How to make a career plan

Do you want to know how to make a career plan? Are you confused about how to start career planning? If yes, read this article to know how to make a better career plan. In this article, I have discussed the career planning tips through steps.


A career is the base of our life. A successful life depends upon a better career and a better career can be possible only through solid career planning. Career planning helps us in choosing a career and take the correct direction for the many uncertainties that may come in the career path. A career plan is a person's choice of professional life. It is the self-evaluation of a person to have a better career path. In other words, it is the strategy of a person to set their career goals. Career planning is understood as crucial for every person aspiring to be successful in life. It is an ongoing process that helps in managing learning and development. It encourages persons to explore and collect information, which enables them to make decisions, set goals and take action. It is understood as a systematic process by which people decide their career to reach their career goals.

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Career planning is as important as a career in our life. The career planning process is an important aspect of an individual's career development. A career plan is essential as it helps in managing the direction of a career, the job skills and knowledge which is needed, how can you achieve them and how can secure your dream job. Developing a career plan can make major objectives that seem impossible much more manageable. It helps individuals in developing the skills required to fulfill different career roles. It increases the chances of success. It helps the individual in knowing various career opportunities. It helps individuals to choose that career which suits their lifestyle. It is understood as an important exercise to effectively manage your career.

There are different tips to make a career plan effective. They are listed below:

1. Choose Your Career

Make a list of career options by examining your interests, skills, and values through self-assessment. After that, you narrow your career options by getting detailed career information regarding research areas and taking consult from professionals in the field. You can further narrow your list when you take part in experiences such as shadowing, volunteering, and internships.

2. Priority area

It is not sufficient to have a long list of options. You need to prioritize your choices. In which field do you have interest? What kind of skill is required for your priority area? Whether it's intellectually challenging work or family-friendly benefits, it helps to know what subjects correlate to you. It provides skills and values assessments - set up an appointment with a Career counselor to take advantage of this service.

3. Self-assessment

First you need to know your strength, skill, and capability to make a career decision. What is the current demand for this field? According to the job requirement, are you comfortable with that? What qualifications are required to achieve the job? Will it require additional education or training? Consult from friends, colleagues, and family members. Consider potential outcomes and barriers for each of your final options.

4. Focus on career objectives

Choose the career options which are liked by you. What kind of paths are you choosing depends upon your caliber and ability. If you are planning at the earliest, then choosing multiple options may be best. Most of the students prefer several paths to increase the number of job opportunities. So, You should choose that career option which would prove fruitful in the future.

5. Review Career and Job Trends

After choosing your career option, it is an essential requirement to review regarding career and career-related opportunities. If your career shrinks in the future then you should have knowledge about how to market yourself and you should be able to find a new job. Try to keep detailed information regarding career trends so that your long-term planning actually succeeds. A career field that is expanding today may shrink in the future. So, It is important to see job growth is there or not, especially in the interesting field area. Besides knowledge of these trends, the other advantage of a career plan is the strength it gives you to adjust to your position.

6. Research on Job advancement Opportunities

In the process of career planning, it is vital to imagine yourself in the future. Where will you be in the next five years? Try to develop multiple scenarios of future career paths. If you consider any job as a dead-end job then you should be alert. So, all job-seekers should take the time to research various career paths and develop scenarios for future safety. Be conscious of your current employer and current career field. Do not be fearful to look beyond to another possible career.

7. Implement career strategy

Now that you've identified your career options, develop an action plan to implement this decision. Identify specific, time-bound goals and steps to accomplish your plan. Set short-term goals (to be achieved in not more than one year) and long-term goals (to be achieved in not more than five years).

8. Keep a record of your achievements

For making good career planning, It is essential to keep a record of work achievement as it would help you well when you are going to work towards the next career goal.

9. Consider on time factor

Create a career action plan. It's important to be realistic about time-related factors. Write down specific action steps to take to achieve your goals and help yourself stay organized. If you choose any career option then you must consider the time factor. How much time will take in completing the career field?

10. Consult a Career counselor

Take suggestions from career counselors. They will help you make an effective career decision.


There are many challenges in our career path. Career planning is the need of the hour to overcome all the challenges in life. We can best use our skills in fulfilling career goals through it.

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Author: Swati Sharma13 Mar 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A very informational and helpful article by the author. All tips are very effective for a student for career planning.

Keep an eye on age in your career planning. If you are choosing a field in which there is a certain limit of age, for example, preparing for UPSC or other state PSC exams, then according to your age, your hard work, dedication and time, make your career planning by managing all the three.

When you are planning in which field you have to make your career, then there is no need to hurry. Never go by the words of others only. Do some research yourself and choose a career that you think suits you the best and will benefit you in the long run.

Author: K Mohan27 Jul 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

How to make a career plan is a nagging issue for many because there are so many influences that take the front stage while deciding the matter. While the candidate alone can decode what to do after the basic qualification, the parents and friends also prevail upon the person with their own version of suggestions and thus students get more confused and may not take the right decision. But the author has given step by step tips on how to choose and improve one's career.

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