Kindness, a value one should have - an Essay

Kindness is one of the important values one should have. Being kind to others is a very good trait. One should understand the necessity of kindness. In this essay, the importance of kindness in our lives is discussed.


Be polite and considerate to others. Be friendly with others. That is what kindness is. As human beings, we all should have kindness towards fellow human beings and other creatures also. These days we are not finding many people who exhibit this quality. We can be polite to others and offer them emotional support, help them financially, boost their morale or simply support them. Be kind to others when they are in problems and try to help them so that they will come out of those problems. It is a fact that You need not be rich to be kind. One should be rich in their heart to show their kindness to others when there is a need.

Benefits of being kind:

Being kind to others is good not only for the other person but is a blessing for us also. The helps we are doing to others when they are in need will never go unnoticed. Today you are in a good position and you are in a position to help others. Tomorrow you may also require help from others. So, if we help others today, we will definitely get help from unknown areas also for our well-being. But we should remember that we should exhibit our kindness without expecting anything in return. That only will be called true kindness.

When we exhibit kindness, our minds will have positive thoughts. It will reduce stress levels. Our immunity system will become stronger and we will feel good. It will be good both mentally and physically.

Various ways to show our kindness:

Never think that showing kindness involves a lot of expenditure, time, and effort. Helping an old man to cross the road, giving some food to a person who is hungry, or even showing the route to a new person are also acts of kindness.

Some people say the other person doesn't deserve our kindness. But that is not correct. We have no right to judge. We should recognize the opportunity for us to be kind. Once we are aware of the need, we should be considerate, generous, and friendly to the other person. We should show our kindness without any conditions and we should not expect anything from him in return.

A beggar may come and ask you for help. If you can help him you can help. That is fair. Even if you are not helping him being polite to him itself is an act of kindness.

Be kind to yourself:

Please remember that we can help others only when we are here in a position to help others. So, we should be kind to ourselves. When we travel on a flight, we hear the air hostess advising the passengers while telling the safety precautions to have their own oxygen masks before helping others to have theirs. We should not ignore our health while serving others. We should give importance to our health also.


Being kind to others as well as to you also is very important. We see many people and animals around us that are in pain and sorrow. We should be kind enough and help them so that they will be relieved of the pain. Please remember that a small help may not deprive you of anything but maybe very useful and sometimes lifesaving also to the other person.


Author: Umesh14 Aug 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Being kind-hearted is a great trait and these are the persons who are doing a lot for those suffering. Everyone is not kindhearted but even a bunch of few people make a difference in this world. Kind-hearted does not mean to help others blindly. It is to be done only afer identifying the needy and poor. Many people think that giving money to the beggars, poor people, and destitute is an action of kindheartedness but it could be so to some limited extent as the true kindheartedness comes by giving help which can make that person stand on his own and come out of the situation where he is suffering. So a mentor who guides his disciples in a progressive path and helps him make a career is also a kind-hearted person. When we guide a person to come out of his woes and develop efficiencies in him to work and progress in this world, what can be a better act of kindness than that. Then there are other forms of kindness like talking and consoling an ill person who is suffering from some ailment for a long time. All these actions represent the kindness of good people. We can try to be kind in our lives as it would help others and make us happy and the world would be a better place.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha21 Aug 2021 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

The author has presented the essay in a lucid way incorporating the essential qualities of kindness. It is rather an inbuilt trait and would depend upon the surroundings where one is born and brought up. One would pick up the culture of the family including the kindness exhibited by the parents. However, kindness should be seen in the larger perspectives where one can contribute in the significant manner of one's resources for the uplifting of education of the poor and an equal emphasis is to be paid if one can spare resources on health sectors. We have seen how the Tatas and the Azim Premjee foundation are involved in the upgradation of the lives of the people. This is the reflection of their kindness and their passion to make the life of the people better.

Not necessarily, though, that we should be a great icon in extending help to downtrodden people. We can extend even a little help to the seniors unable to cross the road and our little help will work wonders. We should enlarge our hearts to offer the old unused dresses lying in our homes to donate among the disadvantaged children. There is no end to kindness, it needs a larger heart.

Author: Swati Sharma29 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

A very beautiful article is given by the author. Kindness is a quality that may be inherent in some people and may also be due to a certain experience within some people. To be kind means to consider human to be human and to have a sense of service to the common man. When it hurts to see someone in trouble and we put ourselves forward to help him/her, that is the beginning of kindness. Human life is valuable because there are many such qualities that make humans special from other species, if we do not adopt those qualities, then the essence of our human life will not be what it should be. Everyone is living life for himself, but when we think about the happiness of other people, then we walk on the path of kindness.

Author: K Mohan30 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Kindness is the great trait and not everyone possess it. Right from the young age of child the kindness rekindles in the young mind and that is being nurtured and given the big shape when the age grown by. And some inherit the art of kindness from the elders because the elders teach the young ones to be kind to self and others. Kindness can be expressed through helping in cash, kind, appreciation and even a pat on the back for best performance. When kindness comes from the inner heart , the appreciation and applause would be great and sound. The kindness always turns out be a bigger asking from others and we should be prepared enough to satisfy all. Just being kind on one day and being harsh the next day would take away all the benefits of being kind. When we think of others and their rehabilitation, that itself a great kindness in offing.

Author: Reena Upadhya03 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

I like the author's words when he said that "you need not be rich to be kind". Kindness is not about sharing resources with others. People often misunderstand the concept of kindness. Only those who have abundant of something can offer that particular thing to others. They can help the needy with money. They can buy clothes, books, and food; provide a roof over their head. It is because they are wealthy. Imagine a person having abundant love in his heart. All he has to do is to share it with others. A smile will do the trick. There is so much pain in the world. Wipe that hurt and suffering just by sharing that smile with the world. Say something funny and make a person laugh in the most miserable time of his life. This is kindness. Take a break of a couple of minutes from your busy routine and stop by someone who is having a rough time to say a few empathetic words of encouragement. This is kindness.

Kindness is empathy. It is our understanding of other's situations. It is compassion that we have for others in our hearts. It is our little efforts that we make to heal others in their rough time. We consider kindness as some kind of a materialistic act. This is where we are going wrong.

Sometimes we may not be able to be there for the person who is going through lots of turbulence in life because of the physical distance between us. We may not be close to them physically. Mentally we can always be there for them. This is what kindness is. Also, kindness comes naturally to us. It is our inbuilt quality. It is a natural trait that we possess. However, when we do not use it often or undervalue it, it takes a backseat. The need is to discover the empathetic side of ourselves and use it more often.

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