Loyalty: An important virtue- an Essay

Loyalty is an important virtue that helps people develop strong relations with others. This essay explains the importance of loyalty and the benefits of being loyal. It also explains how loyalty can be developed among students.


Nowadays loyalty has become a strategic tool and is being used for getting popularity among followers and customers. Several companies that use loyalty for branding are offering loyalty programs like supermarkets, airlines, and banks, etc. It can be used personally for getting popularity among our friends and followers. Being loyal is good for anyone in any area. It is beneficial for both parties, like for a loyal person and the person to whom you are loyal. Loyalty gives mutual benefits. For example, nowadays most people are working from home. At this time it is required that they must follow some ethics and become loyal to their employer, and those who work with loyalty get benefitted also. Similarly, children are also studying from home and we can see that several students cheat their teachers and do not attend online classes regularly. But they must be loyal to their teachers. Loyalty keeps students in the good category and everybody likes them. Loyalty is not confined to the feeling of a faithful subject e.g. a loyal friend, loyal lover, loyal servant, etc. Animals are even more loyal to human beings like dogs, elephants, etc. It can be applied to any abstract idea also. For example, anybody can be loyal to his religion or country etc.

In all areas of life, we need strong relationships and to form strong relationships, we need respect and truthfulness. In other words, we need to be loyal to ourselves and others. It is a top requirement of every relationship. And it is one of the most important values everyone should possess in personal as well as professional life.

Why is loyalty important?

Being truthful to ourselves and others makes us unique and identifiable. People don't believe the liars and everybody likes truthfulness. Respect is also another characteristic of a loyal person. Loyal people respect themselves and others also.

How to develop loyalty among students?

Loyalty starts inculcating from childhood and develops throughout life. Parents or teachers, when they treat children with politeness and kindness, develop a sense of security and love in them, and then loyalty is developed. Parents and teachers should behave mindfully and speak positively before them so that they will learn more from their loyalty demonstration. Students should be thanked and rewarded for their loyalty demonstration to their friends and teachers.

Benefits of loyalty

There are several benefits of being loyal such as-
Regularity: Loyalty makes students consistent or regular. A loyal student attends class regularly and completes his work.

Discipline Development: The people who are loyal to anyone are disciplined because they do their work with full genuine interest or loyalty and remain focused. Hence he/she do the work in a disciplined way.

Self-improvement: When a student is loyal to him/herself like they are loyal to their emotions, beliefs, and needs, etc., and are more responsible. Hence, a feeling of self-improvement grows in them.

Understanding of Priority: If the students will be loyal, then they will be able to understand their priority and accordingly will set their priority.

Development of Trust: When a student is loyal, he will trust others, and other people will also trust him. So, the people will accompany him/her in his/her need. Then he/she will not feel alone.

Improve Relationships: Being loyal, you will make relationships with your classmates and teachers stronger and healthy.

Develop courage: A loyal person can do anything for the person to whom he/she is loyal. While a weak person neither hass a loyal spirit nor can support anyone.

Success and Recognition: Loyal people get recognition and success in their careers.


Loyalty is one of the most important qualities and moral character found in humans as well as animals. It is very difficult to find a loyal person nowadays but children must be taught loyalty from childhood and student life so that they will learn to make healthy and loyal relationships with others. It will also help in their personal and mental development. They will feel happy and will be able to live blissful personal and professional life.


Author: Swati Sharma29 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

The authors mentioned a good point in the article. It is true that being honest and loyal to others is a great quality, but at present, this quality is being found only in few people. Some people have indulged in lying, cheating, being mean, etc. and they do not even know the meaning of the word loyalty. Loyalty is the most important factor for any relationship, be it personal or professional, your bond will not be strong unless you are loyal to the other person. The best part about loyalty is that even if you don't already have this quality, you can build it whenever you want. The most important thing to be loyal is, to be honest with the relationship you are in in every way and not to make selfishness the basis of that relationship.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan29 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

No doubt, loyalty has proved a very important virtue in this pandemic. For a long time, we are restricted up to the boundary wall of houses due to covid. In such a situation, loyalty playing important role in the development of our country. Today, a large number of people are working from home. Most of the transactions are being done online. Most of the schools are closed and all students are studying online. So, because of loyalty we all doing work properly and getting good results. If these all start cheating on others then it would be difficult to run the system. One another example, we always go on fast on the occasion of the festival. Nobody say us to eat salty food items. But our loyalty keeps us on fast till required time. Loyalty is need of the hour where everybody has to be loyal for a healthy and wealthy life.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao31 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Loyalty is an important factor in our professional or business life. It is very important in our personal life also. Loyalty is very much expected in business. A businessman will expect loyalty from his employees and customers also. Similarly, a husband should be loyal to his wife and a wife should be loyal to her husband. Then only life will be smooth. If we entrust work to a loyal fellow we will have peace of mind as we trust him. We are confident that he will never deceive us. Loyalty will make us true to ourselves and to our values. Loyalty will make us positive and transparent. We can't be loyal to everyone without thinking just blindly. Some people believe in such a way that we feel that they are loyal but they take advantage of our loyalty and try to misuse the same and betray us. We should be very careful with such people.

Author: Dr Deepali Gangwar31 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Yes, we can't be loyal to everyone without thinking just blindly. Loyalty is a quality of being faithful to commitments, while blind loyalty is when a person follows another person without giving a thought of his right or wrong actions. Generally, people show blind loyalty. For example, fans of a popular actor or actress are blindly loyal to them. Pets are blindly loyal to their owners. Children are also blindly loyal to their parents and sometimes their friends also. Actually, loyalty is a feeling of strong support, and when a person shows blind loyalty to someone he/she surrenders him/herself without any thought, which may be harmful. So, we should only acquire loyalty, not blind loyalty.

Author: Reena Upadhya01 May 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Loyalty is a very valuable trait an individual can ever possess. A relationship that is formed based on loyalty and trust is everlasting. There is no fear of one person cheating the other and of someone getting hurt if both of them are loyal and truthful. Irrespective of our age, culture and professional differences, we all must possess this trait to make our lives simple and fruitful.

Loyalty teaches students to build resilience in them. Loyalty is more like a commitment. Once they made up their mind to achieve something or reach somewhere, they promised themselves that they are going to do that. Those who are loyal will reach there no matter what because they are loyal to themselves and their goal. Thus, students should be taught the lesson of loyalty in their early years itself.

A loyal person will always be loyal. He does not give up on his loyalty when he encounters different people and comes across different situations. If he is loyal, he will remain loyal all the time. It is because he is loyal to himself.

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