What are the main factors influencing career changes and development

Career development is a lifelong enterprise, and doesn't end after you choose an occupation. Many employed people need advice on career development due to problems in their present jobs. In this article, I highlight some influencing factors you can consider while looking out for a new career or career change.

My remoteness and ignorance

Being all the time with books and studying even while cycling on the way to the college, I got college first rank. But I am not associated with many friends, media, and mentors to guide me to choose my career. This is because of my remoteness from the society and staying in the thick forest with my parents as government officers in the forest department. I know only 7-families with school-level education who lived with us in the forest and the rest are only animals like red dogs (Dhole) and tigers. Then where is the chance for career guidance? To read a newspaper or watch a TV, I have to ride a cycle for about 8-km safeguarding myself from the wild animals. This is how, I lived until I finished my first degree without any knowledge on jobs, life ambition, my interest, my skills & capabilities, and even my personal attributes. Do you want to be one like me? I have a good academic record only; other than I don't have the basic skills of even evaluating myself. The educational institutions, whatever may be their location either urban or suburban areas should have a balanced culture and curriculum of cultivating learning as well as grooming the passing out graduates to fit into the external world. Having a certificate alone in hand won't help! Learn from my life youth and understand yourself first to decide your career.

Your first step towards a career change

First, decide on your career interest, and your personal attributes. Normally, our most genuine interests arise in youth, just to be suppressed by genuine pressing factors. So, consider what you cherished well before you needed to stress over your career. Cultivation? Communication? Caring of people? Reconnecting with your intuition is a vital step toward discovering your passion.

Try to know your personal attributes. You may have a degree with a few years of experience, still employers are progressively considering the character attributes of possibility to make an assurance of who is the most ideal individual for the work. Having certain characteristics can make you a more appealing possibility for open positions.

Certain professions are more suited for particular styles than others. A self-assessment and career personality tests help you. It is critical to take the time to verify that your personality is suitable with your chosen job path. You may be very unhappy in the future if you do not take the time now to figure out what makes you happy and motivates you every day.

Your financial ability

Next, look into your financial ability. All are not born rich! Pursuing certain career options can be costly, and your ability to pay for it may be limited. Financial limitations may even thwart you when job-hunting. Even after employment, personal finance problems can disturb all aspects of your life, from your relationships to your hobbies to your career. This can distract you from work, reduce your ability to focus on your work and increase your stress. Besides it will affect your productivity, employee morale, overall health, and relationships with other employees. You might have put lots of efforts to hunt a job as per your desire, but you couldn't perform well means, what? Your monetary issues!

Know your strength & weakness

Be aware of your strength and weakness. Most of us are better suitable to some occupations than we are to others because of our abilities and shortcoming. Search for a career that meets your strengths when adjusting to your weaknesses.

In the event that you don't know about your qualities, request some from your companions or partners what they see as your most desirable characteristics. Allude to any composed criticism you've gotten in the past from companions or supervisors. You may be having good strengths, such as commitment, creative, disciplined, honest, innovative, and passionate etc. Yet, you may have some weaknesses such as your shyness, sensitiveness, and preferring loneliness, etc. We all have weaknesses and rarely take steps to strengthen ourselves. To be a successful employee, reduce your weakness and enhance your strength!

Consider your age

Your age may impair your job prospects, or your perception of it. Young people, having age advantage are prone for changes. Old people like continuing their career because of the work pride, working environment, and continued earnings. You may be concerned about being too young or too old to pursue a specific route, advance in your job, or change careers. Concentrate on your capabilities and how motivated you are instead of focusing on your age. It is your performance, not your age, that is crucial.

Some people might have landed on a good career without having known the influencing factors of career development. Be proud of it! As career development is a lifelong enterprise, even for a change of career the awareness helps; hence work rationally and succeed.

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