Online Teaching in India: Expectation vs Reality of Online Training

Online teaching is a thing of the recent era. Previous to this new addition to the education industry, offline teaching was the only way of teaching and learning. But due to the fast development of the education world in India, online teaching has gained huge momentum and has developed a scope for online work from home jobs for both men and women.

You must be aware of many e-learning portals that have reached a larger audience now, one of the best examples of this is eMaester, which is not only a work from home portal for online teaching but also a platform for women to enhance their skills and teach & train people from the comfort of their homes.

But there are few doubts associated with what is expected from online teaching and what comes out as the reality of the online teaching method. We will cover both sides of online teaching to help you differentiate what is expected and what is the brutal reality.


1. More Dedication

It is expected that in online classes, students pay more attention because they are not physically present in the class. This way they are able to study with dedication and they are expected to research after the class is over. Students make so many promises to themselves about how they will research on their part after class is over. Teachers and students put all their dedication into the first online class and they expect to do it for a whole session.

2. It is a Piece of Cake

Online teaching is considered a matter of 2 seconds of online connectivity. It was expected that online teaching will have less burden on teachers and students as nobody needs to travel anywhere. Online teaching seems so easy and it is a general expectation that in online teaching there is not much work to be done, just adjust the camera and the mic, it's all done.

3. Proper Work Stations

Online work from home jobs ask for proper workstations which also requires a good background. Many factors play a great role in a successful teaching class, whether it is recorded classes or a live session. You have to make sure that all the factors apart from teaching are also taken care of. A beautiful workstation for teachers is what is expected with plants and bookmarks around the table.


Reality of Online Teaching in India

Talking about reality, reality makes you fall back on earth and makes you forget the expectation. Let's take you through the reality of online classes in India.

1. It is Tough

It is harder than you think to prepare for online teaching. Whether it is online recorded sessions or live sessions, teachers have to work harder to engage their audience.

In physical proximity, there are so many activities that one can organise to keep the students engaged. But in online teaching, there are so many barriers. Online classes call for flexibility in keeping videos on or off and in recorded sessions students look for engagement that is most of the time missing. Hence, teachers struggle by bringing out activities that are fun for the students.

2. Lethargic

Instead of dedication, there is too much laziness all around. There are few students who participate and teachers at one point lose their cool to ask each one of them to switch on their camera and be active. Online classes are more passive than physical classes.

This is where online teaching portals like eMaester comes to the rescue. Here on this portal, women who are willing to start online teaching jobs, get to learn tricks to keep students engaged in the class and keep the motivation level high.

3. Flexibility

Online teaching provides you with flexibility and due to the limitation of time, online teaching involves more point-to-point teaching, where important points of the concepts are taught and focused upon. This is very helpful for students who are looking forward to gaining knowledge in less time.

Flexibility is a very great advantage of work from home online teaching jobs which has now become the new normal. The flexibility provided by online jobs has a broad array. You can choose your specific subjects and skills to focus on. For example, if you are looking forward to enhancing people's soft skills & business communication skills, you can get a quick training session on eMaester on this specific subject and brush up your skills to provide the best to your students.

4. Plethora of Options

Unlike offline teaching, online teaching comes with a plethora of options. There is no domain or skills that are not covered by online teaching. If you are a baker and want to teach people baking, then there you go with the online teaching classes. If you are a skilled dancer and looking forward to teaching dancing from the comfort of your home then multiple online dance classes are waiting for you.

Online teaching has enabled individuals to learn any skill and also teach anything to anyone sitting back at their home and according to their convenience.

Online Trainers in India
There are plenty of online trainers who are ready to offer their expertise in training individuals for the skills that they are missing. Such a platform helps in proper guidance which the individual is in dire need to work in the right direction.

Guidance has become imperative as there is a lack of knowledge about the skill set needed to perform one job or the other. With the help of guidance, an individual is able to identify his/ her strengths and weaknesses that are important to control. Many individuals look for guidance from their peer's teachers and unknown people but there is some sort of business that peeps in their suggestion.

Portals like eMaester, acts as a bridge, connecting expert online trainers to knowledge seekers. Here on this platform, people having different expertise can join and start teaching students in the most flexible way.

Online and offline teaching both have their own supporting and disconnected points. But with the advent of digital platforms, online teaching has become so prominent that any skill can be learnt and taught online with the help of smart portals like eMaester.
Hopefully, this article has given you a clear picture of the expectation and reality of online teaching in India and how you can get the best of it. Best of luck!


Guest Author: ajey singhvi04 May 2021

This article has provided a clear scene of online training. can you also provide us with some tips to engage in online training?

Guest Author: Ranu Mishra07 May 2021

Yes, it's extremely difficult to study and even teach in online classes. The type of communication that we have always experienced in live classes is just amazing and nothing can replace that. But seeing the current situation, online classes and lectures have proved to be a boon. And the way you included everything in your article just made me so happy and it was informative at the same time. Great work! Loved it!

Guest Author: Janvi khetan29 May 2021

Yes! Absolutely true. The way the article has differentiated the difference between perception and reality is appreciable. I also used to think in a similar way, but the article gave me a different aspect of online teaching.

Guest Author: Arundhati Tyagi01 Jun 2021

Online learning isn't very easy. It requires a lot of patience to sit in front of a screen to learn. However, it is convenient in the sense that one now has the option to learn from the comfort spaces of one's home and the learning opportunities are endless online.

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