A short essay on honesty is the best policy

Whether be it personal relationships or professional affiliations, the most important virtue is honesty. No matter what one is capable of, if the person is not liable to be believed upon, the rest of his or her virtues will not be able to assist in a successful future. If one desires to be an achiever, one needs to accept the importance of being honest.


Honesty can simply be defined as the state of being honest. Can you close your eyes and think about what happens to be the most essential quality when it comes to believing someone? Or leave the rest, you find the other not honest. Now, what would you think about him? Possibly, this may explain to you the importance of being honest.

The favorable aspect

I do not remember which standard I was in when I was asked to prepare a small thought for a morning prayer the next day. I uttered only five words, "Honesty is the best policy" and came back. That time I did not understand the meaning of those words but now after so long time, this has been proving as the most essential personality trait in judging someone. Have you ever wondered what more can we say about honesty, or should we be interested in understanding the pros and cons of it? It would be interesting to discuss both.

Let's start with some positive notes-
  • On being honest, we become more trustworthy.

  • On being trustworthy, we usually prefer to speak the truth which also tends to depict through our conduct and this very notion is well appreciated among our family members, friends, and the society at large.

  • No doubt that such individuals get the maximum respect in society.

One has to remember that the impression of being honest in conduct does not happen at once but instead, this requires continuous and dedicated efforts and measures on values and ethics not limiting to oneself but extending to other entities of a society too.

Simultaneously the impact of being honest would lead to-
  • More satisfaction and peace of mind when dealing with the decision-making and complications of life.

  • We would not have to come up with varieties of fake and false stories which normal individuals tend to follow in fear.

  • This will instill a sense of self-pride and confidence.

The unpleasant aspect

The above points out some essential outcomes of being honest but what could be the other implications when we try to be honest which supposedly is not encouraging at least? Let's try to understand this from the below point.

You are confronted with someone mighty and stronger than you. You would certainly be not taking the risk of being honest or being truthful even if the other side is wrong but instead your experience would want you to keep your mouth shut and leave the place.

The above turns out to be often the case that may relate with any personal or professional scenarios or in relationships. The individuals who are in a job like me and who have not still completely separated from worldly affairs can better understand the practical implications here of being honest all the time.

Conclusion: -

It is true when we say honesty is the best policy but practically this would not work your way all the time. There are occasions when we cannot be straightforward, and this is where we must deal with the situations diplomatically.

Although being honest and truthful are the essential qualities of a human being but in due regard, this is also imperative for rational thinking that being truthful and being honest does not guarantee success to any individual which for sure do not depend upon any single factor but at the same time could make him feel more satisfied in life for not being compromised.


Author: Swati Sharma30 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

The quote that is given by the author that "honesty is the best policy", is actually a fact. Honesty is a requirement that is required to build the foundation of every relationship, be it our relationship with someone or a professional. If we want to build a strong relationship with ourselves then we must be honest with ourselves too. An honest person never lives with fear because he is honest in his every action and relationship. When a person has done something wrong or did not fulfill his responsibility or duties honestly, there is always a fear of losing them. Honesty is not a job where you need to learn and follow certain rules, but it is a quality that is inherent in you and is always a part of everything you do. An honest person is respected in the world, and these people teach honesty even to those who came in the shadow of their honesty, so be honest yourself and give respect to those who are honest.

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