10 SAT Tips and Strategies to Improve your SAT Score

Planning to answer SAT exam? Read this post to know 10 tips and strategies which can help improve your SAT Score.

If you want to get into college, then you need to work towards getting a perfect SAT score. However, improving your SAT score is not always easy. According to the College Board, only a fraction of a percent of students who take the SAT get a top score.
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Nonetheless, it is possible to achieve your target SAT score or even a perfect 1600 .If you are not sure what score you need to achieve, you can read this article by DigitalVaults.

Below are some proven tips and tricks that can help you improve your SAT score.

1. Take Practice Tests

It goes without saying that practice tests can help you improve your SAT score. You can get SAT practical tests from your school's resource centre or online. Practice tests are a good way to identify your weak areas that need the most improvement before you get to the actual test. You will be able to evaluate your common mistakes and tackle them effectively. Additionally, by taking the practical tests, you will get more familiar with the SAT format and this will eliminate anxiety during the actual test. This will also help you develop a solid study plan to prepare for SAT.

2. Use the Elimination Process

The process of elimination is basically used to eliminate as many wrong choices as possible. This method comes in handy when you have no idea of the correct answer. Besides, it is easy to do since most wrong answers are easier to find. For instance, you can look for words that sound similar in the writing and language test to do the elimination. Also, pay attention to opposites in the math section and extremes like Never in the reading test section.

3. Tackle Every Question

More often than not, examinees skip questions that they don't have answers to. However, this should not be the case when taking a SAT exam. Use the process of elimination to guess answers for questions that you are not too sure about. Besides, you will not be penalized for giving incorrect answers as was the case before.

4. Know Which Questions to Tackle First

While it's important to tackle every question, you should have a SAT strategy for answering them out of order. The SAT test may consist of questions that are quite difficult to answer and may require more time.

In this case, you may want to answer the easy questions within sections first. Mark the difficult questions on your test booklet and revisit them after you have completed the easy sections.

This way, you will get easy points with questions that were not difficult to answer. There will not be a severe impact on your score if you skip difficult questions like it would if you miss answering a number of questions in the section.

5. Use the Test Booklet

When taking the test, always ensure that you use the test booklet to scribble down the formulas, equations and the outline. This is also a good place to solve math problems, and underline. Then, circle your answer in the test booklet.

Once you are done writing on the test booklet, transfer your answers to the answer sheet. It is advisable to do this at the end of each section or page, rather than going back and forth. However, you should only use this trick if you can spare at least two to five minutes in each SAT section. After all, you don't want to solve the questions in the test booklet only to run out of time transferring them to your answer sheet.

6. Don't Give Your Opinion

In English class, you can be asked to give your opinion as supported by the text. However, this is not the case when it comes to the SAT. Often, you will encounter questions that ask you to suggest, imply, critique or infer after reading an essay. If you are not careful, you will give your opinion and this will earn you a poor score. The best thing to do is to give an analytical argument. Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

7. Underline Your Goal

When tackling SAT math, always underline your goal to prevent getting lost in the calculations. This is especially important if you are working on questions that have multiple dimensions and variables. This will help you evade a common mistake of solving for the wrong variables.

Another major pitfall is that the SAT math section is usually arranged from the easiest to the most difficult. This means that the answers to math problems at the initial section may seem too easy.

Nonetheless, they may be correct. On the other hand, answers to questions on the last portion of the section may not be the correct answers. So, you need to be careful and use the order of difficulty in the SAT math section to your advantage.

8. Think Strategically without Over-Thinking

Of course, the SAT can be difficult and it requires one to think strategically in order to get the perfect score. However, this does not mean that you over think. When you over think, you are more likely to second guess yourself and you will find the need to justify wrong answer choices.

Just trust your gut and stick to the first answer choice, unless you can prove that it is incorrect. Besides, research shows that the first answer choice is more often than not correct.

9. Double Check Your Answers

It cannot be stressed enough how important double-checking your answers is. Make sure that you finish each section at least five minutes to go through your answers. You also need to cross-check your ovals and ensure that you didn't confuse or miss them as this will deny you points.

10. Take Deep Breaths

As aforementioned, the SAT can be tricky and is easy to have test-anxiety. Consequently, this can negatively impact your score and keep you from attaining your target score goal. To prevent this, you need to take it slow and take deep breaths to help you stay in the moment.

Answer the questions that you can and don't get worried if you have to skip a question. Just keep going and do the best you can to answer a few questions accurately. After all, it is just a test and not the end of the world.

To attain the perfect SAT score, you need to make adequate preparation and come up with a serious strategy. The above tips will help you maximize your time and improve your score. Put them into practice to achieve success on the SAT.


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Many colleges take their admission decisions for a candidate based on his score in SAT test and it makes sense to work hard for getting a good score in this test. SAT test consists of two compulsory and one optional tests and these are Maths and Evidence-Based reading and writing (compulsory) and Essay (optional). So for the Maths part, it is imperative that a good practice has no substitute and more is merrier. Regarding the Reading and writing part simply elaborate or precis writing will not help but the content grasped by the candidate is to be presented in an impressive and expressive way.

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