a good programmer, you have to remember this always.

2. Don't Try To Vindicate Yourself

If you want to be the best coder, then you have to learn from your experience. You have to learn from your mistakes that where you have made a mistake and it has to be rectified.

3. Creating Large and Complex Codes

Beginners often learn lit-bit and try to write big codes. And then when there is an error in it, they are unable to know what is wrong?

Their codes are so confusing that it takes a long time to solve them. So always write shortcodes in the beginning. As you learn, you can enlarge the codes.

4. Writing Code Without a Plan

Beginners are so quick to write coding that they sit down without any plan and make mistakes.

What is the requirement of the program? How will the program work? They do not take these things into consideration.

So the beginner's should always avoid these mistakes.

Always do some research and experiment before writing the program, so that you know which structure would be right to solve the problem.

So, friends, we hope you liked this blog related to becoming a good coding expert.

To improve any skill, it takes a lot of constant hard work and patience too. Programming is the demand of today and its demand is going to increase in the coming time as well.

So start improving your skill as much as you can through practice. If you have any other questions related to this blog that you want to ask us, then comment below.

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Author: Umesh19 Dec 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 12

Today the field of coding is very vibrant and new people are joining the group of coding professionals every day. There is a good demand for the coders everywhere and the essence of an application lies in its code only. Depending upon the clarity and capability in the code the application will work to the best of the satisfaction of the user. Different people can make different codes for solving the same problem or carrying out the computing task but the performance of the codes could differ. A structured and well-knitted code is what should be the aim of the coding learner. It will have all the ingredients for doing a task as desired but it should also have scope for modifications and adding features later. That is a very important point as the users after using the code will ask the coder or the company which has provided it to them about certain modifications and adding more features to it and if at the time such provisions are not possible because they were not thought of and were not included in the initial phases then it will be a marathon exercise to rebuild and realign the code in the fashion that the user wants to see it doing execution on his screen. Learning a good coding practice requires patience and hard work. It is not a one day job and requires a continuous endeavour.

I would like to share my experience and hope that would give a bit of inspiration and encouragement to the people who are new to this field of coding. During the 1985-95 era, the computer languages like COBOL, Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C etc were in common use and people learned them by attending some offline physical mode classroom course. At that time the computer programmers were seen with much distinction and that still holds good today also. My core activity was not software area but just for my academic curiosity and having a science background, I wanted to learn some language and if possible use it in my core work and responsibility in the organisation. One of my colleagues who was the in charge of the computer department officially allowed me a few hours per week to learn the language of my choice in one of the desktop computers installed in the big computer centre.
I was advised to learn the language 'Basic' first as it was possible to learn it without any tutor by reading the book on Basic Programming language. I started to learn and initially it was quite difficult to understand the concepts of coding but slowly when I learned it over the course of next few months I found that it was very versatile and powerful and could do anything using the code in the proper way. I was amazed with the power that it contained merely in a few instructions which were made in such a nice way to enable the programmer to write any code of any length doing anything. More and more I was learning, I was able to process the complex data base and was able to present them on the screen or format them inside the program for an impressive printout. I was so much happy with my progress and learning and reported my work to my superiors who had allowed me to learn it and seeing my work they immediately gave me a project which was in their mind but due to unavailability of any good coder it was pending. It was a great opportunity for me and though I took almost a year to complete that big software project in the most humble language that is 'Basic' but it gave me much accolades and appreciation which was worth my hard work.
Today, we need not to struggle so much because there are readymade modules and facilities for writing a long and tedious code and with those facilities a hard-working coder would be able to produce a powerful and effective code for solving the desired problem or task given by the customer.

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