How AI is impacting the education sector in 2021?

This article helps you to understand how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the education sector in 2021. We'll discuss the benefits & impact of AI on education, the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in education, existing solutions on the market, how to create your AI-enabled platform, and the Future of AI in the education sector.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the disruptive techniques with a lot of benefits in various fields, especially in the education sector: Transforming the way we teach and learn. Many researchers claim that the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allow teachers and students to get the opportunity to improve the learning processes.

Benefits of AI for Education

Educational apps can be utilized by students and teachers to increase the level of education.

1. Advantages of AI in Education for Students

Education at any time. Young people spend a lot of time online, they always have access to learning through smartphones or tablets. AI-based applications provide an opportunity to build their schedule based on their most productive hours and study on the go.

Virtual mentors. AI-based platforms offer virtual mentors to track the students' progress and helps in providing real-time feedback to students.

Better Engagement. Personal approach, Individual schedules, interaction with digital technologies, and personal recommendations help students feel special, increasing their engagement and raising interest in studies.

Less Pressure. AI-based learning will help different learning group students to stop comparing them to each other. The opportunities offered by AI tools like virtual assistants help in getting an instant explanation and make personal progress. Take a look at this AI-based program by

2. Advantages of AI in Education for Teachers

Monitor Student'sProgress in Real-Time: Teachers can monitor students' progress in real-time using AI tools.

Improves Efficiency: This doesn't mean AI will replace teachers! instead with the help of AI tools teaching efficiency will increase.

For eg: when students use AI-based grammar tools, the teacher doesn't have to repeatedly correct students' grammar.

The Impact of AI on the Education Sector

With the evolution of technology, traditional education is turning into online education. Let's take a look.


1. Transformation of Classroom Spaces

With the evolution in AI technology, many traditional classrooms are converting into virtual classrooms in the form of web applications, mobile applications, and online sites.
This improvisation in the educational sector has helped many students to educate themselves at their own pace, style, and interest.

AI has not only personalized the classrooms but has reached every corner of the world, without affecting the quality of delivery.

2. Curriculum Designing

AI offers personalized learning on an extremely personal level as a machine learns the behavior patterns, preferences that can be benefited by students who are in the early years of their schooling, or graduates or higher levels. They can engage in personalized courses, appear for tests, and track their performance right on their smartphones/tablets/PC. Take a look at this Ai-based personalised learning by

This personalized education helps students to enhance their skills and institutions to serves the ultimate goal i.e. better education for all.

3. Better Grading

Grading and results have always received criticism for an incredibly long time, the process of grading has been subject to human errors.

AI resolves this problem!

The latest AI technology helps in conducting examination and help in assessing the knowledge of the candidate efficiently by analyzing their performance in the tests.

This helps us in creating a much better future for the current generation of students.

4. Personalize Education

Artificial Intelligence helps find out what a student likes to do and doesn't like to do, building a personalized study schedule for each student can give them the added confidence.
With AI the students take more control over the direction of their learning.
AI gathers data to determine a student's knowledge of specific skills and creates a learning pathway for them.

5. Produce Smart Content

Digital lessons: With the help of AI smart content like digital textbooks, study guides, bite-sized lessons, can be generated.

Information visualization: New ways of observing information, such as visualization, simulation, can be powered by AI.

Learning content updates: AI helps in keeping the information up to date and customizing it for different learning curves.

6. Task Automation

Administrative tasks are the repetitive process i.e. no one wants to perform the same task over and again and this is when AI comes into the picture!

AI can solve this problem by automating tedious data handling, administrative tasks such as grading, assessing, and replying to students is a time-consuming activity and likely to be affected by lethargy and boredom as a consequence.

Automation in the education sector brings convenience in teaching and allows students to receive knowledge at their own pace and participate in tests.

How AI Transforms The Learning Experience

According to Global Market Insights, it is expected that "The Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education to grow up to 47.77% by 2022."

AI tools mostly follow 3 basic rules:
Learning: Acquiring the new experience and creating new behavior models.

Self-correction: Refining the algorithms to assure the most accurate results.

Reasoning: Specific algorithms to solve a specific task.

AI is presented in 4 basic forms:

(Source: PwC AI Report)

AI forms like digital assistants, chatbots, and machine learning amongst others are in use.

Automated intelligence: Automation of manual i.e. This does not involve new easy of doing the task instead it automates the existing task.

Assisted intelligence: Helping people to perform tasks faster without automation and keeping humans in the loop.

Augmented intelligence: Helping people to make better decisions and automating it with the help of humans.

Autonomous intelligence: Automating decision-making processes without the help of the human.

How to Develop an AI-Enabled Platform for Education?

There are six main steps that you need to follow to develop an AI-Enabled platform for education:

Step 1. Study the competitors' solution.
Step 2. Consider interactive and interesting content.
Step 3. Set your project requirements and discuss them with the technical team.
Step 4. Test your app properly to avoid bugs.
Step 5. Release the app and get users' feedback.
Step 6. Update your solution regularly.

Disadvantages of Using AI in Education

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in education. However, there are some cons that we should consider.

Here are some of them:

1. Technology addiction
2. Quantity does not mean quality
3. AI threatens the job market
4. Higher cost
5. Loss of information
6. Affordability
7. Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

The Future of AI in Education

Humans are HOOKED

Machines are LEARNING

Isn't it true?

Human-like intelligent machines can impact our lives!

Some of the changes that we are expecting in the future from Artificial Intelligence are:

  • Predicting Student's Performance in the Future
  • Discovering Gaps in Teaching Techniques
  • Experiential Learning for Students through VR and Games
  • Collaborative Learning for Multiple Students
  • Smart Classrooms and Schools

  • Wrapping up

    Artificial intelligence has changed the ways institutions work and as a whole, AI has made a huge impact on the education industry by changing the lives of students. Now, they can learn online at any time from anywhere and get quick solutions to their problems with personalized learning.
    Of course, AI has helped teachers as well! In automating different tasks like administrative work, test evaluating, grading, and allowing facial recognition that keeps students' attention in the lectures.

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    Author: Umesh26 Feb 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

    This is a very exhaustive and illustrative article on the niche topic of AI in the education sector and the author has brought out many points which require pondering and critical thinking.

    AI is already showing its good results in many areas and education is no exception. The way AI technology is moving ahead, it is going to envelop our lives and its routines in a spectacular way, and in spite of the downsides associated with it AI is going to rule the universe soon. It is all due to the advancement in computer technology, coding, and interactive web page building that today the user is getting the lessons and assessments at lightning speeds and one need not keep track as to where one left last time as the AI system will keep a track of our activities in a way more superior than what we would have done manually. The physical interferences are minimising with time and automated systems are taking things into their hands.

    Some platforms are so aggressive in providing the feel of these things, especially in the educational arena, that they are providing free learnings in a particular stream and then when one is satisfied with it they are presenting the advanced or premium courses on a fee-based model. We are at the beginning of the AI adoption and with time I am sure that more robust and comprehensive educational aids and solutions will be available to the students and teachers alike who can concentrate their time in core learning as all other paraphernalia will be taken care of by the AI.

    Author: Dr. Paresh Gujarati08 Mar 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

    AI is a trending and futuristic topic that affects most of the manufacturing and technology sectors. They are now affecting the teaching and learning process as well. The current pandemic brought us near to online classrooms and nearer to use technology like AI and the Internet. Thus, we cannot neglect AI. AI will be a new trend in the market and the education sector.

    Author: Swati Sharma09 Apr 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

    It is true that artificial intelligence is helping us to make our work easier. If it is with education, it helps to rise above the various methods of rapid learning, compiling an enormous amount of data without any mistake.

    In the medical field, it facilitates data interpretation for different types of diagnosis, obtaining details of various patients without much effort. Many other tools are also available with artificial intelligence to monitor routine checkups.

    It further provides a lot of help to the field of research and development. As we are applying artificial intelligence in our life, it is being decided that it will either be a privilege or there will be a loss, it all depend on humanity if they are using it wisely and with restraint or not.

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