Being vegan is good for us and our planet.

Being vegan means avoiding the use of anything that comes from an animal and adopting to plant based instead. Studies have suggested that a vegetarian diet can offer a range of health benefits which also impacts our planet in a more constructive ways.

What is your objective or the basis which decides the selection of your food?

There is a familiar assessment that how we choose and deal with our food would primarily decide its impact on our body in ways wherein even a slight of ignorance might lead us to a hospital bed incurring huge expenses to our bank account. This in terms of the spiritual side also wherein any kind of killing is not right. However, the sacrifices are being done in certain beliefs and are justified by the leaders of respective communities.

I am writing this on a humanity ground as well because I do not feel this is right and many times, I got stuck imagining what will go through within me being there and I am often wondering whether the people are aware of the process and the conditions that an animal goes through before being slaughtered?

Nature is so generous for all of us that this always maintains the possibilities of producing enough vegetation which suits most to our physical needs corresponding to the territory we are living in. The people may argue for the exceptions of the mountain regions as well as those regions wherein the climate is extremely leading to scarcity or no vegetation in the principal as well as in the corresponding areas wherein the live stocks are the essentials for their daily needs but due to the presence of the highly improved supply chain management techniques nowadays the desired groceries can be supplied to the remotest of places and at the same time the stocks of the essentials can also be maintained till the deliveries of another stock are made.

There are countries wherein we are evident of people eating almost everything living or dead but in India, this is very much restricted then someone could pl. put a light on why the population of other animals could not be overpopulated instead of not being domesticated or not eaten?

Do we believe that there is a natural phenomenon of creation and disasters that continues to happen to keep balance?

Let's go through the below reasons for backing non-vegetarian foods.

Reason 1.
The most common belief for advocating non-vegetarian food is that this controls the animal population or else these will get overpopulated creating trouble for us.

My say is that their numbers are increased to accommodate the increased demand. These numbers are increased through establishing more such farms and by using artificial means for reproduction and through means of breeding.

Reason 2.
The other one relates this with health benefits which in otherwise scenarios through vegetarian diets would not be possible.

My say is that a major proportion of the population does not eat a non-vegetarian diet and we have never heard of malnutrition in them. Even I never eat the non-vegetarian diet and have also left the use of dairy products like milk, curd or sweets made-up of milk. This is because the cows and buffaloes are executed inhumanly for producing milk and then for leather industries when not able to produce milk.

Reason 3.
According to a belief vegetable diet like grain, pulses and vegetables lead to the killing of innumerable insects during the whole agricultural process of cultivation & harvesting.

My say is that although I agree with this why to add to more killing then? We use agricultural production to feed the animals and then later slaughter them for our cause.

There are remote areas wherein the vegetation is not grown sufficiently, and the natives of those areas are dependent on the live stocks of animals, but then do not we feel that the technologies are now advanced enough to reach out to those places too.

The reasons could be as many equivalents as possible to the numbers of individuals that we meet.
Would you agree that more than 99.99% of the population eating non-vegetarian diets are not conscious of the nutrition part but instead are motivated by taste?. Only a fistful who are involved with the heavy physical exercises are more prone to such diets but even in that scenario not all eat non-vegetarian diets. And surprisingly, a major part would not be conscious of the nutritional part.

Let us think on the other associated aspects below,

Few questions that we need to answer are,

  1. Are we really in favour of the execution of animals for the fulfilment of our nutrition needs or to look for decorative objects on the walls of our homes or to look for something which suits or make our body more lucrative because we take it as a status symbol?
  2. Do the animals suffer and feel the pain when killed or slaughtered?
  3. Do we also having a belief that the existence of animals is to serve mankind?
  4. Do the animals willingly offer themselves for execution so that we can be benefited?

What could be the harmful side of eating a non-vegetarian diet?

  • Every living entity on this planet have extraordinarily complex phenomenon and the functioning of our internal mechanisms depends on the type of conditions we are put to. For instance, observe the impact within you when you are delighted or take for an instance when you feel down or frustrated. Your body has an impact and is a fact. Likewise, when animals are faced with unhealthy and fearful conditions, the chemicals present in their bodies alter accordingly and would not be good for anyone who eats them. This process of chemical reactions and its impact in ways happens with us too.
  • The eating of non-vegetarian diets is having a huge impact on diminishing Green House. According to estimates, animal agriculture is responsible for approximately 16% of human-caused Green House gas emissions. This is important for us to know that this also directly associates with the climatic changes
  • Due to increased demand for meat and other related food processing businesses like the poultry farms, the parts of an animal that are not eaten by people are cooked, dried, and ground into a powder and then are served to those who tend to eat only vegetarian. This is to gain weight at short intervals. These adulterations are creating serious troubles. We came to know about the mad cow diseases. There are times when we evident of news that live stocks of live chickens were burned or put beneath the soil to stop the spreading of diseases. The fact is that if we do not accept the natural way of living and go against it, human civilization would continue to face the wrath of nature in the form of mass destruction and pandemic.


I have been to different organizations earlier and to different locations as well. In one of my job-based at Ankleshwar, Gujarat I came across the contractual labours who used to load the small drums of 50 Kgs not suitable enough by using the forklifts into the trucks having capacities of 9 MT to 22 MT. I was wondering about their diets which I often used to witness during lunch hours and during the further break times. The organization did not distribute the non-vegetarian diets and the diet was the same as for others followed by one banana and during the small break hours, they were distributed with tea & biscuit. During peak seasons they worked more than 9 hours a day. If I compare my strength with them then this found out to be nowhere.

We are so fascinated & focused on the stalls kept full of animal products that we are no more concerned about the consequences that those animals were put to. We got to know their pains and sufferings captured by the hidden cameras and is available on the internet. When we will come to know and acknowledge the fact that being a human being, we have more responsibilities towards others and being ignorant of this will only make the situation beyond our control and then nature will surely interfere to maintain the balance which we already have evidence of Corona pandemic.

In Indian tradition, there is a saying, Brahma Bhojan or "Jaisa Ann, Vaisa Mann" which means, what you eat will have direct resemblance with your body and mind is a very popular food philosophy in India and following its very nature the oldest book the Vedas also does not mention eating non-vegetarian food.

Originally the Indian tradition is having a detailed prescription of taking food on account of,
- What to eat.
- How to eat.
- When to eat.

And you will see that during earlier times, we took care of the above but nowadays, our whole lifestyle is changed. Due to branding and increased commercialization, the people are made to eat which is vicious to our health.

I believe that having a feeling that human beings are superior to others and that others are made to serve them has made the situations certainly not good for us and because of which we are already on the verge of paying a lot in terms of our physical and mental health and simultaneously creating a huge imbalance in terms of this whole ecosystem at large.

Let's raise the queries and views on this in the comment section to discuss this further and in the broader perspective.


Author: Dr. Paresh Gujarati08 Mar 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

I fully agree with the author. Vegetables contain the minerals and vitamins that are helpful to us because we also need them. We are always advised by our elders that we should eat raw and green stuff because they are best for our body.

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