How observing patience can bring order in our lives - an essay

There is no doubt that patience is a great virtue and those who adhere to it reap the obvious benefits. This essay is about the importance of patience in our working and actions and how it helps us bring more order to our lives.


It is said that virtue is its own reward and this saying is very correct when we talk about patience and its usefulness in our lives. Good habits and virtues make one's life orderly and disciplined and then one can achieve those dreams for which one is longing and aspiring in one's life. Patience is one of those virtues which if observed and adhered in a proper manner bring many rewards with it and makes life simpler, orderly, and trouble-free.

Basic human nature

It is true that due to increased consciousness levels and brain functions of higher orders, humans are considered the supreme species in the animal world. Still, they have some animal instincts residing within them in the most rudimentary ways but which come out at opportune moments like a flash of the light.

Due to the educational proficiencies and growing up in a social system, many human beings become knowledgeable and can attempt all sorts of jobs whenever encountered in their lives. As the consciousness level of humans is developed much, it is natural that they can think and act logically and rationally in many situations but sometimes due to the particular situation or circumstances they choose quick and hurried paths for some action or for carrying out a job. This quick approach to the tasks at hand sometimes brings disappointment and despair as the result is not favorable. Most of these setbacks are there because of the inherent hurriedness that is adhered to by many of us without properly thinking or pondering about the job to be taken up. Some of the examples of these hurried and quick eruptions are - reacting to others without understanding what they are telling, quickly negating others just for the sake of negating, make a hurried response to a situation, take steps without any homework, and many more like that which is nothing but a recipe for failure and mistakes.

Why patience is required

When we take up a job or task and try to complete it quickly without doing proper homework and thinking, then many times we commit mistakes and fail in doing the job in a proper way. On the other hand, if we had given sufficient time in thinking about it and planning it meticulously in a patient way, then the chances of failures might get reduced significantly. Some people might think that adhering to patience will bring the speed of execution down and more time would be incurred in completing a task but it is worth it when we look at the final benefits out of adhering to the great virtue known as patience. It is not about incurring more time or less time in doing a job, it is actually the pondering part where one has to think about the pros and cons of doing things beforehand and then take a cautious and prudent approach to the task to avoid any hassles or difficulties while executing it. If one is interested in doing things logically and conclusively, then including the patience factor in the process is necessary for successful and good results.

Importance of patience

Doing things hurriedly and in a haphazard manner will never be accepted as a good strategy and recipe to success in our lives. What is the use of doing efforts and hard work if the result is not commensurate to it? That is where adopting patience in our working and actions helps tremendously and becomes a guiding factor for the whole process ahead.

Let us take a simple example of working in the kitchen which is so common in our households. Suppose a person wants to learn some basic cooking and wants to try a dish. If he enters the kitchen without any homework and thinking, then soon he will create a mess in the kitchen and will be taking a thing out from one place and another from another place, and soon the disorder will increase to such a level that he will be confused and puzzled and in many cases will leave the kitchen to try that thing later sometime in his life. Why that turmoil happened is simply because he had no patience to think as to what he was going to do and what things will be needed for that and where they are located in the kitchen and how much time all that activity would be taking and whether he was having that much time in hand or not. So, if he considers all those things beforehand, he will be able to make a better decision as to whether it is the correct time to enter the kitchen and try that long-cherished desire to cook something oneself. A little planning would tell him that these are the ingredients needed and if they are not there then probably he had to change the dish he was planning or get the item from the nearby shop and then check the availability of everything before going ahead.

Planning is thus the crucial part of every activity and here only the maximum degree of patience is required. If a person is devoting some time to planning, then only one's chances of successfully executing a project increases. What holds good for the simple kitchen example holds good everywhere even in the big companies where large projects are conceived and executed.

How patience brings order in our lives

Patience and discipline go hand in hand and if a person follows them, life becomes much easier and things start to fall in order. The ultimate aim of adhering to patience is to remove elements of haste and myopic actions from our lives. It teaches us the mantra of think before you act and ponder before you speak.

Let us consider a simple example in our lives where patience has the power to bring order in our lives. Whenever we go to catch a train or board a plane, we calculate some time and accordingly leave the house and try to avoid time at the railway station or airport but in doing those calculations, many people in their haste keep no margins for traffic snarls and other eventualities. The result is that they reach the station at the eleventh hour and then they have to run around and take that stress unnecessarily which could be well avoided by a little planning and reaching the place well ahead of the schedule. In today's digital world, there is no chance of getting boredom at any place as the internet is in one's pocket and why leave the house at the last minute when one can very well plan it say half or one hour earlier. We should have the patience to wait at the terminal even if we reach there a bit earlier. A good plan would help us to avoid all the inconveniences that we have been seeing people taking by reaching these places at the eleventh hour. Haste and unplanned action will always bring disorder in our lives and by keeping patience one can minimize those disorders.


Patience is a virtue which helps us in planning our actions meticulously and by adhering to it we get sufficient time for thinking about the pros and cons of the task to be taken and can make better decisions in that regard. Further, it brings discipline and order in our lives and that is the great takeaway from adopting it in our lifestyle.


Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao15 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Patience is a real virtue. Our patience will definitely pay dividends. We should not be in a hurry for getting results for our efforts. Sometimes we want to get quick results for our efforts. In these hurried efforts chances of doing mistakes will be more and the expected results will not come. But if we have patience and wait for the outcome the results will be as planned.

When we assign some work to others, we should be patient and give the required time to the other person to complete the work. Instead of that in a hurry, if we follow up with him and show our impatience, the other person may become nervous and the chances of wrongdoings will be more. At the same time, the relations with the other person will also get spoiled. So if we are not patient enough our relations with other persons will also get spoiled. If we are impatient we will develop anger and stress. These will have a big say on our health. If we are having sufficient patience we will be definitely healthy.

Author: Umesh16 Aug 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

Thank you Dr Rao for your comment and adding more points which highlight the benefits perceived by a person adhering to this unique and important virtue in our lives. You have rightly pointed out that the mental state of a impatient person can affect his health and actions and that is one big reason why we should avoid impatience at any cost in our day to day routines as well as specific tasks. Having patience in our working and lifestyle has many such rewards which we often ignore or do not perceive.

Author: sobha wilson28 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Patience is one of the most important virtues of man. This is a sign of humility and devotion. According to the normal nature of man, patience is very difficult. Peace can only come from patience. Patience is one of the most essential virtues in the home, family, community, and dealings at various levels of government. If patience is not, there will be sudden provocations. There will be clashes and conflicts. When we apologize to others we are not failing but succeeding.

Man is a social being. Patience is essential for the good and upliftment of the community and the family. Differences of opinion are natural, whether in the community, in the family, or among friends. Only when we deal with them with patience and wisdom can we succeed.

Author: Dr Deepali Gangwar30 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Patience is a virtue that is required at each step in our life. It helps us in achieving goals. It also reduces stress, frustration, and anger. An impatient person can have difficulties and disappointment in life. A decision taken in hurry may have an impact that can ruin a whole life. Patience is required to develop personal relationships. When a person loses his patience in life especially for some important persons in his life, he can also lose them, too. But on the other hand, if he deals with the situation with patience it shows how supportive and caring you are for them. Hence, patience is very important in life to live a peaceful and happy life.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha31 Aug 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Patience is essential at all stages of our lives. Losing the same can impact our progress. We have often seen some people interrupting in the midst of our doing work and losing their patience can affect both the performer and the man learning the job. The best way would be to understand the message being delivered by the performer with full attention. In that way, the concerned man could follow the entire procedure. Once the explanation of the man is over, he may put up our doubts for clarification. Such an approach would be more meaningful and would provide a better scope of clarity of the subject being handled.
Whatever the situation is, patience needs to be adhered to so that the project undertaken is not affected due to unnecessary interference of the listener. In that way, he may even develop a rapport with the other party. Impatience is really suicidal, impacting one's overall progress.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan31 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Patience is a very important virtue for getting success in life. Especially it is more required in a country like where everywhere we need to have patience for our turn. The new generation has very little patience and they don't want to wait for anything. They believe in quick results. Patience brings discipline to our life. Patience makes our relationship strong. Today, social relationships are weakening because of a lack of patience. If you read history then you will find that all great success is achieved because of having patience only. Patience makes our life successful and happy.

Author: Swati Sharma31 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

It has always been said that the result of patience is sweet and patience makes a person calm and cool, who, using his discretion, does not panic even in difficult troubles, but with patience, he finds the right solution. Some people are in a hurry for everything and they are more focused on the quality of the process than on the result, in such a situation people are not able to even enjoy the process and can not even enjoy the success achieved later. A patient person understands the importance of time taken in any work and gives fixed time for specific work, while the same impatient person does not know this importance. The author has presented a very accurate example of the functions of the kitchen, we can see the same example in other aspects and areas of life. To get proficiency in any work, you have to start with its basics and if you try to leave the basics in a hurry and go straight to the conclusion, then something big is missed which can give you problems in future. A patient person is an example from which we should learn.

Author: K Mohan13 Mar 2022 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

It is generally observed and even advised by the elders that those who are patient always have the sway over a matter and the results would be better. Those who remain patient have enough time to tackle the situation and that in depth planning would be more helpful to tide over the crisis. Every task cannot be finished in a hurry, as every task involves lots of procedures and so speeding up would may bring in whole lots of confusion and mistakes.

Author: Reena Upadhya01 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Honesty is not just about speaking the truth. Honesty is also about being one's authentic self. It cannot be practiced outside if it isn't practiced inside. A person who cannot be honest with oneself cannot present his truth to the outside world. A person cannot be true to himself if his thoughts, words and actions are unaligned. If he is thinking in one direction, but his words and actions are going in a different direction then it means that he is not authentic to the world and himself. To make honesty a trait, one has to cultivate the habit of expressing one's thoughts, words and actions in a perfectly aligned order.

People are usually scared to express themselves honestly. They feel that their words and actions should be such that they should not hurt another person. Consequently, they will end up saying something or doing something that goes against their honest opinions about that particular situation or another person. Instead of doing better, they end up creating turbulence in the outer world. It is because the words or act was carried out based on dishonesty.

When we are honest, people respect us for who we are. It is because everyone likes a genuine person. No matter how different we are from others, we express ourselves genuinely, that is what is most attractive. We do not fear to express ourselves. As our intention was not ill, we will never hurt anyone outside, regardless of our different opinions about the subject or the other person. When honesty is the real intention, any relationship formed on its basis will turn out to be perfect and strong. Our honesty attracts others who have the same values. Others around us will also shed their old beliefs and adopt honesty in their lives. Thus, authentic loving relationships will be formed easily.

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