An essay on the impact of faith as a virtue

What do virtue and value mean to us? Should we practice them in our lives? Are these always helpful in shaping human personality? This essay describes faith, one of the many virtues, and its impact on life.


Values and virtues both are interlinked. Values are good humane qualities, and practising those attributes is called virtue. Thus, when a person believes in the high moralities of life and uses them in personal life shows that the person possesses good values and virtues. Faith is one among many values and virtues, without which life cannot be respectable and smooth.

What is faith?

In simple words, faith means belief. In this big world, every human being needs to have some people on whom one can rely. That's not all, because having faith in oneself is also important. Belief is one such virtue that gives human beings an extra edge to work hard to achieve their desires. Faith makes way to trust, and unless there is trust, one cannot strive for anything. It plays a significant role in building an individual's character, personality, and career.

How and when does faith grow?

With the birth of a child, an eternal bond develops between a child and its mother. The particular faith seems to grow from the womb itself, and then after the birth, the protective arms of the parents and the rest of the loved ones fills trust in the little one. The loving touch builds a dependency in the baby on parents and others who genuinely love.

The development of faith begins from zero years of a newborn, and it keeps on growing at every stage of life on people who get attached, and it becomes vice versa. In due process, a person's trust in others keeps on enhancing or decreasing according to the attitude towards each other. Side by side, each human being starts believing in oneself by acknowledging personal strength. So, faith, an important virtue, is essential and is present in two layers in all human beings: self-belief and trust in others. These two are effective traits for the positive growth of any person.

Personality development without faith

Proper growth of a person is impossible unless one has faith in loved ones along with self-reliance. It builds a strong personality because it plays an integral part in any human being's growth. If anyone takes advantage of someone's faith or becomes a victim of its misuse, then it shakes one's entire identity. A genuine character-building of anyone is possible only when one has faith in personal ability and the people around.

Faith creates a relationship

Every person comes alone in the world, and so does one die. Birth and death have no companion, but in the life one lives between the two one comes across family, friends, colleagues and numerous more relationships. Some are blood relationships, and some get created during the various moments of life. Each relationship needs nurturing with utmost faith and other virtues, or it will crumble down. Having faith in one another enhances bonding as it helps relationships blossom.

Is faith dangerous?

Yes, it is. A person must judge another person as a whole, then only form an opinion. Having faith in the wrong person can prove to be very dangerous in life. Faith can even become harmful in self-growth if it crosses a limit and attains overconfidence. There should be some room for self-evaluation, or it can hinder one's progress and thought process.


Faith is one such virtue that should not be blind. Human beings must strengthen their ability of self-analysis as well as understanding other people's minds and hearts. Thus, faith used rightly takes one up the ladder of success and to attain happiness, but misuse of it would lead to devastation.


Author: Swati Sharma28 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

The author presented a nice article on faith. At the present time, people have lost faith in other people and this is a negative gesture for humanity. When we move ahead in life, then this journey introduces us to many people and if we do not have faith in others or if we are not able to win the trust of others, then we do not enjoy the journey. Find it You don't have to fight a big battle to win the faith, just present yourself in front of the people without any dazzle. When we try to show ourselves as something else, then we may be the choice of people for some time but will not be able to become trustworthy. Keep your mind clean and welcome people into your life with a clean heart, faith will automatically build its place and you will make a strong relationship with others and with yourself too.

Author: sobha wilson29 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Faith is a short word. Just a moment to read it. One minute to think and one day to understand. But one life is not enough to prove it. It is beyond belief that we live on earth. Everything in everyday life, from the air we breathe to the food we eat, is guided by faith. One can think and act in the right way only if one has that selfless, supreme faith in mind.

We often see those who do not have the strength to endure and forgive everything on the strength of patience and confidence stumble in front of the reality of life. Some will back off when the crisis comes. Others will try to rebuild in the face of adversity. There is so much to learn from life. Discernment and faith are essential to absorb lessons and to correct mistakes. But more problems exist where one firmly believes that only one's own faith is right. While standing firm in one's own faith, one must respect the faith of others and not hurt them.

Author: Dr Deepali Gangwar30 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I also feel that faith is one of the most important virtue that one must-have. When we have faith in someone then it is obvious we usually follow him and becomes a follower. But sometimes it is also possible that you may develop a blind faith for someone who may cause harm only. Many people have religious blind faith which is acceptable up to some extent. Those who have blind faith in religion may feel reduced anxiety and suffering. But like always, blind faith is dangerous and bad to society in other situations. The people who have a strong belief in astrology usually do their every task as per astrology guidance which sometimes misguides them. Hence, faith is an essential trait and helps you to trust others without any evidence. So, keep the faith, not blind faith.

Author: shampa sadhya31 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

In the essay, under the subtitle: "Is faith dangerous?" I missed mentioning blind faith. Such a type of faith is dangerous obviously and harms both sides. Some people become blind because of their emotional attachment, so they lose their reasoning power. It hurts the one who blindly believes, and it is also harmful to the person who enjoys blind faith. It creates a communication gap in achieving an emotional bond between people. Earning trust is a difficult task, so maintaining it becomes more difficult. Once it is lost, then regaining trust is next to impossible. Thus, blind faith is undoubtedly dangerous.

Author: Reena Upadhya05 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

In my opinion, faith and belief are completely different. Both of them are so commonly used that one feels that they are the same, but they are not the same. It is said that faith can move mountains. When you have faith, anything is possible. There are no if's and but's. There is no proof of any kind. If you have faith that this is the right path then tie a blindfold on your eyes and walk on it. Our faith will be so intense that we will know that we are going to reach where we are supposed to be walking with blindfolds on our eyes. On the other hand, belief demands proof. We first see proof and then believe it.

The difference is the same as feelings and emotions. Feelings come from heart space. Whereas, when feelings and thoughts join together, it takes the form of emotions. The mind plays the entire game. It is the mind which creates thoughts. When the mind starts evaluating what we are feeling and how we are feeling, it will be termed as emotions. Likewise, when the mind asks for proof then what we emote is belief. When we shut our minds completely and operate from our heart space, we keep the faith alive.

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