Best Creative Designing Courses in India

Do you wish to become a designer? Are you searching for the top career-oriented design courses in India? This article lists the best designing courses in India that have a good career scope. Also, you can get to know about the top design colleges in India that offer popular design courses.

In India, a lot of job-oriented creative designing courses are being offered by many colleges and universities. But among the students, a high level of interest is there only for the regular engineering, arts and science stream courses. So, instead of keeping an eye on the usual degree programs, first analyze your field of interest and opt for any suitable unique engineering courses or less explored creative design courses that have a good career scope.

Not everyone loves to learn technical courses which cover major subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. If you have strong creativity and wish to play with your artistic mind, then you can step forward and join any relevant bachelor or diploma courses in design after completing your higher secondary education. The design industry is one of the growing industries in India with plenty of job opportunities and so learning the best design courses will help you to positively start your career in any design field that offers high-paying jobs.

Mentioned below are the best designing courses in India.

1. Fashion Designing

Do you have a passion for clothes and a craze to create unique fashion trends? If yes, then fashion designing is the course for you. It is a popular creative course in India as well as abroad. The course provides knowledge of fashion design concepts, pattern making, illustration, textile science, apparel CAD, fashion merchandising and apparel quality management. Also, by learning the fashion designing course you can get to know the different types of fabrics, patterns, colours, styles and trends of the fashion field. To shine in the fashion field, you must possess good creativity, sketching skills, innovation and observation skills.

As the demand for fashion apparel is high, there is a need for fashion designing professionals in the fashion industry to create innovative designs. After completing a degree in fashion designing, you can start your career as a fashion designer, fashion illustrator, fashion consultant, fashion coordinator or quality controller in fashion companies, export and garment industries, fashion houses and boutiques. Some top recruiters that hire fashion designing graduates are Pantaloon, Raymond, Nike, Levis, etc.

You can join any of the below-mentioned fashion degree courses from the top fashion designing colleges in India. Generally, the course duration, fees, curriculum and admission process vary from institute to institute. So, before joining, lookout for the necessary information at the official website of each institute.

Fashion Designing Courses

Top Colleges
  1. National Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT)
  2. Indian Institute of Art and Design(IIAD)
  3. Footwear Design and Development Institute(FDDI)
  4. Symbiosis Institute of Design
  5. Indian Institute of Crafts and Design(IICD)

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2. Interior Designing

Interior Designing is a course that teaches you how to utilize space effectively using the techniques of architecture, furniture design, product design, flooring, colouring and other decorations. If you want to add richness to the interior and exterior of a building using your creativity, then you can pursue this course. In the interior designing course, you can learn and understand the fundamentals of structure and design, construction and building services, CAD, analytical drawing, illustration, space layout and design, decor and planning, etc.

With the knowledge gained from the interior designing course, you can apply for a wide set of career options available in the architecture and design field. A professional degree in Interior Designing will help you to become an interior designer, home stylist, interior product designer, etc.

In order to have a successful career in the interior designing field, strong design sense, creativity, colour knowledge, visualization skills and analytical mind is required. Doing a professional degree in Interior designing will help you to update your skills. So, after completing your +2 board examination, you can do a certificate course in interior designing or apply for any of the below-mentioned interior designing courses from the popular design colleges in India.

Interior Designing Courses

Top colleges
  1. National Institute of Design(NID)
  2. Indian Institute of Art and Design
  3. International School of Design(INSD), New Delhi
  4. Pearl Academy
  5. College of Architecture and Centre for Design, Nashik

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3. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is a creative course that helps you to convey information in the form of visual content. In this course, you can learn about visualization techniques, graphic design tools, UI Graphics, Advertising Design, Illustration techniques and the design for moving images. The Graphic Designing course will teach you how to create appealing visual content using graphical elements such as colours, icons, typography, etc.

In the digital world, graphic designing is widely used in many design companies and hence the career scope is high. As a graphic designer, you have to be responsible for designing reports, brochures, magazines, logos and advertisements. So, having strong creativity and design software knowledge will help you to join as a graphic designer, UI Designer or Layout designer in web development companies, advertising agencies and media houses for a high salary.

If you wish to be a graphic designer, then you can pursue a short-term course or a degree in any of the graphics designing courses mentioned below. Formal education in graphic designing along with the knowledge of advanced design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, CorelDraw, etc. is highly beneficial to tune your design skills and take up a job in the graphic designing field.

Graphic Designing Courses

Top colleges
  1. National Institute of Design
  2. International School of Design
  3. MAEER'S MIT Institute of Design
  4. LISAA School of Design
  5. Apeejay Institute of Design

4. Animation

Animation course is the best choice of study for those who wish to enter the entertainment industry. It is also one of the popular creative courses which have wide career opportunities across the world. The course teaches the basics of 2D and 3D animation, colour theory, multimedia concepts, computer graphics, visual effects, gaming technology, etc. along with the tools like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk3ds Max, and Autodesk Maya.

In recent times, the animation industry is growing tremendously. Particularly, many film and advertising industries hire talented animators for a good pay scale. So, it is a wise idea to choose the animation course but opt for it only if you are highly interested. Having animation knowledge will help you to open your career door in the gaming and entertainment companies. After completing animation course, you can tune yourself to become an 2D/3D Animator, Cartoonist, Special Effect Artist, etc.

Animation course requires a lot of creativity, patience, good imagination and software knowledge. To acquire all the necessary skills needed for an animator, you can join any of the below-mentioned degree programmes in animation from the top colleges in India. You can also do a certification course in animation, multimedia and VFX to start your career in the designing field.

Animation Courses

Top colleges
  1. National Institute of Design
  2. International School of Design
  3. MAEER'S MIT Institute of Design
  4. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
  5. Apeejay Institute of Design

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5. Accessory Designing

Accessory Designing or Jewellery Designing is a course for those who desire to conceptualize jewellery designs and manufacture different accessories. It is a unique designing course that has a huge demand. In this course, you will get training on how to cut gems, engrave and polish the metals. Also, you can learn the insights of production, designing, quality control and marketing of jewellery or accessories. The course curriculum mainly covers important subjects such as Design Theory, Gemology, Metallurgy & Casting Process and Computer Aided Designing(CAD).

The jewellery designing graduates can seek job opportunities in accessory designing companies, jewellery stores and private design studios. You can also independently start your career as a freelance jewellery designer, Gemologist, Goldsmith or jewellery manufacturer. To excel in your careers as a jewellery designer you must possess creativity, design knowledge and the necessary skills to design the accessories using both traditional hand-illustration methods and modern CAD methods.

If you are interested in metal craft and eager to design jewellery products, then you can join any of the following accessory design courses from the top design colleges in India.

Accessory Designing Courses

Top Colleges
  1. Footwear Design and Development Institute
  2. Indian Institute of Crafts and Design(IICD)
  3. International School of Design
  4. Pearl Academy
  5. Vogue Institute of Art and Design


If you have good creativity and aspire to enter the design field, then you can very well pursue any of the best designing courses in India. The design industry offers jobs with high salary packages but getting a job in the design industry is not an easy task, it requires a lot of skills, creativity, innovation and design knowledge.

To become a highly talented design professional, you can seek admission into the popular design courses offered by the top design colleges in India. Learning the design courses from the best design institutes will offer ideal career opportunities. The majority of the top design colleges such as NIFT, NID, IIFD, etc. admit candidates into the design course based on the score of the candidates in the All India Entrance Exams such as AIEED, NID DAT, AIST, etc. So, try to crack the entrance exam and interview to get admissions at the top design colleges. It is not mandatory to do a bachelor's degree in design. You can also do a Diploma degree or a certification course from any recognized design institutes to update your designing skills and knowledge.

Find your area of interest, join the best designing course and enjoy travelling on a creative career path!


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