Benefits of activity based learning

Activity based learning is being adopted by each and every school these days. Students also benefit a lot from this methodology. This essay will make it easy for the students in understanding the benefits and compiling them when needed for school submissions.

The modern era has changed the concept of education. From being teacher-oriented, the system has now become student-oriented. The students' understanding is given priority. The new approach of Activity- based Learning is being taken up very seriously in schools. This approach is being liked by the students and is making teaching much value- oriented.

What is activity- based learning?

This new approach is much different from the conventional approach where the student depended a lot on the books and the teacher, had to take notes and display the same in the exams. The activity- based learning approach encourages student participation in the subject through problem-solving, creative thinking, and investigation through experiments and such other methods. Though the approach can be applied and implemented on all students and even the working-class people in all age groups, it is still said to be more effective in the elementary level students where the foundation needs to be built up strong.

The approach

Learning is no more textbook learning, rather it is now and activity based learning. The teacher-mentored class is based on projects, experiments, activities, and investigations by the students themselves. So, instead of memorizing the concepts, the students are working out the concepts. Remembering concepts after working on them goes a long way in memory and helps the students throughout. The learning could be categorized as student-centric or teacher-centric
  • Student-centric : The teaching in this type is designed by the student i.e. the instructions are focused on the students' interests and requirements. The students voice their interests concerning what, why and when of the topic. The students get to understand the topic at their own pace and style
  • Teacher-centric: The teacher leads the class though the student is still the focus. The teacher here creates opportunities for the students to learn and work out the topics. This could be more of teamwork activities with ample room for discussions and decision-making.

Benefits of activity based learning

Activity- based learning is liked by the students and the teachers alike. The major benefit that the students enjoy from this kind of learning is the methodology used in it. Students get to learn about the concepts and principles in a very practical manner. Other benefits include:
  • Helps in personality development : This methodology encourages children to become inquisitive and independent. They work out their problems through observation and analysis rather than just mugging up from the books. In a way, children become more observant and thirsty for solutions.
  • Helps in social skills development: This methodology encourages teamwork. So qualities of communication, expression of ideas, sharing, leadership qualities, and confidence in decision making also develop
  • Enhances memory: The concepts learned through practical ways remain in the memory of the children for a longer time.
  • Gives learning time as per requirement : The students can take their own time for understanding and interpreting as the learning is individual-oriented. They can go to the next topic or activity only when there are through with one topic
  • Keeps the students motivated: Gives a satisfaction of self-accomplishment and understanding to the students once they are through with a topic


It has been observed that activity based learning motivates the students and also encourages them towards higher-order thinking. This also ensures better academic achievements of the students. So, the learning methodology is best suited in the current education scenario.

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Author: Swati Sharma14 Mar 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

A very informational article is given by the author. In this activity learning system, the contribution of ideas while learning is immense. When students learn through activities like this, they get new ideas and their thinking ability is also increased. Teachers should also note that the during of activities should be given the opportunity to speak and discuss their ideas and experiences as well as the views of the children. The quality of connectivity in children is enhanced through learning activities done in general, they try to relate what they learned in school to their everyday lives.

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