7 quick ways to cover a Board or an Entrance Exam syllabus

What should be the quickest way to complete the syllabus of a board or an entrance exam? Here in this article, you can find 7 tips that will speed up your exam preparation. Find out what are the fastest ways to cover the exam syllabus.

Dear aspirants, Which is the fastest way to get from Goa to Delhi by bicycle, bus, train or plane? What are you talking about? Of course, the fastest way to get there is by plane. Exactly! I am sure you must have covered cycle, bus and train travel in school education before appearing for board exams and entrance exams.

The benefit of which we will get is that now we can reach the destination quickly by sitting on the plane. Because after sitting on the airplane, we will not halt at various places, that is, we are already familiar with numerous concepts of learning. You should also know the reason why it becomes tough to crack the exams.

Based on what you comprehended in your primary levels you have entered the point that your potential to read and understand can now take the fastest path, it is just crucial to understand and obey some methods.

So let's dive into the 7 quickest ways to cover the board or entrance exam syllabus.

Know about your course or curriculum perfectly

If you do not know the course of the exam thoroughly then you are making your path not short but long. Yes, there is a subtle difference between the course and the syllabus.

The course is a comprehensive one where you get an idea of how you will prepare for the exam sequentially or step by step. The first thing is to know the structure of your course of study, without this, you cannot crack the board or entrance exam. This will ensure that your airplane (study) is on the favorable track or not? For this, you will not take more than 1 hour. Check it out daily before proceeding. Which will show that you are on the right track.

"Why is it that we don't worry about a compass until we're lost in a wilderness of our own making? - Craig D. Lounsbrough"

Analyse your syllabus carefully

If the course is the larger map then the syllabus is a route that needs to be covered before catching the goal. Few key steps to better know your syllabus.

  1. Memorize the titles of each subject as well as their chapters/units/topics. Now you are getting prepared for the fastest way to cover the syllabus.

  2. Get three colored pens and mark the most crucial chapters or units with green colored pens. Mark the chapters which are simple with a yellow pen. Then mark with red pen those chapters which are vital, but take more time to examine and understand. You must have seen something similar in Google Maps that the color of the route on which there is more traffic is shown with red color.

If you have noticed, then you must have come to know that the doubts in your mind about the exam syllabus, must have ended by following these simple steps.

So it is imperative to borrow a few hours to prepare the proper image or map of the exam syllabus.

How previous years' question papers can complete your exam syllabus quickly?

You can reach your objective faster by pursuing the right path. Previous year's question is one of them. By surveying at least 5-10 years old question papers, you will come to discern that

  1. Which chapter and unit have the highest weightage? Which chapter has less weightage etc.?

  2. Now you can save a lot of time by assigning priority to the most weighted chapters of your exam syllabus either board or entrance exam.

  3. Previous years' question papers also help you to understand what type of questions or topics were asked in the exam. Which will provide wings to your exam preparation.

Making points is powerful and simple to remember

Making points during studies is an extremely productive way, which makes it manageable for you to recall the chapter. You can prepare at least 10 points from the minor chapters and 30 points if the chapters or units are vaster. Due to this, you will save plenty of time and these points will refresh your knowledge again at a glance later.

The crucial thing is that you write the points in your style or your own words so that you do not have any difficulty remembering them.

Effective Study notes are one of the fastest ways to cover the board syllabus.

It is better to study smart not hard

Don't try to study every fraction of the syllabus when the examination date is close. It is difficult or impossible to complete each aspect of the course in 2 or 3 months.

Give time to the topic with more weightage and 20% to the topic with less weightage.

Make sure that if you are getting stuck on a chapter, leave it there and move on to the next topic.

How to prepare subjects that need calculation

Those subjects in which calculations are required like mathematics, accounts, and physics, etc. By constantly solving old years question papers and mock tests in such subjects, you will be able to solve other similar questions in the exam quickly.

The questions will be a little twisted in your exam but the best part is that the formula and procedure always remain equivalent. So prepare every formula properly which you can perform relatively simple and fast by solving mock tests and old question papers.

Health is the primary factor

Without good health, you cannot move an inch. If health is poor then instead of completing the syllabus of the exam quickly, you will not be able to prepare even a chapter. Therefore, it is very substantial to have good sleep along with a healthy diet.

Bonus tip: Know your strengths and weaknesses thoroughly. Which topic you like the most, revise them carefully and give some more time to the ones you don't like the most. If you get stuck on a topic, do not get angry, rather manage your anger and take some time to relax peacefully.

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha20 Jul 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

The author has suggested some valuable tips which could prove beneficial to the aspirants in course of their preparation for the Board Examination or an Entrance Examination. The aspirants should apply the prudent approach to qualify the same. Even the utilization of a single minute could be meaningful in the last hour. The objective of the aspirants should not be to go through the entire syllabus but should follow the pattern of questions being asked each year. The candidates should make a note of it. The basic formulas of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are to be listed in the diary for frequent references from time to time.

Author: Kamal Kishore23 Jul 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Sheo Shankar Jha sir thank you for your valuable comments on this article. If a student hasn't studied for a whole year, no quick technique will work for him. Yes, this strategy will definitely prove to be very beneficial for the students who have been preparing for the exam for some time every day throughout the year. They can complete the exam preparation quickly by applying these techniques, especially the solving old question papers technique. In this, students get to solve some or the other question from almost every chapter of the syllabus. The most important thing is that when there is less time left for the exam, then at that time one should avoid the whole syllabus and above all take care of his/her health.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha24 Jul 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Kamal Kishore, you are right that at the eleventh hour of the examination, the aspirants need not go in for such texts which are relatively different from the contents read earlier. They should rather use the time for the rapid revision of the entire contents referred to earlier. Their diaries should indicate the history of their preparedness of each chapter. If they find some flaws in respect of preparation of any chapter and they have still some more time for a better grasp, they can do so ensuring that it should not consume time that would affect the revision procedure of the entire subject. In the last hour, the management of time is vital.
I appreciate and thank you for having taken so much pain in bringing out the valuable tips for the better performance of the aspirants.

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