Importance of education for children

Do you know why education is important for children? Do you know what is the role of education in a child's life? In this article, I have discussed how education plays an important role in the overall development of children.


Education is the birthright of every child. There are many reasons why education is vital for children. It develops wisdom and intelligence which help in being self-dependent in life. It plays a vital role in the development of personality. It develops confidence also and helps us to become a responsible citizen of the nation.

Children are the future of our nation. They learn that what is being taught since childhood. They should be encouraged to study and get a better education. Education is an essential component in a child's life as it enhances their skill, personality and attitude. It is rightly said that "education is the foundation upon which we build our future". We all parents want to see our kids getting success in life which is possible only through good education. An educated child can bear the ups and downs of his family and achieve a respectable position in society. Education brings self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, team-work among children and prevents them from feeling social insecurity. It helps in being self-confident and a good decision-maker. Hence, every child must be educated so that they can lead a happy life. For children, Its importance is high as it helps to eradicate various social evils that prevail in a society such as poverty, gender discrimination, racism, religion etc. Education can be achieved through various sources.

Why education is Important For Children

Education is important for children because they are a pillar of the nation and they need to be updated with current affairs. It helps a child in learning humanity, good manners and how to behave with others. Early childhood stage is the most vulnerable stage in life. Early childhood education aims at the improvement of immature children. During childhood, the importance of education is more as it is an excellent time for children to develop social and mental skills which would help in their growth and success. Education during childhood also provides the opportunity for self-development and to learn about their interests. In this stage, the importance of education in our lives goes far beyond what we read in a textbook. There are many curiosities in a young mind which need to be clarified. Else, children can take the wrong steps in life. Understanding the importance of child education, the Indian constitution has imposed the right of education act 2009, to make education mandatory for children between the age of 6 to 4 years. Even today at least 35 million children aged 6-14 years do not attend school.

Education also provides knowledge such as how to develop skill and artwork. It allows us to analyse life events and even learn from our mistakes. It gives a better chance to children in goal-setting for the future. Education of children means having the logically-set mind to do something and achieve it. Children need education to learn how to survive in this world.

Role of school education in child development

A school is a place where children learn the basics they need to know for building the future. It is important for kids, not only for studying purpose, but for the improvement of their learning ability. It provides a foundation for developing skills, more specific to primary education. Everyone deserves to get a good education in life. Getting a better education means a better career. School life provides stability in life. School is important in a child's life as it develops self-esteem in a young mind.

What we learnt in school days has a great impact on our daily life. School provides various knowledge in a different subject. Imparting Knowledge about history improves culture-related understanding, and mathematics help people in financial understanding. School education also promotes social skills and communication skilsl.

School plays an important role in learning and interacting positively with their peers and teachers. It provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge in various fields such as literature, history, mathematics, politics, and many more subjects. This contributes to developing the capabilities of thought. Moreover, school is the first place for the socialisation of a child. In schools, children are exposed not only to new ideas but also to same-aged compatriots. Practicing empathy, friendship, team participation, assistance to others turn out to be important in a child's life.

School plays an important role in physical development also. A child goes through various physical developments. While the home provides a restricted outlet, in school, a child can channelize his energy into more sociable avenues. Studies have shown that in a familiar environment, the child is equipped to deal with sudden bursts of energy, and learns to be at his/her best behaviour only when exposed to same-age individuals. Additionally, familiarity leads to taking advantage of situations, while in school, the playing field is levelled. Also, the presence of activities such as sports, craft, etc help children direct their boundless energy into something productive. Children can be able to develop useful activities through education only. It is the only source to ignite this world. Thus, the overall development of children depends on the education they get.


Education is the only way by which a desired change and upliftment in the society can be achieved. It is the process of acquiring knowledge and information that leads to a successful life. Studies have shown that well-educated societies have lower cases of violence and crime in society. It is important for moulding a nation's future by facilitating the all-round development of future citizens. Today, online education is becoming a hard choice and a tough pill to swallow, especially for parents, in the days of the pandemic. Know the drawbacks of online education.

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After reading this post my thoughts went to my grand parents who were not allowing us to go for schools and studies. Even though we are more than five year old, the grand parents thought that a the younge age the child should not put into hectic studies and learning. But these days parents are putting their wards at the age of two at the play schools and then to the pre primary so that the school going habits are created. Whether govt school or private school giving education to the child is the primary duty of the parents and there is no doublt thought about this.

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