Make Your Kids 21st-Century-Ready with PlanetSpark

This article explains the importance of new-age skills for kids to excel in the 21st Century. Read more to know how PlanetSpark's online courses will help your kid develop these skills through interactive activities and make it a fun learning experience.


It wasn't very long ago when the most important skills for success were – reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, the focus has now shifted to developing human skills that cannot be mastered by machines and technology. Be it in the corporate world or in the business scenario, what ascertains success is how you communicate, network, collaborate and innovate to benefit yourself and others. This is the reason inculcating the most important 21st-century skills in kids –critical thinking, creativity, communication & collaboration, leadership, and social skills – has become the need of the hour.

PlanetSpark is on the mission to replace traditional and unorganized tuitions with virtual classrooms that enable learning 21st-century skills for kids through interactive activities and engaging courses created by experts.

Read on to find out how PlanetSpark can help your child become 21st-century-ready.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the advanced level analysis of thoughts or facts to make the right decisions. It is learnt through acceptance of judgments, thorough observation of facts, and analysis of events and outcomes. Critical thinking for kids is vital since it allows them to solve problems methodically and reasonably, whether in academic subjects or the playground.

How PlanetSpark Improves Critical Thinking
PlanetSpark's online courses consist of puzzles, brainteasers, memory games, etc., that help children develop critical thinking abilities. Qualified and experienced teachers at PlanetSpark motivate students to think deeper by giving them scenarios and engaging them in riddles and group activities – each structured to enhance children's critical thinking ability.


Creativity is the ability to think out of the box. It helps children connect the dots with the help of imagination and see a bigger picture. Therefore, it is essential to develop creative skills in children at an early age. Creativity helps children become better at self-expression and coping with feelings. Moreover, creative thinkers tend not to give up easily and find ways to improve constantly – two of the main qualities of successful people.

How PlanetSpark Builds Creative Thinking Skills
PlanetSpark offers a dedicated course on creative writing for kids, which helps children explore and enhance their creativity through various forms of creative writing, including descriptive writing, narrative writing, fantasy story writing, and mystery writing. Instead of teaching the basic syntax of essay or letter writing, the course teaches:

  • Idea generation

  • Building strong characters

  • Free writing

  • Plot design

  • Setting and description

  • Book cover design

Each of these modules builds in kids the habit of thinking creatively and enhances English writing and speaking skills.

Communication and Collaboration

Communication is the key element of success. It is a skill that underpins learning and development in kids. Children who communicate effectively express themselves clearly and confidently, which is important to set up a strong foundation for public speaking– a crucial 21st-century skill for kids.
Collaboration is equally important for kids since it enables them to work with others. It makes them better team players – a quality that is highly regarded in the professional world today.

How PlanetSpark Enhances Communication and Collaboration Skills in Children
PlanetSpark's communication skills course teaches children how to communicate confidently and also focuses on collaboration activities and public speaking for kids. The course is created by experts from Harvard and XLRI and consists of various modules, including confidence building, public speaking, improving the presence of mind, and overall personality development.
The course also includes lessons on:

  • Persuasive communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Crafting and delivering pitches


Leadership instils in children the ability to approach problems creatively, take responsibility, work collaboratively with others, and make things happen. Leaders are not born overnight. Therefore, it is important to start developing leadership skills in children at a young age.

How PlanetSpark Develops Leadership Skills in Children
PlanetSpark's comprehensive courses enhance kids' overall personality by helping them become confident speakers and impressive leaders. They improve their interpersonal skills while also strengthening the core – critical thinking, reading and writing abilities, communication skills, and creativity.
The sessions elaborately cover modules, including:

  • Creating great first impressions

  • Leadership

  • Starting conversations

  • Learning assertive communication

  • Developing a charismatic personality

Social Skills

To be successful in the 21st century, a strong emphasis must be laid on human skills or social skills such as approaching new people, starting and holding conversations, etiquette, negotiation, and much more. All of these together make a fundamental equation in the formula for success, whether it's about doing well at a job or creating an empire. Therefore, teachers and parents must have children practice social skills at a young age.

How PlanetSpark Improves Social Skills in Kids
PlanetSpark courses consist of various modules that cover sessions on making friends, networking with people, managing stress & impulse behaviour, negotiation, etc. The interactive courses give a glimpse of real-world experiences through fun and engaging activities that help children develop the social skills necessary to excel, both personally and professionally.

The 21st-century skills are more human. Therefore, the approach to teaching them to kids should be human too. Try to replace theoretical content with interactive learning activities, and you will see the wonderful impact it has on kids.


Author: Umesh07 May 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

This is a very elaborate article illustrating the need and ways to inculcate logical reasoning and communication skills in children from an early stage. It is said the kids have a fresh brain like a blank slate and whatever we engrave on it remains with them throughout their lives. So, it makes sense to inculcate in them these skills which are now required to succeed in the new environment laced with new technologies and modern business techniques.

There was a time when education was limited to academics and if a student was good in science or humanities he was considered a meritorious student. Today it is not only the academics which matter but there are so many skills and learnings which are required to be attained to survive in the cutthroat competition and make a way for one's career. In such a scenario acquiring additional skills at an early stage is essential so that these kids can gain experience in them subsequently and take advantage of early learnings.

Author: Swati Sharma14 May 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Critical thinking is considered very important in today's time, it plays a very important role in building children's future. Instead of blindly following what someone said, understanding that thing and analyzing it, and then deciding in the end by understanding the truth is critical thinking. Nowadays parents are also promoting it among the children themselves and hence they ask such questions to the children, which will increase the critical thinking of the children. Generally, place any problem in front of the child and ask him to solve it. If the child does not find a solution according to you, then ask the child to find a new way. You must know about his many ideas about everything, giving the children enough time to think about it.

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