Essay on the importance of honesty in our lives

Honesty is one of the important values one should have in life. A person who is honest will be appreciated and respected by many in this world. The various benefits of honesty are discussed in this essay


Honesty is very important in our lives. We all know that honesty is nothing but adhering to the facts. In other words, honesty is nothing but truthfulness. Honesty brings us good behaviour and discipline in our lives. An honest person will always adhere to the rules and regulations in all areas of his life. An honest person will be punctual always. Being honest in normal times is not very difficult, but an honest person is one who maintains his honesty even in difficult times also. We all know the story of Satya Harishchandra who never deviated from the path of honesty. To pay the money that he has promised, he lost his kingdom, wealth and even his wife and son, but he never deviated from honesty.

Role of parents and teachers

It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to teach kids about the importance of honesty. Only when a parent is honest he/she can teach his/her children about the importance of honesty. The same is the case with the teachers also. When elders practice these qualities, kids will also follow them. So, honesty should start from the top and then percolate to the bottom.

Benefits of honesty

Being honest is very difficult, but once we practice it, we will have peace of mind and we will not get stressed unnecessarily. Once we are honest, we will not be afraid of anything as we know that we have not done anything wrong. We need not think of building stories to prove that we are correct. Once we create a story to defend our action, we have to remember the story we have created. But when we are honest, we need not remember what you said. We know that we have said the truth only.

An honest person will get himself disciplined. He knows what to do and what not to do. By seeing the behaviour of an honest person, people will trust him. He will be respected by other people. Furthermore, a person who is not honest may feel the pressure and may also feel tensed for his faults. But an honest person will not have any such problems and he will maintain good health. An honest person will never get involved in cheating others. So, he will have more friends and well-wishers.

Honesty will also give us confidence. A confident person will never tell lies. Telling lies may bring problems to the person. But an honest person will never lie. He never thinks that the person will get annoyed if he speaks the truth. An honest person may sometimes present the facts in a diplomatic way so that the other person will not get hurt. Besides, only a brave person can speak the truth. So, honesty brings braveness also.

Honesty will give you many other good traits too. An honest person will be more matured. He always strives to upkeep the truth in his life. In that pursuit, he never hesitates to face many hardships. That will bring maturity to the person. In general, we can say an honest person will be always happy in life.


Society is nothing but a group of people. If all the people in society are honest, society will become honest. There will not be any unwanted issues and all will lead a happy life. As an individual, everybody should practice honesty and see that society is honest. We all know that Honesty-the best policy


Author: Swati Sharma28 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

A beautiful article is given by the author. In general, honesty means that a person should perform his duties with transparency and honesty, but in actuality, it is not limited to duties only. An honest person not only keeps honesty towards his work and responsibility but is also honest with himself. People have their own principles of life and when we maintain ourselves with those principles as well as live life by being aware of our duties, then there is honesty. Honesty plays an important role in building the character of a person, not only in a particular profession but also in daily life, a student also gets success only when he is honest about his studies, that is, he is not studying for show but towards studies. Similarly, if a woman who is a housewife also does her household work honestly and diligently, then the results are satisfying.

It simply means that honesty is a quality that must be definitely in human beings and the seed of this honesty should be sown in the minds of children from childhood so that the wave of honesty flows in the world forever.

Author: K Mohan29 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Honesty is the best policy goes the popular saying, and it is the fact that those who are honest in their approach need not fear nor plan for any eventuality because their life is the open book without any remarks or complaints and Honesty alone got then name and fame. Honesty here is also having vast meaning and that need to be explained. That the honest person will not allow others to deviate from the fact and the reality and this is most important trait through which the society can be changed to vast extent. Honesty is always guided through our own set principles to which we must adhere always. An honest person is always valued in the society and he is also believed. And when a honest person recommends some one for the job or the task, the recommendation is accepted without any question asked because the honest person character plays an important role. That is the reason being so when we are approaching for a new job or seeking change of job the interviewer would ask for one great person name to whom you are known and they get the iota of your personality for sure.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan30 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Honesty is an important virtue of a human being. But, nowadays it is very difficult to find within any person. A very famous proverb" Those persons are honest who did not get the opportunity in life". It means honesty is the result of a lack of opportunity in modern times. But, It is not completely true. Even today few people are there who do their duty with honesty.
Honest starts from home and since childhood, we should get learned our children about honesty. Honest develops many qualities within a person. An honest person proves brave in handling problems in life. They are generally disciplined and punctual. Honest play a big role in getting success in life. Honesty leads a happy and successful life.

Author: Reena Upadhya01 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Honesty is not just about speaking the truth. Honesty is also about being one's authentic self. It cannot be practiced outside if it isn't practiced inside. A person who cannot be honest with oneself cannot present his truth to the outside world. A person cannot be true to himself if his thoughts, words and actions are unaligned. If he is thinking in one direction, but his words and actions are going in a different direction then it means that he is not authentic to the world and himself. To make honesty a trait, one has to cultivate the habit of expressing one's thoughts, words and actions in a perfectly aligned order.

People are usually scared to express themselves honestly. They feel that their words and actions should be such that they should not hurt another person. Consequently, they will end up saying something or doing something that goes against their honest opinions about that particular situation or another person. Instead of doing better, they end up creating turbulence in the outer world. It is because the words or act was carried out based on dishonesty.

When we are honest, people respect us for who we are. It is because everyone likes a genuine person. No matter how different we are from others, we express ourselves genuinely, that is what is most attractive. We do not fear to express ourselves. As our intention was not ill, we will never hurt anyone outside, regardless of our different opinions about the subject or the other person. When honesty is the real intention, any relationship formed on its basis will turn out to be perfect and strong. Our honesty attracts others who have the same values. Others around us will also shed their old beliefs and adopt honesty in their lives. Thus, authentic loving relationships will be formed easily.

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