School project report: Why teaching aids are important in present life?

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If you are the 70s or 80s born person, then you must remember the days when our teachers had to teach us any concept through diagrams. They had to raise the book up above their heads to teach us or draw the diagram on the blackboard for better clarification. Gone are those days and we are left with sweet memories only.

We are surrounded by various gadgets in the present era to make our life more comfortable. Gadgets have made our life easier and it's impossible to imagine our life without these 'tiny robots'. Likewise, teaching aids have also taken the level of teaching to a next level. They are necessary for effective learning and hence are inseparable from the lives of every teacher and student.

What is a teaching aid

In simple language, teaching aid includes any device used by a teacher, tutor, or facilitator for a better understanding of any concept by their students. Thus, a book, a chart, a map, a CD/ DVD, a PowerPoint slide, a blackboard, and a smartboard are a few examples of teaching aids. Teaching aids are no less than a boon for children with special needs.

teaching aids

Types of teaching aids

Broadly speaking, there are three types of teaching aids-
  1. Audio/ Audible aids which use sense of hearing. It includes audible devices like individual headsets, any recording, classroom stereo system, etc.
  2. Video/ Visual aids which use the sense of vision. Examples are book, map, chart, pictures, diagrams, flashcards, models, boards, etc.
  3. Audio visual aids. These are the most beneficial tools as they use both senses of vision and hearing. These are multi-sensory gadgets and include videos, CD/ DVD, projection film strip, PowerPoint slides, etc.

Advantages and importance of modern teaching aids

It has been proved in a study that a normal human being remembers 10% of what they read, 50% of what they see or hear, and more than 70% of what they read, hear, see and do. This clearly indicates the importance of teaching aids in a teacher's and student's life.

The benefits of teaching aids can be listed as below:
  • It makes teaching and learning interesting and comprehensible.
  • It takes the imagination level of students deep into their concept.
  • It helps in better understanding and clarification of the concept.
  • Topics learned through teaching aids are retained in the pupils' minds for a long time as the concept is imprinted on their mind.
  • It helps in creating a direct bond between the words they are reading and the object they are seeing.
  • It discourages the practice of cramming among students due to a proper understanding of the concept.
  • It also helps to remember the second language in a better way.
  • It eliminates the dullness and boredom from the classroom and makes it livelier.
  • It saves the time of teachers and students by helping them later to understand complex and difficult topics easily in a lesser time.
  • Teaching aids have proved to be a blessing during the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest technology made education and online classes possible during this hard time.

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Author: K Mohan24 Sep 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

While a teacher has all the book knowledge and wants to create awareness through examples and happenings, the teaching aids would be of great help and that would give the befitting alternate source of explaining the things in the most understandable way to the students. When the teaching aids are introduced to the child, they get more curious and their attention would be full and they try to grasp the inner points of the studies. The concept of the portion and what the teacher tells in the class room is well understood with the help of right teaching aids. There cannot be iota of doubts with the child because on the one hand the teacher would be explaining the things and on the other hand the teaching aids would make the teaching more helpful to understand. When the objects are shown to the students especially the pre-primary, they are more attached and more connected such type of teaching and therefore a bond is created between the students and the teachers. The more the usage of teaching aids, the more the clarity and therefor the understanding level of each child would be superlative and no dull students present.

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