Can Farming Be A Career Choice?

Are you considering farming as a career option? Check out this article to learn more about farming courses and the career options

Choosing a career is a decision one must make with the utmost diligence. Your career choice plays a significant role in determining how you live your life. While some may pick a career that enables them to save lives, others will pick something to help them to save the economy. Some are more concerned about technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs.

While the idea of embracing farming as a full-time career choice may not be appealing at first glance, a more in-depth look will reveal that this it's not as bad as it seems; in fact, it offers numerous benefits that other careers just don't. The following are a few great reasons why you should consider farming as a career choice.

Farming Connects You with Nature

One of the many advantages that farming offers is the opportunity to develop an intimate relationship with nature. The image of the sun shining in the afternoon, unhindered by skyscrapers; the cool, clear evening breeze. It's easy to see how nature lovers might choose to pursue farming.

The process of tilling the ground, sowing seeds, watching them grow and harvesting crops ensures that you tune in with nature. There are many advantages to having a strong connection with nature. Some of these include a more positive approach to life, good health, a joyful attitude and a peaceful mind. All of these contribute to better job satisfaction.


Better Job Satisfaction

When you compare city vs farm life, one offers a more wholesome life than the other, though not necessarily better.

It has been noticed that farmers actively enjoy their work more than those in other professions. The freedom to do manual tasks such as ploughing, cleaning and preparing tools, tending to the farm animals, or the sheer joy of seeing new life being born brings immense job satisfaction.

The variety of work provides more satisfaction than monotonous jobs in supermarkets or offices. The nature of the latter gets boring with time, which reduces or in some cases totally erases the job satisfaction.

Healthier and Longer life

A healthy person is someone with a sound body and mind. To achieve this, you'll need to eat clean and fresh food in a balanced diet. The saying 'you are what you eat' is not just a cliché, but a statement of fact. Choosing to farm as a career offers the luxury of fresh food whenever you want it, assuming that you do grow food.

You'll have easy access to essential minerals and vitamins such as zinc, iron and others. This will help your body to develop well, and ensure that your organs are free from chemically processed foods and perform optimally.

Living a healthy life also means taking up regular exercise. Working on a farm helps you to stay active and get the exercise that you need to live a healthy life. A healthy life, in turn, ensures a longer life.

Moreover, farming gives you the freedom to explore your creativity and grow in confidence. You can tap into nature, and give expression to your real self. One of the best ways to do this is by taking evening walks through the farm, amidst the 'moos' and 'coos' of the animals, the bubbling of the fish ponds and the lush cornfields. This type of walk does wonders for both the body and the soul.

Stronger Family Ties

Time is money, but time spent with family is priceless. Families are the smallest unit in society and, as such, the basic foundation of humanity. It follows that families should spend more time together, and if this can't be done successfully then there is little hope for society as a whole.

Unlike most careers, taking farming as a full-time job allows for more family interaction. Farming can be adopted as a family business, with each member performing a uniquely important role.

This also helps to instil a sense of responsibility in every member of the family, including the kids. These children will grow to become responsible adults. Besides, the more time the family spends working together, the stronger the ties, bonds and memories that are forged.

Affordable Cost of Living

Choosing farming as a career means that you'll have to live in the countryside. You'll also be able to live a more affordable lifestyle. While you may not have access to the luxuries of city life, you'll have easy access to everything that you need. City life luxury is expensive; the basics are fundamentally affordable.

You'll also have access to cheaper food and fruits, as you'll be growing them in bulk on your own property. The affordable cost of living is one of the biggest reason why people opt for farming as a career.

Farming is Profitable

Money is a strong motivator and a significant concern for those who are considering farming as a career. Fresh graduates looking for jobs often shy away from farming, because they fear they might not earn much from the venture.

While the industry has witnessed some decline, recent statistics and evidence show that farming is still a very viable career choice. Organic farming is also growing higher in demand. It's one of the fasting growing sectors in the United States, and indeed the rest of the world. With advancements in technology and science, farmers can now take advantage of new machinery to increase productivity, cut down on costs and maximize profits.


Today, the future of farming looks far brighter than it has in recent history, and every day more and more people are beginning to look at it as a possible career choice. Agriculture is no longer a hoe and cutlass business. It now relies on some of the latest technologies to achieve much greater results. Farming is not only profitable, but it also has a higher probability of helping you to live a longer and healthier life. Aside from that, it can help to develop stronger family bonds, cut down the expenses of living a city life, and help you get in touch with nature and – more importantly – yourself.

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Author: Umesh15 Jan 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

This is an interesting topic as many people might be thinking that farming is a labour intensive and outdoor work associated with many natural hazards and may not opt for it in the first place. Traditionally this thinking has some substance but today when we look up to it from a modern perspective we would find certain changes in society and infrastructure which encourage us to go for farming as a career. If we see the employment scenario today in our country, after acquiring education the students are at crossroads and do not know as what to do and where to get a job for livelihood. So life is not as simple as used to be decades ago. Now the time has come when one has to search for employment for oneself by pondering and making efforts in the arena of self-employment opportunities and farming is one sector where it can be attempted to make one self-employed. There is no doubt that farming is a tough job and one is exposed to nature with changing seasons around the year but if done in a business manner it would provide good dividends.

Another important thing is that today farming is not limited to the grain crop only as there are many items which have a good market in India as well as abroad and these items give more revenues as compared to the normal crops. Vegetables, Flowers, Fisheries, Mushrooms, Coarse grain crops, Fruit plantation etc are coming on a forefront when it comes to the better revenue generation by farming.

The scenario in farming has substantially changed during the last decades and more and more innovative methods and techniques are being employed for better production and increased yields. The infrastructure and other facilities which were earlier limited to urban dwellings are today available in the villages. Everyone is connected to the internet for any timely information related to agricultural matters.

Author: Swati Sharma19 Apr 2022 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Today's youth thinks of doing something different. Farming is also a good option for this. With this, your future is secured, as well as there is always a chance to do something new and different. Certainly, in the era of Covid-19, the importance of the farming sector has been visible in the country. Time is changing rapidly. Till a few years ago, the youth was not inclined towards agriculture at all. Today there are unlimited possibilities for careers. Till yesterday, the youth who used to think of doing doctorate, engineering or MBA are now turning towards agriculture. As new technology is reaching the fields and farmers, the subject of agriculture is becoming a good career option.

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