Why Indian students should or should not study medical courses abroad

The number of seats available to study medicine in India is very limited and the number of students aspiring for this course is unlimited, but the opportunities to study this course in foreign countries is plenty. This article gives an account of the various opportunities available, the facilities available, and the problems to sort out to study this course abroad. The pros and cons of studying a medical course abroad are also discussed in this article.


In India there is only one way, namely through the NEET qualifying exam, that one is able to get a medical seat to study M.B.B.S. course to become a doctor. If the student fails to qualify and get a prominent qualifying rank on all India level, the dreams of the aspiring student as well as their parents will be over. Luckily, there are a lot of opportunities available abroad in foreign countries and where plenty of medical seats are available in standard medical institutions. Modern facilities, as well as a conducive atmosphere that prevails there, helps Indian students to pursue their course safely. So medical education abroad is a solution to this problem. Actually, in some of the foreign countries, the standard medical courses available are the most affordable even when we compare with the cost of the study of medicine in India. Statistical data of previous academic years of students who went abroad to study medicine from India indicates the facts about this trend. In the 2017-'18 academic year, 7.5 lakhs students and 2018-'19 about 6 lakhs went abroad to study medicine.

Before seeking admission in foreign countries, though, it is better for the parents as well as the students to assess the pros and cons of taking a medicine course to study abroad.

Pros of studying medicine course abroad

There are a lot of benefits to studying medicine course in foreign countries by Indian students -

Modern facilities and security

Foreign medical institutions are well equipped with modern facilities and technology that help them to provide the most standard and latest developments in medical education. Foreign medical institutions are giving the fullest security to our students. It is always better to join our wards in places where more Indian students are studying the course so that the students may not feel lonely as well as they feel like they are in their home place.

Use of English medium in inculcating the course

Most of the foreign universities are inculcating medical course via English medium. So it is a great advantage for Indian students. It is always better to learn the local language for the students to interact with people during their study of the course.

Cost of the course is less in many foreign countries

The cost of a Medical course is very high especially in Indian private institutions. Especially the cost of medical education in many foreign universities and institutions is very less when compared to India. In addition to this foreign universities provide a lot of scholarships and discounts for merit and talented students. Foreign countries allowing their practice in their country if the students successfully complete their course. Russia, China, Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, Kirghizstan, Georgia, Romania, Belarus, and a few other Central American countries are suitable for our students to get medical education at less cost with more comfort.

More seats with more facilities available in foreign institutions

The medical seats available for the study of medicine in India are far less compared to the number of aspirants every year. But the seats available in foreign institutions are more and that too available with least competition. Other than this, the cost of this education is comparatively less and also the quality of education is of a high standard. The cost of education in educational institutions of the Philippines is 15.22 lakhs, Russia 17.25 lakhs, Bangladesh is 30-60 lakhs, China 20-35 lakhs, Ukrain 20-38 lakhs, Nepal 60-70 lakhs, Kirghistan 17-24 lakhs, Poland 50-75 lakhs, Caribbean Islands 80 lakhs.

Scholarships and economic assistance provided by institutes

Foreign universities and medical institutions are providing plenty of scholarships, economic assistance in order to attract students to their institutions. It gives an excellent opportunity for our students to reduce the expenditure of their education in foreign countries. Students have to go through the websites of these institutions to know about these offers and accordingly they can join.

Cons to be considered before going abroad to study medicine

Language problem

At present many of the countries using local language for the discourse of the course. But many universities and medical colleges at the international level are using English as the medium for the discourse of the course. So one should fully confirm the medium used in the university or college in which they join. Usually every institution along with the main course local language also they introduce to study. Students must keep in their mind they have to face little problems as they are going into a place where they don't know the local language.

The teaching methodology may differ in different countries

The teaching methodology may be quite different from what they have experienced in India. So students have to thoroughly enquire the students of previous batches about the methodology teaching in those institutions. If they find that methodology is apt for them then only they have to join in such institutions.

Aware about climatic conditions

Climatic conditions of various countries differ drastically. The climate of certain countries may not be suitable for certain individuals and may cause health issues. So one has to thoroughly enquire about the climatic condition and the medical facilities available in case of urgency. Parents have to be very careful with regard to this issue otherwise visiting their ward in case of any health issue from India is a big headache for them as well as a big worrying issue.

Beware of fake universities

One of the big problems for those students who wish to pursue medical education abroad is fake institutions. Some universities in foreign countries run without proper government approval and they don't follow rules and regulations. Studying in such fake universities have no value. Indian National Organization helps in sorting out such issues for Indian students who join abroad for medical courses. Parents have to enquire about this organization before they join any foreign university.

Students have to face the MCI eligibility exam

Those students who successfully completed their course on foreign soil have to appear for an eligibility test conducted by MCI. If they pass that eligibility test they only can they practice as a doctor in India.

So parents and students: if you take proper care and inquiry before joining any foreign institute, one can successfully fulfill the life dream and enjoy success.

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