Tips to stay positive during JEE exam preparation

Are you preparing for JEE exams but finding it difficult to be motivated? here are some tips to stay positive during your JEE preparation.

Every Indian parent dream that their child should study in India's prestigious colleges, which will lead to a promising career for their kid. There are many courses for a promising career, and engineering is one of them.

To study in those prestigious engineering colleges like IITs, NITs, and other such prestigious colleges, students must go through competitive exams like JEE Main and JEE Advanced, which are the toughest entrance exams in India. After clearing the cutoff and getting the desired rank, students can take admission in any of the IITs, which is the dream institute of every engineering aspirant.

According to the reports, more than 10 lakh students register for JEE Main exam every year, and out of those, only 2.5 lakh students are shortlisted to appear for JEE Advanced, depending on their percentile. So, you can guess the hard competition and fight for admission in IITs.

As JEE Main exam is around the corner, the exam's pressure on students is much higher regarding completing their syllabus on time and revising the syllabus before the exam. This is the most precious time, and a lot of pressure can lead to stress which isn't helpful in the exams during crunch time. Stress will only add to worry and a negative mindset.

There is a saying that accomplishing anything requires inspiration, patience, and a positive mind. To avoid this cycle of exam pressure and stress, you need to keep a positive mindset and work hard during your JEE Main preparation.

So, here are some tips for students to have a positive mindset to make your JEE preparation journey easier for exams –

1. Take short breaks during study

Every exam preparation is hard. The preparation takes a lot of time in studies, making notes, and then a lot of time goes into the revision of what you have studied.

It would help if you were focused for a long-time during the study, which isn't good for your brain because your brain can only take so much. Now the question would be, isn't it important to revise and memorize functions and formulas for the exam. Yes, it is but what is also important is that you relax your mind in between studies.

Some studies suggest that using the Pomodoro technique while studying will help improve concentration and productivity. In this technique, you can break down your study in a timed task with short breaks in between.

You could take a 10 minutes break after every hour of study. It will help you ease your mind and the next hour of your study would be fruitful. Taking short breaks helps a lot in improving your overall focus on studying.

2. Indulge yourself in other activities

Even though people don't suggest that you should do anything else than study during your exam preparation. Still, if you take some time to relax and indulge yourself in something else, it will help you prepare effectively.

You can play games at your home, or you can catch up on some episodes of your favourite tv series. You can do anything which can relax your mind during studies break a little bit. Your mind also needs relaxation, and a relaxed mind leads to an increase in your productivity. Increased productivity will directly lead to better performance in the exam.

You might feel that you are wasting precious time studying in other activities but believe me indulging yourself in other activities will only help you and reduce the study pressure from the mind.

3. Don't compare yourself to others

When you feel like you are lacking in something others are good at, it's okay to compare yourself sometimes to know where you are in the preparation. But if you start comparing yourself all the time to others and don't act on where you are lacking, it will increase your stress level and increase the fear of failure.

If you focus on yourself and prepare the subjects in which you are best, then it will increase your confidence. Always think positively because the power of positive thinking will always keep you focused, makes you confident, and keeps you motivated.

Comparing yourself with others is a waste of time, and it will only result in negative thoughts, anxiety, and other such issues. Avoid comparing yourself with others.

Also, reward yourself when you complete any mock test, sample paper, or solve a question that was bothering you for a long time. It will also keep you motivated.

4. A little bit of stress can be useful sometimes

Sometimes a little bit of stress can be surprisingly helpful during JEE Main preparation or any other exam. The healthy amount of pressure for exams could be the motivational push you might be looking for to get things done. However, excessive stress can be a psychological barrier to success, so be kind to yourself and bring positivity to your life.

Stress and anxiety can work better for you if you take it as a challenge rather than a threat. Most students and their parents take exams as a threat because everyone thinks that it would be a loss to their self-worth, identity, goals, and dreams if the exams went bad.

A stress-free life is a myth, and you must learn to tackle the stress rather than running away from it. Dealing with stress is a challenge, and you should take up this challenge in a positive manner.

If you believe stress is good, it will be useful for you and will help improve your performance. In a study of exam stress, students who take stress as an opportunity and use it for their growth have seen performance improvement and reduced their emotional exhaustion.

5. Ask for help when you need it

It is one of the most important things to do whenever you are preparing for exams. Students think that asking for help from anyone will be embarrassing. Everyone needs help at some point of time in their exam preparation.

If you feel that you need help in understanding any question, reach out to your teachers or friends for their help. It will surely boost your confidence with your study, and it may help them with their study.

It often happens that after a long day of study, you might feel exhausted, or you might feel stressed. At this point in time, you should talk to your family or call your friends, bestie, anyone with whom you feel connected. Always remember that asking for help is okay and it's perfectly fine to seek help from others when needed.

A study from the University of Michigan suggested that socializing with other people may improve your cognitive performance as social interactions influence people to take other people's perspectives on things.

6. Avoid unwanted discussion

Students often tend to discuss their doubts endlessly with their peers rather than utilizing that time in their preparation. Such discussions can hamper your preparation momentum and can also lead to unnecessary negative thoughts.

After discussing a lot with your friends or peers, you might start thinking that your preparation is not up to the mark or not as good as your peers. It's important to avoid these discussions to stay positive during the JEE preparation.

JEE is such an exam that it gets overwhelming at times for students to grasp everything, and they tend to waste their time by doing endless discussions. Clarifying your doubts is fine but developing a habit of wasting precious time won't lead you anywhere and will only add to your woes. It will result in negativity and a lack of positivity.

The best you can do is refrain from being a part of unwanted discussions and avoid comparisons amongst your peers. Discuss your doubts, clarify them, and move on!

7. Think about other things and trick yourself

During preparation, you're bound to get stuck on some topic or while solving a question. At such a time, you'll feel a bit demotivated or discouraged by thinking that your preparation is not good enough.

But that's not the truth. Being stuck in a problem or not being able to solve a tricky question is quite normal. You shouldn't feel let down by such instances. Instead, you do yourself a favour by tricking yourself into something else, something positive.

Don't allow the thought to get stuck to your mind. Start thinking about something that you love doing or probably watching a movie that you've always loved. The thought can be about the game you love or your favourite character in the superhero movie.

Doing this will distract you from negative thoughts and help in refreshing your mind a bit that will help you focus on what's to come.

On a conclusive note, we all know that conquering the JEE main exam and having the right preparation is essential to keep a positive mindset.

With all these tips, you will handle stress better and be positive by the time your exam comes around. These tips will help you stay motivated. A positive mindset during your JEE preparation will ensure you give your best performance on D-day.

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha27 Jul 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

The article written by the author contains a lot of valuable tips which could help the aspirants in achieving their success for the JEE examination.

The starting phase is to understand the basics of the subjects. Unless the aspirants are not clear in the basics, they would not be in a position to think independently to solve the questions set in such tests. Once they are clear about the fundamentals of the subjects, they have to think of the ways of curtailing the time in solving such questions with the different sources. The aspirants should solve a lot of questions from the different chapters and get the same evaluated by the subject expert of any distinguished institutions. In that way, they would restore their confidence in cracking the tests. The plan should be made in such way that the aspirants should apply equal concentration on all the papers- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics so that preparation is proceeding smoothly. Most importantly, formulas of all the subjects are to be written in a diary with adequate spacing for each subject and these need regular revision so that it flashes instantaneously by going through the question paper.
The tips are relevant for the aspirants while appearing for IIT test.

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