Reasons Why Online Learning Is Effective?

E-learning emerged as the savior of the day amidst COVID-19. It flourished on a larger scale than ever before, serving as a rescue and solution to the lockdown, encouraging people to stay at home and stay safe. The e-learning industry, on an estimate, reached up to $107 billion industry as it emerged globally.

Education has become one of the hardest-hit sectors in the COVID-19 pandemic considering the level of distress it has brought to the students, teachers, and the management at the initial stages. But as it is suitably said, "Whatever happens, happens for good." The lockdown and closing of the infrastructures did rouse panic in most of us but the wise chose to come up with a solution.

E-learning emerged as the savior of the day amidst COVID-19. It flourished on a larger scale than ever before, serving as a rescue and solution to the lockdown, encouraging people to stay at home and stay safe. The e-learning industry, on an estimate, reached up to $107 billion industry as it emerged globally.

E-learning can be classified as a platform that allows individuals with stable internet and smart devices from all parts of the world to enroll in a virtual course that teaches them the same essentials as taught in a classroom. It is an excellent way for an individual to develop skills from the comfort of his/her home without worrying about the virus anymore.

Many must think about why online learning is a good alternative? Although there are a lot of benefits of online learning, we can list down for you, here are a few that make e-learning more favorable and preferred -


The internet is a pool of knowledge with no end to it if used correctly. There are several courses that can be taught or learned to enhance or develop new skills. Usually, enrolling in a university requires documents to help them get admission to that particular university. But when it comes to pursuing an online course or certification, all you need is the capital and skill to enroll and pass the test.

The significant benefit here is you can be from any field and pursue any course as the MNCs these days have removed the criteria of having a degree to secure a job. In today's era, all you need is a certification of the skill required by an employer to make a future in your desired field.

Following effective online learning and practicing successful online learning strategies can help one land their dream job by completing the course and passing the certification from the comfort of their home.


Yes, you heard that right. No more running to board the bus to school or university or make it on time to the class. All you have to do is sign in and watch the pre-recorded lectures at any time of your choice. Sadly, the assignment and deadlines are still the same to tackle with!

Every individual can manage their time and set the space for studying while completing other chores. E-learning helps an individual practice and master a complete balance of work and studies. This gives more room for individuals of different age groups, be it housewives or working individuals, to devote time to studies of their own choice at their own pace.

This will help individuals from various fields to learn and study what they like instead of getting stuck in the rigorous process of getting admitted to a university. With the right strategy of time management, online learning benefits can be achieved on a larger scale.


The courses provided online are based on the concept of a virtual classroom. They offer you a learning platform where all the necessary study materials and lectures are uploaded, accessed anytime and anywhere. To access the course material in the process, all that is needed is a smart device and a stable internet connection.

The accessibility is also well defined as an individual doesn't need to commute from one place to another to attend the classes or submit the assignments. The platform where all the learning takes place can be accessed from the comfort of your home. Individuals who have a job that requires a lot of traveling can opt for these courses as they are the ones who can benefit the most from these virtual courses.

To acquire a new skill by giving up an individual's job or responsibilities is never justified. Thus, e-learning brings more opportunities than usual!

Inculcate Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is an essential part of life which never be ignored and inculcated in us since an individual's childhood, but due to the exposure and the modern lifestyle, it has become a thing to be taken lightly. Many individuals don't realize the importance of self-discipline and the discipline of time management until it's too late, and they are already having a hard time making ends meet.

With the help of online classes, students learn the art of self-discipline by the systematic arrangement of their day in advance and setting things in accordance with their priorities. Students learn the importance of time management and are put under circumstances where they have to practice it daily.

Online education helps endorse this practice in students and teaches them the importance at a young age compared to the traditional methods that we follow. Education should always teach you more than one aspect of life rather than just imparting knowledge in a student's head. With online education, this aim can be easily achieved.

Study Your Own Way

Humans react to the same stimuli differently. Similarly, every student has a divergent approach and ways in which they understand a topic and concept. They also have their own pace, level of understanding, etc. There is also a way of studying which depends from individual to individual.

Online classes bring students the best way in which you can pause the class or record and review it later and understand the concept in depth by doing more research on the topic being taught. Through online classes, a student can more often clear or ask their doubts to their teachers as they get the slot of studying and developing doubts which are usually not possible in the traditional way of teaching.

Although there are many methodologies developed for students to rely on, such as the Pomodoro technique it is not effective for every individual. Students usually find out the best-suited technique from them, and that's the reason they develop various ways which can be easily achieved through online education.


E-learning helps an individual save loads when compared to the traditional way of studying. Universities and schools cost a fortune and are usually hard to pay unless you have good financial support or not to forget a 'scholarship.'

Around 56% of individuals who drop out are the ones who cannot afford it. Universities and various other educational institutions usually demand a higher price day by day for the services they offer. Many factors influence the growing amount of fees, but the significant issue to be dealt with is to make it more economical. E-learning or online learning is the solution.

E-learning is more accessible and economical for individuals from a poor financial background as these courses offer maximum knowledge with minimal fees!

Faster Revert Back

Compared to the traditional teaching methods, the online mode has a better and faster rate of feedback and contact that a student can establish with the teacher. There are support teachers, also known as the TA or teaching assistant, who provide 24*7 online support to the students in doubt.

In most of the courses, the student can connect with the teacher through regular calls and video calls, which opens even more ways of exploring the virtual school perspective. Even the student feels comfortable confronting the teachers with their doubt as it is a one-to-one interaction and not in front of the whole classroom.

A personal touch is a necessary part of every field that exists worldwide. Similarly, in the educational industry, a personal touch improves the interest of a student in a subject and promotes active participation in general academic programs.

Online Assessment

Online assessments have more boon than bane. Small tests at the end of every topic would bear better assessment and less distraction from the subject being taught. E-learning material with frequent tests helps engage students more in the course as it gives less time for the students to deviate.

Research from Harvard indicates towards regular and short tests reduce student distraction by half and promotes note-making among most of the students who enroll in the virtual learning platforms. A study also shows that the more the students are assessed based on their knowledge, the better the students and management can track their progress and understanding of the topics.

Increased academic tracking indicates better support and guidance for an individual as the tutor can clearly make out the deficiency by reviewing the tests!

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Author: Umesh20 May 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

This is an exhaustive article regarding online learning or e-learning. Online learning was already there in earlier times also but now it has come up very nicely for all the groups of learners due to the outbreak of the corona pandemic. Due to this primary reason, e-learning got a good boost and today it is one of the biggest thriving and flourishing industry on the internet. There are definitely many inherent benefits in this mode of education as detailed by the author in this detailed article. But if we consider the growth of the students who are in their primary classes then in spite of all the words of praise for online education there are some other things that might be considered detrimental to the overall growth of these kids. When these children go to a full-fledged school, they learn so many other elements of learning other than academics. Sports, coexisting with other students, cultural activities, group dynamics and many other things which are required for the overall growth of these children are available in a place like a physical school only and they will be missing it badly.

Author: Sharmistha Panda22 May 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A nice article by the author where all the positives of E-learning have been pointed out very nicely. At the same time, as the author has pointed out, there still remain few courses where physical presence is required.
While E-learning has benefited the youth a lot, the same cannot be said about the little children who still depend on physical attention for their curriculum. Though it is flexible for the adults, it still poses a time-consuming thing for the parents of the children who have to be with them while the classes are on.
However, the world opens up before you when you go for this method. And that is what makes it so liked by many.

Author: K Mohan05 Nov 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I do not agree with the author that e-learning has paved the way to learn amid the pandemic. Actually, it is the reverse, as case studies reveal that the students have become worse. When the schools were thrown open in Telangana and particularly in Hyderabad, some students were unable to utilize the best phase of the pandemic and wasted time on the internet learning something else, and totally lost the connection with the studies. This was told to me by a teacher of 8th to 10 class as she feared that these students need learning again from the basics taught in 6th class onward as they forgot everything with no teacher behind them to mend the ways and thus the schools which have started the real-time learning are unable to cope. Not only Hyderabad, but even other places across the country would be the same happening as the students thought they would be made to pass without writing exams citing Covid reasons and now they are lagging behind the studies, forgetting the basics and their future seems to be a big question for school and the parents.

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