Top 15 Unique Engineering Courses in Tamil Nadu

Do you wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in any rare engineering course? In Tamil Nadu, Anna University and its affiliated colleges offer many rare B.E/B.Tech courses that have a good career scope. Check this article and find the list of top unique career-oriented engineering courses offered by Tamil Nadu Engineering colleges.

India is well-known for engineering education. Every year nearly 1 million engineering graduates are being produced by Indian Universities and Colleges. To offer high-quality education and research in Engineering, the country has many premier national level institutes such as IITs and NITs with good infrastructure and facilities. Also, other than that, each state in India has state government-owned universities, private colleges and deemed to be universities to offer UG, PG and PhD degree programmes in Engineering.

When compared to the arts and science degree courses, the craze for Engineering Education is high in India especially for the regular engineering courses such as Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Computer Science and IT. The majority of the Indian students tend to join the regular engineering disciplines considering their career trends and popularity. But apart from the usual engineering courses, there are many unique engineering courses in India with good career scope. Since the focus of the students is towards the conventional engineering disciplines, the unusual engineering branches are left unnoticed.

In Tamil Nadu, many private universities and Anna University affiliated Engineering Colleges offer rare engineering courses like Aeronautical, Aerospace, Robotics, Industrial Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, etc. Aspirants who wish to shine in a peculiar field can join any Bachelor's degree in rare Engineering branches that provide job opportunities.

This article lists the top unique B.E/B.Tech Engineering courses in Tamil Nadu that has a good career scope. Also, here you can find the names of the top colleges that offer the rare engineering courses in Tamil Nadu.

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1. Metallurgical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering deals with the study of various metals and its uses in our daily life and industries. In this course, the students will be given theoretical and practical knowledge of material science and metallurgy concepts like mineral processing, physical metallurgy and extractive metallurgy. On a simpler note, the students will get to learn the process of metal extraction, refining and recycling. Since metal plays a predominant role in our lives, the career opportunities for Metallurgical Engineers are high in both the private and government sectors. This is the apt course for those who aim to become a metallurgist. The Metallurgical Engineering graduates can also choose to become a researcher, welding engineer, process engineer, plant equipment engineer, etc in various industries such as automobile, space, oil, power, transportation, energy, bio-medical, steel, nuclear, etc.

Top Colleges

2. Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering is a unique engineering discipline that deals with the extraction and processing of minerals from the natural environment. The course focuses on the different stages of mining operations like exploration and discovery of mineral reserve, excavation, production, processing and marketing. The Mining Engineers from India have career scope in both public and private sector companies like NLC, Kolar Gold Fields, The National Institute of Rock Mechanics, ONGC, Reliance, etc. Other than India, countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ukraine, Indonesia, Australia, etc. also expect Mining graduates for the job role of Mine Planner, Mine Designer, Excavator and Mine Ventilation Engineer.

Top Colleges

3. Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on the efficient ways to achieve effective results by improving, executing, managing and controlling the systems involved in the business organizations or industries with people, materials, energy and equipment. The course covers the core concepts of industrial engineering along with basic sciences, general engineering, humanities, mechanical and manufacturing engineering. After pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering, the graduates can work in any type of government or private industry as Scheduling and planning manager, Quality control manager, Business process engineer, Plant supervisor, etc.

Top Colleges
  • Anna University, CEG Campus
  • Vellore Institute of Technology(VIT)

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4. Geo Informatics

Geo Informatics is a discipline of Civil Engineering that primarily deals with the science and technology used to capture, store, process and analyze geospatial information. The course explains the fundamental concepts of geospatial analysis and modeling, human-computer interaction, information systems design and wired and wireless networking technologies. In recent times, the increased usage of Geo-Informatics applications by various organizations has created a wide career scope all over the world in the field of Geo-Informatics. So, after the completion of the course, the graduates can positively start their career in any space agencies, remote sensing agencies, research centers, tourism industries, utility companies, health industries and private sector companies that utilize the applications of Geo-Informatics.

Top Colleges
  • Anna University, CEG Campus
  • Anna University Regional Campus, Tirunelveli
  • University VOC College of Engineering, Thoothukudi

5. Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is the best course for environmental aspirants who wish to redefine the world. The course gives a detailed insight on how to protect the environment, control environmental issues and improve environmental conditions using the principles of science and engineering. Energy and Environmental Engineering is a wide area that covers major categories and subcategories of environmental problems like pollution, waste management, wildlife protection, water quality management, safety and hygiene and so on. Environment Engineer is a responsible profession with a good career scope. In India, government agencies, pollution control boards, industries, NGOs, mines, refineries, etc. employ Environmental Engineers to effectively handle the environment-related issues caused by industries.

Top Colleges

6. Petrochemical Engineering

Petrochemical Engineering is a branch of Chemical Engineering that deals with refining operations and petrochemical technology. It mainly focuses on the Petrochemical processes for the manufacturing of different products like petroleum, petrochemicals, resins, polymers, etc. In this course, the students will be given theoretical and practical knowledge on the core subjects such as chemical reaction engineering, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, mass transfer and thermodynamics. For Petrochemical Engineers, plenty of career opportunities are available in both India and overseas. The graduates of this course can apply for jobs in refineries, oil and gas companies, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical companies and research organizations.

Top Colleges

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7. Rubber and Plastics Technology

Rubber and Plastics Technology(RPT) is a career-oriented engineering course that deals with the design, development, processing and manufacturing of plastics and their allied products. The course helps the students to understand the foundation of engineering principles and the science involved in the production of rubber and plastic materials. As the usage of rubber and plastic products is wide in our daily life there is a huge demand for RPT graduates in industries operating in India as well as abroad. Graduates who have completed B.Tech in RPT can do higher education in any RPT-related specializations or can also seek a job as a plastics engineer, researcher or technologist in any industries that produce rubber, plastic and polymer products. Considerable job opportunities are also available for the RPT graduates in automobile industries and tyre manufacturing companies.

Top Colleges
  • Anna University, MIT Campus
  • Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology(CIPET)

8. Food Technology

Food Technology is a unique discipline which focuses on food processing and preservation techniques. The course includes subjects such as Food Microbiology, Food Analysis, Food Biochemistry, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Food Fermentation, Diary engineering and Biochemical Engineering. For the food technology graduates, abundant career opportunities are available in dairy companies, food processing industries, bakery, etc. Also, the food technologists can become a food inspector, food quality manager and research scientists in any government or private based agencies and research centers that deals with food products.

Top Colleges

9. Printing Technology

Printing technology is a reliable course for those who wish to manage a printing press. The course explains the technical concepts involved in printing, material science, packaging, and management. In this course, the students can learn the printing process and the operations of printing equipment. Almost every media house, printer manufacturers and printing companies accept the profile of Printing Technology graduates for the role of printing supervisor, Press operator, etc. Check the career opportunities available for printing technology graduates in India.

Top Colleges

10. Ceramic Technology

Ceramic Technology deals with the study of ceramic materials and their manufacturing process, design and applications. In this course, along with the basic science and engineering principles, the students can learn and understand the processing methodologies, designs and development of various applications like glass, porcelain, enamels, insulators, cement, composite materials, etc. For the ceramic technology graduates, considerable employment opportunities are available as ceramic technologists, ceramic designers and research scientists in the private and public sectors. The graduates of Ceramic Technology can also become an entrepreneur by starting their own ceramic manufacturing unit or can work in any private ceramic ware manufacturing unit or steel refractory. ISRO, BARC and a few other government agencies also hire ceramic technology professionals.

Top College
  • Anna University, ACT campus

11. Textile Chemistry

B.Tech Textile Chemistry deals with the various aspects of textile materials. In this course, the students can learn about the different types of textile fibers, fiber science, textile processing, spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, wet processing, etc. Textile Chemistry is the perfect choice of study for those who wish to handle the textile manufacturing process. In India, ample career opportunities are available for textile professionals in various textile companies, garment export companies and research centers. Both the small and large scale textile industries expect textile chemists for the job profiles such as Medical Textiles Engineer, Technical Salesperson, Process Engineer and Quality Control Supervisor, etc.

Top College

12. Apparel Technology

Apparel Technology is more related to the art of fashion techniques and design. The course trains the students in the field of fabrication technology and apparel design. Also, by learning this course the students can get the knowledge of the latest fashion trends and technology development in manufacturing, marketing and export of apparels. The career scope is high for B.Tech. Apparel Technology graduates in textile, fashion and garment export companies. The graduates after completing the course can become an entrepreneur by starting an own garment unit or can apply for the role of costume designer, merchandiser, pattern master, lecturer, craft instructor, fashion coordinator, etc.

Top College
  • Anna University, ACT campus

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13. Leather Technology

Leather Technology is an engineering branch that deals with the production and synthesis of leather. The course helps the students to synthesize artificial leather and manufacture leather products by using mathematical, engineering and scientific fundamentals. By learning this course, the students can understand the various technological and design aspects involved in leather manufacturing. The leather industry is evolving in the world and so wide career scope is there for the graduates in the technical and designing areas of garment companies, fashion industries and leather manufacturing companies.

Top College
  • Anna University, ACT campus

14. Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutical Technology is a growing engineering branch that deals with the chemical, biochemical and physical process of converting raw materials into a valuable product. By learning this course, the students can understand the pharmaceutical formulation process involved in the production of medical compounds in the lab and drug manufacturing industries. After completing the course, the graduates can become a researcher, drug analyst or drug inspector at Government departments, research labs and pharmaceutical companies.

Top Colleges

15. Medical Electronics Engineering

Medial Electronics is one of the emerging engineering disciplines that deal with the study of devices and technology used in the field of medicine. The course gives knowledge of medical science, electronics and engineering principles. Along with the programming languages, the students will get a chance to learn the concepts of biomedical instrumentation, digital image and medical signal processing, circuit design, bioinformatics, etc. in the course. For the medical electronics graduates, career opportunities are available in medical research labs and health care industries for the role of clinical engineer, bio-instrumentation engineer and researcher.

Top Colleges

Final Words

The Engineering colleges of Tamil Nadu also offer many more rare engineering courses like industrial biotechnology, nanoscience and technology, manufacturing engineering, etc. If you wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in any unusual engineering course, then first do complete research about the course and its career scope. Extensive career opportunities are available for engineering graduates in India as well as abroad but it is up to you to choose the right career path suitable to your core subjects. Instead of sticking to the regular engineering courses and starting your career in an IT company, you can pursue any career-oriented unique engineering course and build your career in an exciting field.


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