An essay on self-control. A real virtue

Self-control is one of the important virtues one should have. Self-control will help us in making correct decisions and our relations with others also will improve. People with self-control will be successful in their lives. Various factors of self-control are discussed in this essay.


Self-control is to have control over our actions. When some things happen, we will get some impulses immediately. In that impulsive moment, we take some actions which may cause a lot of damage afterwards. When We see tasty hot junk food, we feel like eating it immediately. Some people immediately eat the same. Such people may feel happy immediately but the effect of the same on their health will be known only afterwards. Instead of eating immediately if we question ourselves how good it is for our health, we may not go for it. It is painful immediately but it will be beneficial in the long run. This overriding power of our impulses is nothing but Self- Control. Self-control can prevent us from engaging in motivated behaviours. We will get motivated by the taste of the food. But self-control can prevent us from such motivational behaviour also. There are many instances where people spoiled their lives due to a lack of self-control.

Factors required to attain self-control:

  • Monitoring: We should review what we plan and what is happening. If we want to reduce our weight, we will make a plan for our diet. Even though we are following the same plan, we should also know how effective our plan is? For this regular monitoring is required. We may have to see our weight at regular intervals and see if the weight loss as planned is achieved or not? If necessary we may amend our plan and go ahead.
  • Benchmarking: We should always work against some standards. If we are not following the standards, we may not achieve the goal. We know that driving after taking an alcoholic drink is harmful and if we were caught, we have to pay a fine. This may lead to accidents also. We should decide that we will not drive when we are under the influence of alcoholic drinks. We should always keep that in mind and should not drive after taking a drink at any cost.
  • Acquiring strength: The decisions, that we take, are to be implemented. That requires some energy. It may be physical as well as mental. We should attain these energies by doing meditation, exercise and prayers.


Why should we achieve self-control?

When we achieve this, we will have many benefits.

  • Our health will get improved. Once we achieve this self-control, we can have good sleep. Our anxiety levels will come down. We will not get stress easily. We will develop a cool nature. We start thinking well before taking any actions. All these will give us better ways of living.
  • Our relations with others will improve. We can easily excuse others. Self-control will take us away from violence. It will make us face conflicts thoughtfully instead of immediate impulses.
  • Self-control people are more generous. They can overcome their selfish thoughts. They will try to help others to the maximum possible extent. These actions will help societies to progress.

How to achieve self-control?

One should follow the following points to improve their self-control.

  • One should start accounting for his/ her mental strength. They should evaluate themselves what they intended to do and what they did. How much control we can exercise on our brain should be evaluated. If we are mindful of our activities, we can say that we can control ourselves. Once we start this review and try to improve further, we can achieve self-control.
  • We should keep our environment in such a way that what we don't want to do will not happen. If you don't want to eat junk food, you should see that no junk food will appear in and around you.
  • Decide what you want to do and see that you will adhere to that decision. For example, as soon as you get up in the morning, decide that you will not quarrel with anybody on that day. Then your mind may get tuned to the decision taken.

By following the above points, we may be able to achieve our self-control.


Self-control gives the required confidence to achieve the goal without getting distracted from the goal. We will have a better life with good relations with the people around us and we can have less stress and we will have peace of mind. Sometimes our self-control will take us away from possible disasters


Author: Swati Sharma28 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Self-control is directly related to our emotions because when we talk about controlling ourselves it is mainly about controlling our emotions or mind. As far as controlling the feelings of others or sometimes their mind will also seem easy for you, but this control towards yourself is less. A person loves himself a lot, wants to give priority to his own comfort, and for this comfort he does not want to control his feelings by prioritizing them.
Whereas the truth is that the day a person learns to control himself, he can create the best situation for himself. Many ways help in self-control but the most important thing is to focus on yourself and identify yourself as to what is inside you that is not letting you allowed to control your emotions. May it be your ego, or a false pride whatever it is once you recognize it and remove it from yourself, your control over yourself will start increasing. Self-control is an important factor for a happy and healthy life for every human.

Author: K Mohan30 Aug 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

In Tamil there is a great saying that "Poruthar Bhoomi azhwar" that means those who have patience and self control over their own emotions they are going to walk further steps of success because their reactions to anyone is nil and that itself a great trait in offing. When a person tries to control himself, his wants are controlled, his emotions are controlled, his ego kept away, his jealous feeling on others controlled, his evil plans on other kept aside and all these good traits starts developing one after other and the person goes to the position of trans meditation as does not want anything now but the mental peace and peaceful living. Those who have self control does not want things that are not wanted so the expenses are nothing and nil. And even interaction with others also goes slow and thus there is no gossiping allegations,

Author: Dr Deepali Gangwar31 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Self-control is a quality of a person which helps him to be calm in each and every situation. It enhances self-confidence to control your emotions. Because after losing self-control one cannot do the right thing or cannot make the right decision. Sometimes when a person lacks self-confidence due to overwhelming emotions he/she shows a loss of self-control. He/she can start shouting or weeping in that situation. Which is a sign of his/her weakness. But to stay focused and achieve your goals it is important to have self-discipline and self-control. One can develop self-control by strengthening willpower, making plans, measuring progress, and rewarding himself.

Author: Dr. Sanchita Ranjan31 Aug 2021 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Self-control can be correlated with discipline. To some extent, a self-controlled person is seen as living a disciplined life. It is one of the important virtues for getting success in life. Nowadays, people having lack this quality. As a result, they are unable to live a happy life even though they are wealthy people. Generally, people think that we should enjoy more and more in life because life is for once. So, they live an undisciplined life and never keep self-control over the body. They eat and enjoy more in life. As a result, their health starts deteriorating and victims of different diseases. In a real sense, only self-controlled people can enjoy their life till the end.

Author: K Mohan09 Oct 2021 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

This is a wide subject and needs to be discussed and debated. By self-control, we mean the balanced approach to any problem. By controlling ourselves we are proving to others that we cannot be tempted to do wrong and that we act only after thinking. Self-controlled persons will have confidence in themselves because they think before they act and the chances of going wrong are very few.

Author: Reena Upadhya04 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

As described by the author, impulsiveness is precisely the opposite of self-control. They do not go hand in hand. Most of us take decisions based on our emotions. Something tempts us, and we go after it. The irony is we know what is right and what is wrong for us, and yet, we do not take the right decisions. Our impulses overpower us. For example, we know that anger can ruin everything. It is bad for our mental health. It deteriorates our physical health. It ruins our relationship with others. It disturbs everyone around us. We have all the knowledge. How many of us can show some wisdom by putting the acquired knowledge to the best use? Not many for sure. Something or someone triggers us, and we display anger. This itself is losing self-control.

A person is said to have complete self-control over himself only who has control over his thoughts, words and actions. He knows what he is thinking. He is consciously aware of his every thought. When he doesn't want to think about something, he is never going to create that kind of thought. For example, in today's world, it is taught always to think positively. How many of us can do that? We remain positive for a few minutes. Sometimes it can last for an hour and soon something negative strikes our mind, and we start creating the same quality of thoughts.

A person who has complete self-control over himself can stay positive for as long as he wants irrespective of how much negativity prevails around him. He will never utter a single word he did not want to say. He will never carry out an act that he did not want to do. He thinks what he wants to think. He says what he wants to say.

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