What are the influences of Covid-19 on fresh graduates' employment?

Covid-19 has a significant and negative influence on the world economy. Unemployment is increasing in a number of countries. There is concern that these trends will have an unfavorable impact on young people. This post presents the perceptions of fresh graduates and employers.


Since they will be graduating during the coronavirus epidemic, final-year students are naturally concerned about their career prospects. Instead of getting frustrated, graduates should conduct extra surveys and try to locate areas where there are still job openings, though they may not be extensively advertised. For instance, logistics, health, and medicine, and online retailers are seeing tremendous expansion and are actively recruiting graduates. However, fields such as hospitality, tourism, and leisure don't employ any graduates at present. Fresh graduates may become a new crucial supply of available labour for companies at a time when demand is rising and job positions are unfilled. Never lose confidence in your skills - a rising tide isn't lifting all boats.

Fresh graduates' opportunities

  1. Technical:- Fresh technical graduates from India who obtained appointment offer letters through campus interviews in March 2020 were not fully recruited as promised, and were forced to wait until February 2021. Because of the delay and uncertainty, they last confidence and got frustrated. Now the clouds started moving, the wind is favourable to a certain extent; all of a sudden, such companies call them to be associated with though COVID-19 persists. Some organizations require new hires to relocate to a distant location, i.e., away from home. Some businesses, on the other hand, take their time when it comes to hiring. As today's sunset brings the promise of a new dawn tomorrow, there is a high demand for technical job career in areas such as professional who designs, creates, deploys and updates programs for the web, mobile or operating system. They are an important part of the application development team ensuring that user needs are met. These technocrats are needed in every industry since they perform routine program enhancements and send them to end-users regularly. Besides the job openings for technical graduates as site engineer, sales promoters of technical products and editorial.
  2. Humanities and Social Sciences:- In recent years, careers in the humanities and social sciences have grown increasingly appealing. Employers are increasingly looking for fresh graduates in the humanities and social sciences. In a rapidly changing national context, the humanities and social science are some of the most rapidly expanding fields. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, these graduates face an even greater challenge. There will be a greater need for several skill sets, and competition will be scarier than ever. Companies implemented cost-cutting measures during the epidemic, even for those who were working. Graduating students are compelled to prepare themselves to improve their skills, in addition to studying intensively for their final examinations, to get one of the few available positions. Few students have the heartfelt sensation that they've been a burden to the family and are prepared for any career, regardless of the area of specialization. Chance favours the prepared mind.
  3. Aerospace and Automotive: Cancelled flights and bans have an impact on airlines, as well as maintenance, repair & operations, and original equipment manufacturing. All flights to the impacted areas have been halted in countries all over the world. Aside from the limitations, several big worldwide corporations have put a temporary embargo on overseas business travel, and vacationers are increasingly apprehensive about purchasing non-refundable flights and trip packages. The epidemic has caused $113 billion in economic damage to airlines. The COVID-19 pandemic has also had an impact on the automotive industry, both in terms of business and employment. Reduced work hours due to illness, travel restrictions, and wary investors may result in project and R&D delays. During situations of tremendous pressure to deliver existing projects and pay for financial losses, manufacturers are reluctant to innovate. Fresh graduates of aerospace and automotive studies find it very difficult in this critical period. Because employers prefer to retain their current workforce rather than expand, graduates become fearful and lose confidence in their ability to lead a successful life, despite having made a significant investment in their education.

Employers' perception

The majority of employers' businesses are in decline. They have gone through existing manpower cuts and have reduced salaries for essential skilled employees while keeping them. Job morale has suffered as a result of the salary cut, and the quality of work perfection has become questionable. To compensate, when they are looking for new graduates, they are forced to conduct online interviews. Though it saves time, transportation & interview expenses and reduces social anxiety & promotes social distancing as per norms, employers are not fully happy about the graduate's knowledge (due to online education without much hands-on practice) and their behaviour on the screen. Most employers believe that the human touch and face-to-face interactions of a physical interview will be more reassuring. As businesses prepare for the unknown, unemployment rates are rising. Some industries will have more job possibilities, while others may hire depending on specific talents or requirements.


As fresh graduates are unemployed, employers may take advantage of your circumstances by offering low pay and remote locations far away from home to absorb you. It's unfair to blame them since they, too, suffer as you do - you're both in the same boat. Consider if those industries will be able to weather the current economic downturn and pay you as promised. Be open to new experiences, such as project work or working as an independent contractor. Get going straight immediately. If you receive your "dream job," it's terrific, but bear in mind that waiting isn't always the greatest option. If you don't start somewhere, you could wind up nowhere!


Author: Umesh18 Jun 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

It is true that Covid-19 has created a very pessimistic situation for the fresh graduates as many companies are restricting recruitment due to decreased activities. The overall situation from the perspective of a fresh graduate is quite grim and one has to get a proper mentoring and guidance in the matter. This article is a good attempt in that direction.

In spite of so many downsides during Covid-19, there are some areas where activities are increasing and students can focus in those lines though they may not belong to their specialisation areas or interest areas but in such difficult times one has to mould oneself able to work in the different stream by joining some short online course as a patch learning to enter that line. So, the fresh graduates have to change their mindset from this angle and try to grab the new opportunities as they crop up time to time in the changed scenario.

Many areas like home delivery of items, catering at door steps, online establishments and many more such activities are coming to the forefront in the present pandemic situation and everywhere workers and managers are required to run the business. So, considering these as a viable option makes sense in the changed environment.

Author: K Mohan22 Jun 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Surely there is no doubt that the pandemic has played havoc on our life and general and employment opportunities to the youth in particular as every offices were prunning the staff and not allowing any new job opportunities and thus who were recently qualified and short lsited through the campus interview and even direct recruitments were asked to wait for pandemic challenging situation be over. Added to this the exams were not conducted in proper way the students really lost the interest in education and thus cannot give formidable performance that is required to get the job. But there is a ray of hope because the government has infused funds into the economy and infrastructure is getting biggest boost and therefore some ray of hopes for civil engineers are sure and other sectors are also opening up.

Author: Swati Sharma10 Jul 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

A very helpful article is written by the author. This pandemic has absolutely created a pessimistic situation for many students and job hunters, but the author provides a piece of detailed information that will definitely help them. These days IT companies are also recruiting freshers through online interviews, in fact, there are some IT courses also available that will help to get IT jobs even for those also who do not belong to an IT background.

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